A while back, ROBLOX created a group of websites. Even though it looks like the regular ROBLOX feel, it's still its own thing. If users signed up on one or another they have to create a new account.



The base of purchasing items does work. The biggest problem about the catalog would mainly be the heads section. Frequently, the images for the heads that users are looking at will be either be the following:

  • Too small
  • Too big
  • Out of position (Always occurs)
  • Invisible
  • Missing name
  • No price tag
  • Cut of by other images
  • Stuck with the following price tag: 0 ROBUX 10 tickets
Bandicam 2015-02-19 13-28-06-511

Image of heads section.


Users can purchase ROBUX via the same system with a different URL [Untested]

Builders Club

Users can purchase Builders Club via the same system with a different URL [Untested]

Links to testing ground sites

Site 1 Status: OFFLINE

Site 2 Status: OFFLINE

Site 3 Status: OFFLINE

Site 4 Status: OFFLINE

Site 5 Status: OFFLINE

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