Mano County Sheriff's Office is a group owned by iKevinL and takes place in the game Mano County Police Patrol, a game placed in the fictitious town of Clearcreek, Mano County, Pennsylvania. The game's seasons change by time of year, through updates released by the development team.


Mano_RBLX's "Death"

Since January 2018, lots of players said that Mano_RBLX (The founder and, at the time, sheriff) had committed suicide. The reason was that on 01/08/18, his ROBLOX status said "bye everyone thanks for all the fun," This led to the community to believe that he had committed suicide. However, all this meant was he was stepping down from Mano county.
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Mano's resignation speech (credit SafetyKills)

He felt that he had to resign and now the group is still in his hands but he's waiting for the right time to give it to the next responsible Sheriff.

Mano_RBLX's Return

Seemingly out of nowhere, Mano came back in a community walk, despite his previous decision to step down from Sheriff. His reasoning for this remains unknown. 

(credit SafetyKills)


(credit SafetyKills)

Mano's re-resignation

Sadly, He left again from Mano.

We are having an earthquake

Mano's 2nd Return

It's clear that he changed his Roblox Username to large_cheddar, but he's still Mano_RBLX. He returned in 28th April, 2019, as iKevinL announced in Mano County main Discord server.

Asset Theft

Asset theft is the process of copying private models, scripts, and images from a game, usually through the process of exploiting. Due to its popularity, Mano County frequently falls victim to asset theft by look-alikes and other small law enforcement groups on Roblox. In late 2018, one of the ex-developers leaked a full copy of the entire v3 map, as well as all of the known vehicles, with scripts.

Related Groups

Mano County Fire Department

Mano County Fire Department is responsible for responding to fires, motor collisions, and other dangerous callouts throughout the county.

Mano County Rescue Squad

Mano County Rescue Squad is responsible for responding to medical calls throughout the county.

Clearcreek Metro Police Department

The Clearcreek Township Police Department is a fictional agency responsible for patrolling and taking callouts throughout the county, much like the sheriff's office.

On July 15th, 2018, Clearcreek Township Police Department disbanded following the resignation of FederalAmerican. Operations have officially continued on July 2nd, 2019. The current Chief is s_odacan.

Pennsylvania State Police

The Pennsylvania State Police is a department in the game based on the real-life department. They are responsible for traffic enforcement and taking callouts throughout the county, much like the late Clearcreek Township Police Department.

Code 3 Coffee Reborn

Code 3 Coffee (C3C) is a fictional coffee brand which appears in the V2 of Mano County back to the date when Mano_RBLX is still the Sheriff. This coffee brand got removed then. And in the latest update of Mano County, C3C got added back according to iKevinL in Mano County Discord. The brand's group on Roblox now has 700+ members

Ranking Structure

Mano County Sheriff's Office has six staff and seven administrative ranks.

Normal ranks

The ranks go in this order, ranking from lowest to highest:

  1. Sheriff Deputy
  2. Deputy First Class
  3. Corporal
  4. Sergeant
  5. Lieutenant
  6. Captain

Corporal is the last rank you can achieve through a General Training. Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain have their own training guide which can be hosted by Certified Majors on scheduled dates. Administrative Ranks Admins are ranked from lowest to highest:

  1. Developer
  2. Head Developer
  3. Major in Training
  4. Major
  5. Assistant Sheriff
  6. Undersheriff
  7. Sheriff
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