Mano County Sheriff's Office is a roleplaying group owned by iKevinL. It takes place in the game Mano County Police Patrol, and is set in the fictional town of Clearcreek in the fictional county of Mano County, Pennsylvania. As of February 18th, 2020, the Mano County Sheriff's Office has approximately 64,000 members, 62,000 of which are Trainees.


Lack of Professionalism

Like many large, organized groups, Mano County is known for having a high amount of unranked members with an extremely low amount of experienced, ranked members. As of February 18, 2020, the Mano County Sheriff's Office has over 62,000 Trainees, yet only 566 actual Sheriff's Deputies. Fortunately, as of December 28, 2019, Mano County's Sheriff Team has been locked to Sheriff Deputy+ to end the abuse of tools given to Trainees. 

Mano_RBLX's "Death" and Return

Around January 2018, lots of players said that Mano_RBLX (the founder and, at the time, sheriff) had committed suicide. The reason was that on January 8, 2018, his Roblox status said "bye everyone thanks for all the fun". This led the community to believe that he had committed suicide. However, all this meant was he was stepping down from Mano County. At some point, he appeared in a community walk and rejoined Mano County, but then left again. Eventually, he changed his username to large_cheddar, and returned as of April 28, 2019.

Fake Mano County Groups

Two notable fake Mano County groups have appeared since 2018. The first one, created by NTG1D on November 14, 2018, was locked by Roblox on July 22, 2019. Another fake group, also created by NTG1D (through an alt), was created at some point afterward and was promptly locked on September 14, 2019. Both groups heavily slandered the real Mano County. Both also sold ranks. NTG1D then gave up and left Roblox. After he left, he had made an uncopylocked version of Mano County and posted it on his Twitter account, which caused the massive amount of copied Mano County games.

Asset Theft Controversies

Several law enforcement groups of varying sizes have leaked or stolen Mano County's assets, especially their vehicles. However, these actions are now rather uncommon, with different, improved, more unique vehicles and assets being available for public use from other sources.

Related Groups

Mano County Fire Department

Mano County Fire Department is responsible for responding to fires, motor collisions, and other high-risk callouts throughout the county.

Mano County Rescue Squad

Mano County Rescue Squad is responsible for responding to medical calls and other rescue callouts throughout the county.

Clearcreek Metropolitan Police Department

The Clearcreek Township Police Department is responsible for patrolling and taking callouts throughout the county, much like the sheriff's office. The CMPD was originally named the Clearcreek Township Police Department, but it was renamed on August 13, 2019.

Pennsylvania State Police

The Pennsylvania State Police is responsible for traffic enforcement and taking callouts throughout the state, and have full jurisdiction over the county. They are based on the real Pennsylvania State Police.

Ranking Structure

Mano County Sheriff's Office has seven staff and seven administrative ranks.

Normal Ranks

  1. Trainee
  2. Sheriff Deputy
  3. Deputy First Class
  4. Corporal
  5. Sergeant
  6. Lieutenant
  7. Captain

Administrative Ranks

  1. Developer
  2. Head Developer
  3. Major in Training
  4. Major
  5. Assistant Sheriff
  6. Undersheriff
  7. Sheriff
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