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Roblox Marketplace, 2-25 PM CST, 10-22-23

The Roblox Marketplace on October 22, 2023


The item page layout from 2019 to present, showing Bombo's knife.

The Avatar Marketplace, formerly known as the Catalog and Avatar Shop, is a catalog of avatar-related items on Roblox where users can purchase any available items for Robux or for free. The marketplace is divided into categories and has filters that allow users to filter out items by price, creator, and other attributes.

The Marketplace was introduced in 2007, when "T-Shirts", now known as "Classic T-Shirts" were introduced.

Both Roblox and selected UGC Creators can publish their items in special categories of Marketplace, but all Roblox users can upload specific clothing including T-shirts, Shirts, and Pants.


The Marketplace is categorized into 5 main categories with each having its sub-category.

  • Characters
  • Clothing
    • All Clothing
    • T-shirts
    • Shirts
    • Sweaters
    • Jackets
    • Pants
    • Shorts
    • Dresses & Skirts
    • Shoes
    • Classic Shirts
    • Classic T-shirts
    • Classic Pants
  • Accessories
    • All Accessories
    • Head
    • Face
    • Neck
    • Shoulder
    • Front
    • Back
    • Waist
    • Gear
  • Heads
    • All Heads
    • Heads
    • Hair
    • Classic Heads
    • Classic Faces
  • Animations
    • All Animations
    • Bundles
    • Emotes


Alongside Categories, the Marketplace has a range of filters to help find more specific items on the Marketplace.

  • Sales Type
    • All
    • Limited
    • Premium (has a Premium Discount)
    • Community Creations (discontinued due to the expansion of the UGC Program)
  • Creator
    • All Creators
    • Username (User Input)
  • Price
    • Any Price
    • Min -> Max (User Input)
  • Sorts
    • Relevance
    • Most Favorited
    • Bestselling
    • Recently Created
    • Price (High to Low)
    • Price (Low to High)
  • Unavailable Items
    • Hide
    • Show

Marketplace icons[]

Current Icon Former Icon Description
Available in finite quanities that can be resold or traded.
Limited U Label
Available in specific finite quality with each being serialized that can also be resold or traded (exception with UGC which cannot be traded).
Cross2.0No Discounted Price for Roblox Premium Members
BC Label
Items exclusively available to Builders Club and Higher Tiers
TBC Label
Items exclusively available to Turbo Builders Club and Higher Tiers
OBC Label
Items exclusively available to Outrageous Builders Club Members
13+ Label
Items exclusive to accounts registered with a date of birth 13yr or older.
Cross2.0No Exclusive Rthro Bundle or Package.

User Generated Content[]

Starting in March 2007, users were given the ability to upload and sell Classic T-shirts on the platform. Then once Classic Shirts and Pants were added onto the platform in April 2008, users with a Builders Club (now Roblox Premium) membership could upload Classic Shirts and Pants.[1] Now, instead of requiring users to be a part of Roblox Premium, users would need to pay 10 Robux to upload Classic Shirts and Pants or 10 Robux to put Classic T-shirts on sale.[2]

Then, in August 2019, Roblox introduced the UGC Catalog and Program to allow creators to make accessories to publish onto the Marketplace.[3] However, unlike the prior Classic Clothing, to be able to upload or sell UGC Accessories, users would have to apply and be accepted into the UGC Program. Those part of the Roblox Video Stars Program also received the ability to upload UGC Accessories. Albeit at a lower rate than those apart of the UGC Program.[4]

Later in March 2022, Roblox allowed those apart of the UGC Creators to make their own 3D layered clothing items, first starting with jackets.[5] UGC Creators can upload T-shirts, Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets, Pant, Shorts, and Dresses & Skirts. Then, in April 2023, UGC Creators were given the ability to release their items as Limiteds.[6] Afterwards in August 2023, they were also given the ability to create Avatar Bodies and Heads.[7]

Roblox initially announced during RDC 2021 that in the future the intention would be to have the ability to create UGC items available to all users.[8] Roblox initially anticipated a 2023 launch of public UGC[9] though this has been pushed back to early 2024.[10] Before being able to upload UGC, users will need to verify their ID to save 3D UGC and Premium 1000 or Premium 2200 to put on Sale.[11][12] At this moment as Roblox works towards the release of public UGC, they're no longer allowing creators to apply into the program.

Name changes[]

In December 2019, in response to a DevForum Website Bug report post, a Roblox employee revealed that they were testing "Avatar Shop" as the new name for the Catalog and once testing was finished it would be updated everywhere.[13] Testing ended later that month and Avatar Shop became the new official name.[14] Then on March 2023, the name was changed to Marketplace.[15]

The website still refers to the Marketplace as the Catalog to this day. This includes the link to the Marketplace and tab titles displaying "Catalog - Roblox".

Item types[]


Hotwheels RC car

An example of a sponsored item, the Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk, sponsoring Hot Wheels.

Sponsored items were usually sold for 1 Ticket, but since the removal of tickets, sponsor items are now free. Some sponsored items can only be obtained through promo codes for a limited time, or occasionally later put on sale (for example, the Transylvanian Hood was obtainable for a few days via the code "HOTELT2", but was later on sale for 1 ticket). Free items are some of the fastest-selling items.

Rental items[]

Rental items were items that had a set expiration date. They were introduced on June 3, 2009.[16] Many gears did have expiration times, not limited to gears but other catalog items. Some Sponsored items such as the Flintstones Car and The Amazing Spider-Man are rental items. They had 4-week and 2-week rentals, respectively. On June 25, 2019, nearly all currently on-sale rental items were discontinued meaning there are not many Rental items on sale that can still be bought, and the Rental detail does show up for off-sale items. As of March 2021, the last few items with Rentals on them were removed.

Timed items[]

Timed WCS

As shown on the catalog page.


As shown on its page.

Timed items were accessories that were put on sale for a set amount of time before eventually going off sale once the timer ended. Timed items usually appeared during a sale or holiday like the Classic ROBLOX Pumpkin Head which was available during October between the years 2007 and 2017 to celebrate the holiday known as Halloween.

Role in Trade Currency[]

Until April 15, 2016, players could use the Trade Currency button to exchange tickets for Robux, and vice versa. This often helped when users wanted to purchase items being sold for Robux since it was a currency that only Builders Club members got a stipend of. This feature was removed after the removal of Tickets.



As classic clothing templates are readily accessible on the Roblox website, many classic clothing designers face issues with their items being stolen and reuploaded. With many popular classic clothing items, pages of duplicates may be created by users or clothing groups looking to cut into the original designer's sales on that design, leading to Marketplace and Library spamming. As there is no way to easily distinguish original classic clothing items without investigation or prior knowledge, players frequently unintentionally purchase classic clothing that is stolen. Classic clothing designers lose out on revenue from possible sales due to theft.

Removal of tickets[]

Tickets were a currency that was awarded to a user when logging onto their account daily, being 10 tickets (1¢) a day. Tickets could be used to buy some items on the Marketplace, but it was removed on April 15, 2016. With the removal of tickets as a Roblox currency, the only way to purchase items from the Roblox Marketplace is through Robux. Tickets were removed right after the Tixapalooza event which resulted in many players being forced to buy Robux or Builders Club (now Roblox Premium) to purchase items. With the removal of tickets, the Trade Currency feature was also removed.

Price floor[]

  • Initially, classic clothing assets could be put on sale for a minimum of one ticket or one Robux. A price floor was added in 2013 that raised the minimum price of classic shirts and pants to 300 tickets or 25 Robux. The price floor on classic clothing is currently set to 2 Robux for classic T-shirts and 5 Robux for classic shirts and pants.
  • On February 22, 2024, the minimum price of the accessories was raised due to an adjustment for the Dynamic price floor. For example, All hats that could have been purchased for 50 Robux, were changed and now cost 95 Robux as of June 2024.

Technical issues[]

  • When a player loses connection while on the Marketplace, a red box will appear on top of the Marketplace, notifying them the Marketplace is "unavailable". When a limited unique item is released onto the Marketplace, they will rarely not have the option to be bought, or sold, and will not have any stock.
  • Any section including shirts, pants, any accessories, anything that can have more than 20 pages, will break and won't go past page 20. This has been an ongoing issue unsolved for several years to this day. It was decided to end the Marketplace on page 20, making it harder to search for items.

Limited item glitches[]

As of 2019, some limited items released during the Presidents' Day 2019 Sale have glitched, allowing players to purchase them for free and allowing infinite copies to be sold. Items such as the Torque the Blue Orc, the Disgraced Baroness of the Federation, and Ruby Archfey Visage experienced this glitch allowing thousands of players to obtain these items for free.