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Medieval Battle was an event that started on January 18, 2017, and ended on January 31, 2017. The games featured were Fallow Mire, Heroes! and Azure Mines with one prize per game.


Name Image Creator/Group
Fallow Mire Fallow Mire Thumbnail.jpg Levantine Assassins Brotherhood
Heroes! 930d1a09e3a393bca2ccaf53a3e85aad.png Davidii
Azure Mines Azure Mines.jpg


Name Image Game Objective
Eveningstar: Bringer of Dusk Eveningstar Bringer of Dusk.png Fallow Mire Defeat 40 bandits in one round.
Crown of the Stone King Crown of the Stone King.png Heroes! Find the Elven Sword and defeat 50 enemies with it.
Armour of the Grim Armour of the Grim.png Azure Mines Mine 25 Gold and craft the Guilded-Gold Pickaxe.


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  • Originally in Fallow Mire, players had to defeat 40 bandits in total regardless of how many rounds it took. But the developers decided to change it so that 40 bandits had to be defeated in one round, making the objective much more difficult.
  • There was a glitch, where players could still obtain the Crown of the Stone King after the event ended.
  • It was the first event to feature the new Roblox Logo.