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Dashing Simulator is a simulator game developed by Meme Team YT. In this game, players collect orbs and walk around to gain speed. Players can use this speed to rebirth, get new pets, and discover new areas.


Players spawn in the main starter area. A mini tutorial is given to them in order to being playing. Players can either walk around or collect orbs place accordingly around the area to gain speed.

Speed and Orbs

Speed is the main currency, as well as determining how fast a player moves. Speed can be gained by walking around, or collecting orbs. Orbs are little spheres that float on various surfaces, including on rooftops, in pens, etc. Harder to reach orbs are usually more valuable than ones easier to get. Speed is used to purchase pets, get rebirths, and helps to get to places faster.


Pets can be obtained through eggs, which are bought from speed. Pets help players on their journey by multiplying how much speed they get from orbs. Eggs that cost more or pets that are more rarer will generally preform better than the more common ones.

Tags and Auras

Tags and auras are purely cosmetic features that serve no purpose other than for players to stylize. They can be obtained through rebirths.


Just like most simulators, Dashing Simulator has rebirths, in which players can reset their speed to 1, however gain special tags and auras and also gain a permanent speed multiplier that stacks. Players still keep their pets however.


Some areas are blocked off by the main area, either needing a certain amount of rebirths or needing a certain amount of speed to get to. Areas that are harder to get to contain more valuable eggs, pets, and orbs.


Players in the server can occasionally race each other on a course for a small reward. Races generally favor players that have the most speed, though it is not necessary to participate in races to progress through the game.


Players can trade with each other to obtain the pets they want. Trading is generally useful for collecting purposes or to obtain overpowered pets.


Dashing Simulator many gamepasses and boosts. Gamepasses can include a speed boost, luck, extra storage, and Elite, which is a special type of gamepass which grants access to certain things that normal players couldn't use without it.


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