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For similar titled sales, see Memorial Day Sale.

The Memorial Day Sale 2017 was a major sale that took place on the Roblox avatar shop from May 26, 2017, to May 29, 2017. One, two or more items came out in item 'waves'. Many people said that the sale was great, but people criticized the fact that only one classic item (an old off-sale item) came out instead of a lot of classic items.

Sale Timeline

Day 1 - Discounts, Wings, Noob Limiteds

Memorial Day Sale 2017 Day 1.png
Day 1 started off with discounts of four packages:

Four sets of wings were also given a discount:

Three more accessories were also given a discount:

One item went back on sale for two days:

To end off the day, two limited items were released:

As well as a new gear:

Day 2 - Workclock Series, Dominus goes Limited, Dragon Soul Hoods

Memorial Day Sale Day 2.png
Day 2 started with the Workclock series going onsale with a timer:

Three items that were off sale became limited:

A cheap hat was released:

Roblox also tweeted that one of these three items would become limited:

Seven new items were released on their own rather than together throughout the day:

Two new hoods were released to end the day:


Day 3 - Antlers, Clockwork Heartphones, Limiteds

Memorial Day Sale 2017 Day 3.png
Day 3 started off with new hair accessories: 

A few Antlers that are a part of the Antlers series were brought back onsale:

Three hats went limited (the Universal Fedora referred from Day 2 was chosen to become a Limited):

New hats were released:

Two new animation packs were released:

A few items were discounted to end the day:

Day 4 - Limited Amazefaces, More accessories, Frenemy

Memorial Day Sale Day 4.png
Day 4 started with a bunch of new accessories being released:

One gear was released:

Four limited faces came out as a wave, each were sold for 50 Robux with 10,000 in stock:

Three accessories went limited as well:

A popular classic went onsale:

Later all discounted items were changed back to their original price.

A few items were released to end the sale:

Clockwork Heartphones went offsale, and Bloxikin Horde received an update.