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The Memorial Day 2018 sale was a special sale on Roblox, preceded by Memorial Day 2017. The purpose was to celebrate the federal holiday known as Memorial Day. It took place on the avatar shop from May 25, 2018 to May 28, 2018. A few items had their price cut and some items were released every day in 'waves', or one new item was released per hour. Retextures of popular items were sold with a timer until the end of the sale, and a few lesser-known items went Limited.

Sale Timeline

Day 1 -  Price Cuts, Limiteds, Packages

Wave 1

Day 1 started off with discounts to some popular items in the featured list: 

Two items also went Limited:

Wave 3

Many packages were also brought back on-sale: 

New items also came out:

Day 2 - Bighead, Limiteds, New items

Wave 1

Day 2 began with Roblox releasing a Limited item:

One on-sale item also went limited:

Wave 2

In the afternoon, the Bighead, along with several Bighead accessories, went on sale:

Wave 3

Two new hairs were released:

The Sun Slayer package and two external items to go with it were released:

Wave 4

Finally, five more new items were released:

Day 3 - Animation Packs, Fedoras, New items

Wave 1

Day 3 started off with some new items releasing:

Wave 2

Price cuts to animation packages were received:

Price cuts to a few fedoras:

Wave 3

Two fedoras also went Limited:

A new limited was also released:

Day 4 - Headphones, Ultimate Dragon Faces, Upside Down Face

Wave 1

Day 4 commenced with two pairs of headphones going Limited:

Following up, five pairs of non-Limited headphones had their prices cut by 50%:

Wave 2

The Ultimate Dragon faces were released:

A regular face was released:

Wave 3

Finally, three more items were released:


The sale has been criticised as many players feel like their opinions didn't matter to Roblox. Some commonly requested items that didn't go on sale were the Workclock Headphones, Workclock Shades and ASCII White, so the lack of these items being available has led to players believing that this sale wasn't truly decided by the community. As well as this, the one-item-per-hour timing instead of waves has been subject to complaint as it often forces users to wait for very long times in the hopes of getting the item they want.


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