In ROBLOX, a mesh is a 3D object, such as a hat (catalog item), gear (catalog item) or ExplorerImageIndex 1Part. Every hat, gear, and package (except for the Mysterious Object) is made up of one or more meshes.

There are ExplorerImageIndex 8SpecialMeshes, which contain ExplorerImageIndex 8BlockMeshes and ExplorerImageIndex 8CylinderMeshes.

Other Mesh Variations


BlockMeshes can be used as a replacement for a Part. The main difference is that a BlockMesh has pointy edges and is smooth instead of studded, welded, yielded, or glued.


CylinderMeshes, like BlockMeshes, replace what a Part looks like. A CylinderMesh is similar to but distinct from the SpecialMesh MeshType Cylinder, although they look identical.

This is now deprecated, as the cylinder mesh from ExplorerImageIndex 8SpecialMeshes is favored.

User meshes

The earliest known introduction of meshes (including user meshes) was from 2006, where Roblox implemented official support for meshes.[1] However in 2008, official support for user generated meshes was eventually pulled.[2]
Roblox meshes 2008

A screenshot from a youtube video showing meshes from June 4th 2008 (prior to Roblox officially removing user generated meshes). [3]

From 2008 to 2010, players could upload their own custom meshes via a simple exploit made public by Gamer3D.[citation needed] However, the user-made meshes could only be seen by placing the mesh in a game while in Roblox Studio. In early 2011, this feature was removed due to the "inappropriate content" uploaded by abusers of the system. Because of this, many users have formed groups demanding meshes to be returned as an official feature.[4]

In 2014, a user named hunte922 was able to upload meshes, with some being of Sonic heads, Portal meshes, Halo meshes and even SCP-173 from the SCP wiki. This was later removed by an Administrator named tobotrobot.

An example of a custom mesh.

RobloxScreenShot03112014 231438400

An example of forced meshing in 2014.

On June 9, 2016, player meshes were brought back into Roblox Studio. This caused a new section to be included in the Library section of the website and Roblox Studio dedicated to user-created meshes. This is the first time users can create meshes without the use of exploits. A mesh is required to be an OBJ or FBX file and have 5,000 polygons or lower to be successfully imported.[5]

Sonic Runners Silver Brothers

Multi-mesh model imported as single mesh, compared to to the same model imported in bulk

On January 1, 2019, a Bulk Import feature was added in which Roblox Studio would automatically split multi-msh files into separate meshes.[6] This allows complex 3D models to preserve detail without having to deliberately lower the polygon count, and prevents the issue of the UV mapping glitching if a multi-mesh model is imported as a single mesh. Before this feature, users would separate meshes in a model with a 3D editing program, import each mesh separtely, and arrange the meshes manually back together in Roblox Studio.


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