In ROBLOX, a mesh is a 3D object, such as a hat (catalog item), gear (catalog item) or ExplorerImageIndex 1Part. Every hat, gear, and package, except the Mysterious Object, is made up of one or more meshes.

There are ExplorerImageIndex 8SpecialMeshes, which contain ExplorerImageIndex 8BlockMeshes and ExplorerImageIndex 8CylinderMeshes.

Other Mesh Variations


BlockMeshes can be used as a replacement for a Part. The main difference is that a BlockMesh has pointy edges and is smooth instead of studded, welded, yielded, or glued.


CylinderMeshes, like BlockMeshes, replace what a Part looks like. A CylinderMesh is similar to but distinct from the SpecialMesh MeshType Cylinder, although they look identical.

User meshes


An example of a custom mesh.

RobloxScreenShot03112014 231438400

An example of forced meshing in 2014.

From 2008 to 2010, players could upload their own custom meshes via a simple exploit made public by Gamer3D. However, the user-made meshes could only be seen by placing the mesh in a game while in Roblox Studio. In early 2011, this feature was removed due to some "inappropriate content". Despite this, however, many users have formed groups demanding meshes to be returned as an official feature.[1]

In 2014, a user named hunte922 somehow revived the meshes, some being Sonic heads, Portal meshes, Halo meshes and even SCP-173 from the SCP series. However this was again removed by an admin named tobotrobot who was doing his job.

In June 9, 2016, player meshes were brought back on ROBLOX Studio. Because of that, a section for it was added on ROBLOX (in Library). The mesh before uploading begins with "Meshes", but the name can be changed. This is the first time users can create meshes without the use of exploits. It is limited to "10,000 polygons" and below.


  • ROBLOX creates their meshes on Autodesk 3DS Max.
  • Some custom meshes can have their textures glitched, such as placing textures in the wrong parts, giving a nightmarish look.


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