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  • I live in Space
  • My occupation is editing on several wiki projects
  • I am Male - he/him

Welcome to my message wall, user!

Hello! I am an administrator of the Roblox Wikia.

I can block users, warn users, protect pages, and edit protected pages.

For faster response, please join the Roblox Wikia and Interwiki Discord server.

Note that I, along with other staff of the wiki, are not Roblox staff, and we can not create, add, or change promotional codes.

No promocodes

Created by Karasuneth

When creating a thread on my message wall, please make sure your thread follows our policies and guidelines and there is something I can respond to you with. If you have a question which you want me to answer, or you need help with editing an article, please feel free to create a new thread on my message wall and I will be glad to answer or discuss it with you. Also, please refrain from starting conversation about another wiki on my message wall, as this is the Roblox Wikia, and all threads on my message wall should regard the Roblox Wikia.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question and are about to create a new thread on my message wall about it, please make sure it is not already answered here.

Question Answer
Are you Roblox staff? No! I am only an administrator of this wiki. Contact Roblox staff through the support form.
Who are you? See User:0Michael105 and User:0Michael105/Michael105YT.
Can you create an article about me? Only if you meet our notability policy, then I might.
You can create an article about yourself under User:user/ARTICLENAME.
Why can't I upload this file? If you are a new editor, you have restricted permissions on the wiki, such as image uploading prevention. As you continue editing these restricted permissions will be lifted. You can ask me to upload an image(s) as long as it follows our policies. You can use links such as and other image sharing websites.

If you have been editing for a long while, it is likely that the filename you were trying to upload the file as was too generic, and you should change it from the preset filename to one which describes the file in question to get it uploaded.

Can you help me edit [page]? Sure! Leave a message on my message wall with further information and I will be down to help.
The abuse filter is giving me a false positive. Can you please publish my edits for me? Sure, as long as the edit in question really was a false positive and follows our policies. You do not have to send me the text of your edit you are trying to publish, I have access to the abuse filter's logs!
Can you make me a moderator and/or administrator here? I very literally don't have the rights to do that. You can request the rights on the forum. For more information, see Project:Policies and guidelines.
Why did you delete a page I created? See my deletion reason I provided upon deletion. If I did not provide one, feel free to create a new thread questioning the deletion.
Why did you warn me? If I warned you, it was for a good purpose. Please read the message I sent you for a further explanation.
Can you protect/unprotect [page]? Give me a strong reason why I should (un)protect the page in a new message wall thread.
Can you block/unblock [user]? Give me a strong reason why I should (un)block the user in a new message wall thread, along with linking their contributions page if you are requesting a user to be blocked.
How do I get the Interwiki Staff role in your Discord server? Request it in the #wiki-discussion channel and wait for a wiki administrator to respond.



If you are requesting a user to be blocked, please let me know on my message wall why they should be blocked, along with linking their contributions page (ex: Special:Contributions/0Michael105). If you find an article which violates the Roblox Wikia's policies and guidelines, regards a player whose account does not follow our notability policy, or is spam, please do not hesitate to report it to me on my message wall and I will manage it as soon as possible.

Please do not use my media below (except the Roblox Wikia and Interwiki Discord server Join) to contact me about Roblox Wikia matters.

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