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  • I live in Space.
  • My occupation is editing on several wiki projects.
  • I am Male - he/him.
I am temporarily semi-active due to major real life conflicts. Sorry about any disappointment this may cause - if you are experiencing an editing issue or need general help on the wiki please contact a different staff member. For emergency purposes only contact Michael105YT#5893 on Discord.

Hello! I am a content and discussions moderator of the Roblox Wikia.

Please direct any inappropriate user behavior which violates the policies and guidelines towards a wiki administrator, as I am not able to block users, and can only warn. A full list of wiki administrators can be found here. If you are suggesting a page to be deleted or protected, please create a new thread on my message wall with strong reasoning.

Note that I, along with other moderators and administrators of the wiki, are not Roblox staff, and we can not create, add, or change promotional codes.

When creating a thread on my message wall, please make sure your thread follows the policies and guidelines (linked above) and there is something I can respond to you with. If discussion is no longer necessary, threads on my message wall will be closed after 2 weeks (14 days). If you have a question which you want me to answer, or you need help with editing an article, please feel free to create a new thread on my message wall and I will be glad to answer or discuss it with you. Also, please refrain from starting conversation about another wiki on my message wall, as this is the Roblox Wikia, and all threads on my message wall should regard the Roblox Wikia.


Super Moderator

If you are requesting an article to be protected or deleted, please let me know on my message wall and I will be quick to make a decision. If you find an article which violates the Roblox Wikia's policies and guidelines, regards a player whose account does not follow our notability policy, or is spam, please do not hesitate to report it to me on my message wall and I will manage it as soon as possible. Once again, please direct any inappropriate user behavior to a wiki administrator as I do not have the ability to block users on the Roblox Wikia. A full list of wiki administrators can be found here.

Please do not use my media below (except Discord) to contact me about Roblox Wikia matters.

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