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📝 Welcome to Noobfanity's message wall 📝

Here, you can post any type of messages on here ranging from Wikia issues to general conversations. But there are a few reminders before you post something on my message wall.

Everything must comply with the guidelines and rules

Along with everything else, all of your messages always have to follow the rules or result in the removal of the message.

📄 Page sources 📄

I cannot help with users breaking the rules

I'm only a moderator and don't have the administrator rights, so contact one of the wiki admins instead. They are the only type of people who can manage users to rather they broke the rules or not.

🔨 Example wiki adminstrators 🔨
Here are some users you can come in contact with.



Regarding account issues

The wiki staff is NOT AFFILIATED with Roblox in general. We can't do anything with your account, give you anything free or activate/deactivate promotional codes. If you have an account issue, please contact using the Roblox Support form.


I will close down a message for two reasons. One, the problem has been managed/archived. Two, if the post got necrobumped. if you don't know what necrobump is, it's when a user posted a message on a thread that is either already archived or outdated.

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