aka get drunk illegal

  • I live in North Korea
  • My occupation is ...
  • I am A Basement Dweller with 6000 diplomas

Hi, user


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  • Hi- please don't spam repetitive text onto threads, continued spamming may result in a block.

    As it's in the intent to "enforce" rules of sorts, please refrain from doing so. We don't allow mini-modding, if you have moderation concerns please contact a content mod or admin. The rule you're trying to enforce only relates to minor threads.

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    Karasuneth closed this thread because:
    18:06, March 21, 2018
  • Hello, TheBowlOfBeshbarmak!

    Thank you for contributing to the Roblox Wikia by creating a new page. After looking through the page, I have moved it to User:TheBowlOfBeshbarmak/SnyFort in order to satisfy our page creation policies. Your page was not deleted, and you are able to continue editing the page.

    More specifically, it was moved because

    The page did not satisfy our notability policies for players and has been moved to your userspace.

    To view all the pages in your userspace, click here.

    Please leave a message on my message wall or reply to this message if you have any questions about the page move or any of our page-creation policies. If you feel like your page should be an exception to the page-creation policies, please tell me and also post a message explaining why on our Wiki management forum.Thank you, and have fun editing!

    ~~ Anzu-TLK ~~ contact me

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    • he also does roblox macinimaas

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    • Anzu-TLK wrote:
      Being nominated for the Bloxy Awards is not an applicable notability criteria (especially with how terribly they're managed, and if you target the right category, how easy it is to get nominated, albeit with tight hopes you get past with the other people doing the same). I've surely never heard of him, nor have most people...

      As Du Poisson has noted, channel subscribers are recognized as valid notability criteria. However, as with any page, if you can't write anything for the user other than "they got nominated a few times and they also make videos", it might not be worth making a page as you solely don't have enough information about them to do so. It's likely to stay in your userspace unless a proper amount of information is added.

      got it

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  • Hi! A few of your pages and message wall posts were recently deleted, because they were considered spam. Even though you were trolling/joking and posting "scam" links to "youreanidiot", we still consider those pages to be spam. In general, even though you were joking, we tend to be stricter on scam links simply because we tend to get a lot of people posting them (and a lot of young children visiting the wiki who click them...). In the future, could you please avoid posting joke scam links and pages that don't contribute anything to the wiki?

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    • This is your last warning for Thread:162295. If you post anything trying to derail the thread again it will be considered as a direct violation of rules and insubordination, and will likely result in a block request.

      To answer your attempt at derailing, which I deleted: we didn't stop the thread because people started using it again. A main rule for managing necrobumping is that if the thread is bumped and used regularly and reasonably that we aren't going to close it. The point is that it is necrobumping if it was more appropriate to create a new thread. Additionally, we are not going to punish anyone for a violation that happened months ago.

      We're monitoring the thread to remove flamebait, so there isn't argument that needs to be removed- claiming we should close it due to "causing too many arguments" isn't really working either.

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    • fiinnee, il just unfollow the thread

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  • We have determined that you own multiple accounts on this wiki; one or more of which is currently blocked from our wiki. Utilizing alternative accounts to evade blocks is further violation of our policies, and as such, your block will be extended on your main account and made infinite on your other accounts.

    Please review our policies and guidelines as to avoid further blocks in the future.

    Block details: Spamming threads
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    • This reply has been removed
    • This reply has been removed
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