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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I become a moderator or administrator on this wiki?
Please refer to our policies on user rights. If you want a nomination, feel free to leave me a message.
How do I get help for my Roblox account?
Unfortunately, I cannot help you with your Roblox account (including bans) as no one on this wiki's staff is affiliated with the Roblox administrators. Please contact Roblox support for assistance!
How do I get a page on the wiki?
If you want a page on your Robloxian, game, or group on our wiki, you can always create it in your userspace by titling your page "User:you/PAGE NAME". Otherwise, if and only if your page meets our notability policies– you may create it normally outside your userspace.
Why can't I upload my file / image?
  • I've been editing on the wiki for a while: This usually occurs if your filename is too generic or was automatically generated by another program. Rename your file to something that accurately describes your file before upload.
  • I'm new to the wiki: New wiki editors have restricted permissions on the wiki, including uploading images. Please have patience; as you continue editing these restrictions will be lifted.

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