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Messages are a form of communication between two people by sending messages through the Roblox website. Roblox also uses messages in the form of system messages to inform users about various changes to their account; for example, when a user accepts your friend request or when you obtain ownership of a group.


In order to message another user, a player must meet these requirements:

  • Account must be 13+
  • Privacy settings for "Who can message me?" must be set appropriately
  • Account must be older than one day


Inbox and Sent

PM example

Example of the Inbox tab

The Inbox holds any messages that have not previously been archived in a list format. Each entry includes the sender, the subject title and preview of body, and the time the message was sent.

Unopened messages (or messages marked as Unread) will appear as a different color compared to read messages.

The Sent tab is very similar to the Inbox, however; it shows messages that a player has sent to others rather than messages that the user is receiving.


PM Example

Example of an Archived message

The Archive holds any messages that have been archived from the Inbox. Messages are not deleted, so any previous message that has been archived can be viewed here and restored if necessary.


Notifications Example

Example of news sent by Roblox

The News (formerly Notifications) holds announcements sent by Roblox Administrators containing information about events, community activities, and other important updates.

Types of Messages

Roblox Alert Messages

Friend Requests


Example of accepted friend request

After sending accepting a friend request, a message will be sent to the user who sent the friend request to notify that their request was accepted.

Trading Messages


Example of Trade message

When sending Trades, a notification will be received in the form of a message when the trade is accepted, declined, or countered. Users also receive message notifications when they receive a trade request.

Premium Subscription


Example of Premium message

After a Roblox Premium subscription has expired, the user will receive a message notification informing them that they no longer have premium benefits.

Player Messages

Scam Messages

Free Robux Scambot Message

Example of Scam message

Main article: Scams

Many scam bots will attempt to message users in order to obtain personal information such as their password. This can be in the form of a message appearing to give free Robux, free Premium, or other unlikely benefits.


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  • In the past, if you went to the Sent tab and clicked on a message, it would have said [USERNAME] wrote even though it's actually [YOUR USERNAME] that wrote it.
  • People were able to send messages to themselves by clicking "(View Public Profile)" at your Profile and clicking "Send Message". This was later removed, and now the buttons are gone completely when viewing your own profile.
  • Because of an update, you can no longer delete messages from users; now you can only send them to your archive.
  • Players frequently complain about spam bots, which is still happening today. Spam bots spam people's inbox with messages like "I think you will like this, it really works!" and then they link to a keylogger, malware, adware, etc.

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