Messages holds any PMs people have sent to you or any PMs you have sent to people. It also holds Notifications sent by ROBLOX and archived PMs.

Inbox and Sent

The Inbox holds any PMs that aren't archived.

PM example

An example of the PM inbox.

PM Example

2009 message example.

The Inbox shows PMs, when they were sent, who they were sent by, and the subject. The subject is not mandatory, and if there is no subject, it will simply say [none] as the subject. This can be annoying to people if they don't know what their message is about. You can also easily select all your mail by clicking on the box in the grey bar at the top of the inbox.

The Sent tab does the opposite of the Inbox and instead shows you the PMs you have sent.



An example of the Archive.

The Archive holds any PMs you have archived.

The Archive holds PMs you don't want in your way when you are looking in the Inbox; they can also be kept for safekeeping. It's basically like archiving in emails.


Notifications Example

An example of what you would find in the Notifications tab.

The Notifications tab holds messages sent by ROBLOX.

They are usually about surveys that give you 1000 ROBUX if you participate, events, and many more important messages.

The Scam Messages

After you play a typical popular game, You might get a PM from a scammer and it will say:

Free Robux Scambot Message


  • In the past, if you went to the Sent tab and clicked on a message, it would have said [USERNAME] wrote even though it's actually [YOUR USERNAME] that wrote it.
  • People were able to send messages to themselves by clicking "(View Public Profile)" at your Profile and clicking "Send Message". This was later removed, and now the buttons are greyed out.
  • Because of an update, you can no longer delete messages from users; now you can only send them to your archive.
  • Players frequently complain about spam bots, which is still happening today. Spam bots spam people's inbox with messages like "I think you will like this, it really works!" and then they link to a keylogger, malware, adware, etc.