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Metaverse Champions is an ongoing Roblox event that started on April 15, 2021 and will end on May 20, 2021. It is the year's "Spring Hunt" replacing the annual egg hunt. The event is spread into four weeks, with up to 48 games a week and 10-12 for each champion.

Players can win Rthro bundle items, mystery boxes, and an egg. Mystery boxes will open into different items starting May 17, 2021 until the event concludes. A grand prize based on the champion with the most badges collected will be available in the hub after the event concludes.

This is the first "Spring Hunt" to only feature one egg, being the Tiny Egg of Nonexistence.

Event Hub

Name Image Creator/Group
Metaverse Champions Hub Metaverse Champions Hub Thumbnail.png Metaverse Events

Sparks Kilowatt's Games

Week 1

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Simple Resort Simple Resort Thumbnail.png EnergyDustin Change your role to a Skier. Go to the Ski Jump at the top of the mountain. Get a score of 1,000 or more on the Ski Jump to obtain the badge. You can repeatedly press the A and D key to get a higher score.
Tiny's Difficulty Chart Obby Remastered Tiny's Difficulty Chart Obby Remastered Thumbnail.png TinyGeckoWasTaken Reach stage 76 of the main obby. Return to the spawn using the arrows at the top of the screen. Go to the Cavern obby at the spawn and complete it to get the badge.
Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands Ud.jpg TwentyTwoPilots By either walking or driving, go around the map until you find the package, and then collect it to obtain the badge. The package will spawn randomly throughout the map.
Seaboard City RP Seaboard city rp thumb.png Kasius Click on the event icon on the left of the screen, then go to the Campsite and grab the scuba gear from the Event Tent. Swim to the very bottom of the lake in the middle of the campsite and go into the cavern surrounded by vases. Collect the battery, bring it to the hill with the radio tower at the top, and place the battery in the device on the hill to obtain the badge.
Innovation Arctic Base 35975cb5fbbe0e7e026f56dd5ccb70c3.jpg Innovation Inc. This objective requires at least two players. Talk to Sparks at the spawn area to start the mission. Go downstairs and locate Sparks's hologram to continue the mission. Collect three different components: the Empty Frame, Bio Sample, and the Circuit. Then, return them to the room where the hologram was and place the components onto the pedestals to obtain the badge.
Muscle Buster Muscle Buster Thumbnail.jpg Spiel Mit Mir Multiple players were recommended for this objective. Attack the big boulder that is present on the map until it breaks and collect one of the several packages it drops to obtain the badge.
My Droplets FullflowerStudioMyDroplets.jpg Fullflower Studio Click the Event button on the right of the screen. Bathe, feed, and train your droplet, then play a game at Game Land to obtain the badge.
Grandma's House Obby (Pets) Grandma's House Obby! Thumbnail.png Packstabber Obbys Reach the end of the obby to obtain the badge.
Creatures of Sonaria Creatures of Sonaria Thumbnail.jpg Sonar Studios Spawn in and collect all four artifacts to obtain the badge.
Daycare 2 (Story) Daycare 2 (Story) Thumbnail.png Parwaz Studio Go onto a bus to start the game. Collect five armor pieces throughout the daycare. Once you have collected all of the pieces, click the icon on the screen to unlock an area in the kitchen. Touch the chest in the secret room to obtain the badge.
God's Island! God's Island! Thumbnail.png TBlox Studios Begin the quest by talking to the Scientist in the lobby. Collect three orbs that will fall randomly from the sky during a round. This does not need to be done during the same round. Speak to the scientist again to claim the reward.
Club Roblox Club Roblox Thumbnail.png Block Evolution Studios Upon joining, press the Teleport button on the Metaverse Event window. Enter the cave and follow the arrows. Speak to Sparks to start the quest. Complete all six puzzle rooms then follow the arrows to the final door to obtain the badge.

Week 2

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Pilfering Pirates Pilfering Pirates Thumbnail.png LawlR Find Sparks on an island using your personal boat. Once you find her, talk to her, she will give you a quest to complete. Once completed, you are able to claim your badge by returning to Sparks.
Roblox High School 2 RHS2-dayone.jpg Roblox High School: Fan Club Earn passing grades (B- to A+) during five different classes (except lunch).
FREE ADMIN FREE ADMIN Thumbnail.png Creator Studio Get 25 kills to obtain the badge.
Tradelands 26b202c1c8c2ae7f8e7c37442dc16258.jpg Nahr_Nahrstein Collect x1 Robot Parts (by selling 4 cargo to another island), x15 Iron, and x10 Oak to craft and obtain the badge.
Horse Valley Horse-Valley-thumbnail.png SirMing Obtain 10 sparks by:

-Leveling up a rider stat

-Leveling up a horse stat

-Participating in a race

-Crafting an object

SharkBite SharkBite.jpg Abracadabra 1. Locate the clam using the pirate map in the lobby waiting area EVERY round.

2. Swim down to the ocean floor and defeat the clam by shooting it until it releases its treasure in a bubble.

3. When the bubble reaches the ocean surface it will pop! Claim your prize!

Unicorn Obby World Unicorn-Obby-World.png Galore Studios Complete the 18-stage obby.
Disaster Island 6c244f92f187dbe0c78831c0efe1ba7b.jpg Disaster Island Development Team Win on the "Double Disaster" or "Mystery Disaster" rounds.
ADMIN HOUSE NEW ADMIN-HOUSE-NEW-Thumbnail.png Power User Go to Sparks Kilowatt and touch the chest to get the badge. They are located in a random spot around the map.
Minery 2 Minery-2-Thumbnail.png Collect 1 Amethyst and bring it back to Sparks.
Ufo Tycoon Ufo-Tycoon-Thumbnail.png Paragon Purchase the UFO and then go through 8 rings to obtain the badge.

Week 3

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Egg Hunt 2021: Enchanted Eggos Sdasdsa.jpg SkepticLemon Help Sparks Kilowatt stabilize the Metaverse portal hidden deep within the Hat Co. Bunker.
BIGFOOT! B79b0f04e3e357c5fdc9741c42c7315d (1).jpg Fm_Trick Deal 300 damage on Bigfoot as a Hunter or kill 5 Hunters as Bigfoot.
Banana Eats Bananaeats.jpeg RyCitrus Find 7 of Sparks Killowatt's crystal bananas in a single round without being eaten.
Arcade Island 2: Roblox Arcade Arcade Islands Thumbnail.png BeastyBlake101 Collect 1000 tickets in one play session.
Tower Heroes Tower Heroes image.jpg Pixel-bit Studio Beat the Metaverse Madness map (challenge mode) on Easy difficulty by joining/hosting a server or clicking the Event icon.
Egg Simulator EggSimThumb.jpg wravager Complete the 10 event quests to collect 10 keys in exchange for Sparks' chest
Overlook Bay OverlookBayThumb.jpg Wonder Works Studio Talk to Sparks and raise your astro cat pet to max to receive the item.
Slipblox 2 SlipbloxThumb.jpg WhatAGame You need to be on the Great Forest challenge to do the quest. When it's selected, find her 5 pieces of armor around it and win the challenge. After that, simply talk to her in the lobby and you will get the badge.
Rage Runner RageRunnerThumb.jpg Captain Grumpy Games Win a round.
Azure Mines Azure Mines.jpg Go to the mines then talk to Sparks. She will ask for 1 amethyst or 5 ruby ores then simply press the give button once you have 1 of the 2 and you will get the item.
Invisible Beast BeastThumb.jpg Frost Pixel Studio Join any game mode and kill the beast which drops the crate upon death and collect it.
Fairytale Fairytale-Thumbnail (1).png Team Fairytale Get C or higher in any 3 classes.

Week 4

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Super Striker League Super Striker League Thumbnail.jpg Cinder Studio Win 1 public match.
Travel To Unicorn Island Obby Travel to Unicorn Island Obby Thumbnail.png Green Lab Collect 7 shards around the obby. After collecting all shards, go to the slide you will see a waterfall, go through the water and pull the lever to claim your chest.
The Day the Noobs Took Over Roblox 2 TDTNTOR2 MC.jpg cloakedyoshi Complete the new "2010 Eggstravaganza" mission.
Destined to Fail Destined-to-Fail-Thumbnail.png Team ConfIict Finish the game.
Bloxy Bingo Bloxy-Bingo.png Bloxy Bingo Complete your Metaverse bingo card.
INCOGNITO IncognitoThumb.jpg Bobogijoe Collect Sparks' spaceship parts and win a round.
Find the Square! Find-the-Square-Thumbnail.png MasterDaniel Survive Round 25 in either the "Find the Square!" or the "Simon Says!" game modes.
Super Power Fighting Simulator SPFSThumb.jpg GamesReborn Complete Sparks' Questline.
Teddi TeddiThumb.jpg FutureWeb Games Find the chest on Bearaside Island
Burger Bay Burger-Bay-Thumbnail.png Bricksmith Studio Complete ten orders as a cook, server, delivery driver and cashier and bring sixteen supply crates the restaurant as a supplier to get the badge.
Bloxymon BloxymonThumb.jpg The Gang Stockholm Complete Sparks' Questline.

Fey Yoshida's Games

Week 1

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Survive the Killer! Survive the Killer! Thumbnail.jpg Slyce Entertainment Speak to Fey to start the quest. During any round as a survivor, find the Fey Key. Then, survive until the exit opens and escape. Bring the key to Fey's chest to obtain the badge.
Toy Defenders Toy Defenders Thumbnail.png Toy Defenders Start a round on the Metacity map. Place and upgrade towers and reach wave 20. Beat the final boss to obtain the badge.
Waterpark Oceanic Waterpark Oceanic Thumbnail.png - Simulation Games - Ride down any ten slides and then slide down Fey's slide near the back of the map to obtain the badge. If you get stuck on the final slide, try going to the end of the slide and going up it backwards to collect the badge.
Specter Specter-Thumbnail.png Lithium Labs Turn on the three generators in the "CHALET" map, then find the code displayed on the arcade screen and enter it in the keypad in the basement, then obtain the badge by collecting the case.
Melee Simulator Melee Simulator.png Novelty Games Speak to Fey to start your quest. Defeat 5 noobs, then unlock the Desert zone, then defeat 10 Bunnies in the Easter world. Then, defeat Fey in a battle to obtain the badge. You can use the in-game code 80K to get $80,000 to start.
Pet Ranch Simulator 2 Pet-Ranch-Simulator-2-Thumb.png Albatross Studio Open 50 eggs, get a score of at least 30 on the Flying Pet minigame, and get a score of at least 100 on the Meteor Dash minigame to obtain the badge.
Portal Rush Portal-Rush-Thumb.png Prismatic Games Collect 35 golden eggs within the Easter Madness zone to obtain the badge.
Marble Mania Marblemania.jpg moonbeam Open the Quests menu and complete Fey's ten quests to obtain the badge.
GOD TYCOON GOD TYCOON Thumbnail.png Angelworks Speak to Fey to start your quest. Inside the cave, defeat 10 monsters to obtain the badge.
Katana Simulator Katana Simulator Thumbnail.jpg Paragon Kill 25 players in the PvP arena to obtain the badge.
Kitty Kitty Thumbnail.jpg GabStudio Escape the Metaverse Fey - Event map to get the badge.
Epic Minigames EpicMinigames-newthumb.jpg TypicalType Be one of the top herders in a round of the Hen Herding minigame and then collect the chest at the end of the round to obtain the badge.

Week 2

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Flood Escape 2 FE2METAVERSE.jpeg Crazyblox Games Collect 10 Lost Pages from any individual Map in Easy, Medium & Hard Difficulty.
Don't Press The Button 4 Don't Press The Button 4 Thumbnail.png Red Scorpion Talk to Fey, then touch the chest during a special round before anyone else.
TPS: Street Soccer Street Soccer.png TAYFUN7 Score 10 goals to earn the event badge.
World//Zero Zero.jpeg World//Zero Kill Meta Goblins in any of the worlds until you pick up 32 Metashards that they drop upon dying and bring them back to Fey.
Pit of Hell 836ecace30c546e94551dc97c9c1b0fd.jpg .random() Reach the end of Fey's new "Metaverse" tower that spawns every 2 rounds.
Saber Simulator SaberSimulatorThumbnail.jpg HD Games. Complete Fey Yoshida's Mission on the new "Plasma Island" using the portal right next to her.
Mech Warzone 66613ba4aea51d799569bcd52be662cc.jpg Overheat Get to Rank 15 and touch the chest in the lobby.
Esgoto De São Paulo Esgoto-De-São-Paulo.png gilvanmota Go through the Metaverse Champions portal at the lobby and talk to Fey. Once you do that, 3 drill bits and 5 batteries will spawn in the lobby,while the other 2 drill bits are at the end of every level/obby and the rest of the batteries can be found at the midpoints between stages.
Field Trip Z Field-Trip-Z-Thumbnail.png Splitting Point Studios Join the game and go inside a truck.
Fishing Simulator Fishing Simulator Thumbnail.jpg Cloud Entertainment Teleport to Cyber City by talking to Poperson. Then talk to Fey so she can give you a quest. After that go to the security guard and get another quest. After you finish his quest, talk to him again so he can give you the security card. When you have the card, go to the bank and do a small obby to get the case.
Would You Quiz Would-You-Quiz-Thumbnail.png Trobulate Get three questions correct in a row.

Week 3

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Tropical Resort Tycoon Tropical Resort Tycoon.jpg Ready, set, more! Begin building the first lab on the event island and purchase the Champion's Box to receive the item. You do not need to finish the whole island to get the badge.
Robloxian High School Robloxian Highschool.jpg Robloxian High School Group Collect 12 nodes from around the map for Fey.
This Game is Pain This-Game-is-Pain-Thumbnail.png DevUItra Beat level 10.
Wizard Cats WizardCatsThumb.jpg pa00 Get to rank 6.
Traitor TraitorThumb.jpg Wonder Works Studio Win 3 rounds.
Promo Code Adventures PromoThumbnail.jpg iBugames Talk to Fey at spawn then go to the goblin cave close to spawn and slay goblins until a goblin thief spawns. When you kill him, he will drop Fey's hat and/or headphones which you need to collect and give back to her. Once you get both, speak to her again and she will give you the crate.
Break In BreakInThumb.jpg Cracky4 Go into one of the trucks to start a round and then speak to Fey. She will give you a spray can to graffiti 5 locations around the house. Once you're done, speak to her again and you will get the item.
Ant Colony Simulator AntSimThumb.jpg Nyonic Complete Fey's quests.
Vibe NYC VibeThumb.jpg Sleepy Studios. Talk to Fey then find her 20 meta crystals around the map. When you're done with that, talk to her again and find the metaverse portal on the 2nd floor then go in it. You will be teleported to an obby you need to finish and once you reach the finish, you will get the item.
Pacer Test Pacer Test.png GeorgeTheDev Get Fey's chest back from the principal's office.
Water Park! WaterThumb.jpg A Carton of Milk Teleport to the beach and speak to the pirate then find 7 lifesaver rings around the map and return to the pirate. After you speak with him again, go down these 4 slides: the Blue rover,the green drop slide, the Red Raptor, and the Biggest Slide. Once you do that, go to the cave the pirate showed you in one of the pools and take the final slide behind the door to receive the item.
Big Bank Robbery BankThumb.jpg Imperatrix Go into a round and defeat the 1st boss (Edguard) to get the chest.

Week 4

Creator/Group Objective
RB Battles RBBattlesSeason2Game.jpg RB Battles Games Talk to Fey in the RB Battles lobby to start the RB Battles Metaverse Mission and complete the challenge to earn the crate.
Bean Blast Bean Blast Thumbnail.png CC Games Talk to Fey in the lobby then find 3 Meta shards around any of the minigames and bring them back to her. She will open a portal for you, go through it and finish the obby.
The Clown Killings Reborn Clwon-killings-thumb.png Legend Gaming Complete Fey's challenges, and collect the crate.
Ghost Simulator GhostSimulator.jpg BloxByte Games Go through the Metaverse portal and complete Ghost Hunter Mia's Questline.
Bloxy War Bloxy-War-Thumbnail.png Pond Studio Collect 10 meta eggs.
Guesty 7618182d7b447ec969651740f7665ba5.jpg NK Studio Complete the new event map.
Dragon Adventures DragonAdventuresThumbnail.jpg Sonar Studios Complete Fey's Questline.
RoCitizens RoCitizensThumb.jpg Firebrand1 Clean all graffiti walls as police or spray paint 5 graffiti as a criminal.
Speed Run Simulator Speed-Run-Simulator.png Speed Run Simulator Go through the Metaverse portal to get the crate.
Firefighters! FirefightersThumb.jpg Rainfall Studios Earn the crate by putting out 6 purple fires in a single round.
My Skate Park! SkateParkThumb.jpg Skate Central Collect Fey's 3 skateboard parts from around the park.

AJ Striker's Games

Week 1

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
SCP: Roleplay SCP Roleplay Thumbnail.png SCP | Roleplay Community Select Metaverse on the Main Menu and you will be teleported into the lobby for the event. Once in, get into the elevator and queue up. You will get teleported into a new place. Follow along the directions and once you finish the game, you will obtain the badge.
Tank Warfare Tank Warfare Thumbnail.png IndieBox Studios Start a match on any map. Wait for a meteorite to hit the map. Once it has hit the map, shoot at it until it breaks. Collect the crate inside the rubble to obtain the badge.
TTD 3 TTD 3 Thumbnail.png Emotes CO. Talk to AJ on another island. Then you have to find all the tokens around the map to get the crate.
Polybattle Polybattle-Thumb.png Moonlight Interactive. Spawn in as any team and deploy anywhere. Go to two enemy/unclaimed flags and claim them to obtain the badge.
Manhunt Manhunt Thumbnail.png AlphaByte Survive a round as a Survivor to obtain the badge.
Miner's Haven Miner's Haven-0.png Berezaa Games™ Go to Easter Island and talk to AJ. Find the Carat Carrot Mine and Carat Carrot Factory. Go back to your base and buy the gold, diamond, and emerald mines from the shop. Give your golden carrot, diamond carrot, and emerald carrot to Wholesam, Flea Bag, and Sheriff respectively.
Pinewood Computer Core Pinewood Computer Core Thumbnail.png Diddleshot Cause the core to have a meltdown to obtain the badge. Turn off the cooling fans and activate the heat lasers to make the core melt faster. It may be easier to complete this in a private server.
Mafia Tycoon MafiaTycoonThumbnail.jpg RiddleMeThis!? Purchase the "Buy Harold New Clothes" button in the front of your tycoon for $7,777 to obtain the badge.
Elimination Tower Elimination Tower Thumbnail.png Jambe Games After starting a match, stay in the game until you compete in a "Rabbit Hole" challenge. During the challenge, be the first player to find the key and return it to the caged NPC to obtain the badge.
Human Simulator Human Simulator Thumbnail.png Slerp Speak to AJ to start your mission. Use the button on the hill to drop cubes. Bring three cubes to each of the four beacons, then speak to AJ again. Then, bring the white barrels highlighted in blue to the big beacon in the center of the map four times. Touch the crate that appears near the big beacon to obtain the badge.
Cube Defense Cube Quest Thumb.png Cosmic Development Once you joined the game, look around for a Metaverse portal. All you need to do is survive 25 waves of Tower Defense game. Once you're done, you'll obtain the badge.

Week 2

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Super Ball Battle Super Ball Battle Thumbnail.png gum scums As a team, win a game on the "Planet" map to obtain the badge.
Mega Noob Simulator Mega Noob Simulator Thumbnail.png thunder1222 Productions Go through the Metaverse portal at the start of the game and defeat the 3 elemental bosses. After that take on AJ himself and defeat him to get the badge.
Make a Cake: Back for Seconds! Make a Cake Back for Seconds! Thumbnail.png Thebenster Create 10 cakes with a frosting and a topping to obtain the badge.
DropBlox Dropblox Thumbnail.png DropBlox Studios Join a game on casual mode and collect 5 shards. After that go back to the lobby and buy the crate in the Metaverse section of the shop.
Survive a Plane Crash Survive the Plane Crash Thumbnail.png Virtual Valley Games Survive the new AJ Striker-themed plane crash to collect the item.
Chaos Clickers D7fb485dc7b08365d5d1b8f5ee6138bd.jpg Insight Game Complete 5 quests given by Striker and then follow a green arrow to his portal. Once you go in, you will be teleported to an obby which you need to finish to claim the item.
GERALD Geraldthumbnail.jpg Team Under The Bed Beat any of Gerald's 3 maps.
Car Crash Simulator Car-Crash-Simulator.png doot_d0ot Go on the "Classic" map and fully complete a loop-de-loop 5 times.
Be a Toy! Be a Toy!.jpg Rdite Collect 4 parts of an egg to summon the crate.
Impostor Impostor.jpg ArcadeRockstar Complete the Metaverse task on all maps then claim your crate in the lobby.
Shoot Out! Shoot Out.jpeg Manic! Click the "Challenges" button and claim the crate.
Base Raiders Base-Raiders.png Base Productions Successfully raid a base or defend your base when you're the bonus raid target.

Week 3

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Clicker Realms X Clicker Realms X Thumbnail.png TGames Talk to Striker and complete his quest, defeat the Sparks boss and open up the crate in the Sparks boss area.
balls Balls Thumbnail.png N4_3 Collect the crate when it randomly falls inside of the tower.
Super Golf! Super Golf!.jpg Nosniy Games™ Complete a match on the Island map.
Rage Table Arena Rage Table Arena Thumbnail.png RadVideo Wipe-out 10 players.
Bakon Bakon Thumbnail.png Pink Beard Games Complete Bakon's Dream event by collecting 4 crystals in a few selected maps.
Dread Dread Thumbnail.png BakonBot Kill a zombie carrying the AJ Striker Crate on its back and survive until the end of the round.
Build It Build-it-Thumbnail.png Roblox Build It Win 1st place on the new "Build Battle" mode
Build Island Build-island.jpeg Toybox Development Find 5 AJ Striker Crates placed down by 5 different server owners.
Sinking Ship Sinking Ship Image.png kni0002 Find AJ's crate somewhere on the sinking ship and bring it back to him on the Bridge Level of the ship.
Infectious Smile Infectious Smile.jpg Laughablehaha Slay 3 smilers as a human or infect 3 humans as a smiler.
Weapon Kit KitThumb.jpg 89five Finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place during any round.

Week 4

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Blox Royale Blox Royale Thumbnail.png Banana Studios Help Striker get to wave 5 in the 2021 Metaverse Dungeon.
Ratty RattyMetaverse.jpg RamonPIayz Complete the special Metaverse chapter then board the Metaverse train in the lobby. You will be teleported to a new place where you need to do a small obby and defeat a boss to get the crate.
Treasure Quest Treasure Quest Thumb.png Nosniy Games™ Defeat the Monolith boss.(must be atleast level 5)
Ragdoll Mania Ragdoll Mania Thumbnail.png Ragdoll Mania || RoyalFire Studios Punch 15 people, Break 40 bones and Collect 10 shards around the new area to get the crate
Unboxing Simulator Unboxing Simulator Thumbnail.jpg Unsquared Complete AJ Striker's Quest.
Tower Defense Simulator Tower Defense Simulator.png Paradoxum Games Finish the new "Cyber City" event.
Zombie Task Force ZTFThumb.jpg ROWGNationStudios Beat chapter 1 (Urban Falls) and chapter 2 (Eastbay Port) on story mode.
War Simulator Warsimulatorthumbnail.jpg Calculated Studio Kill 15 Invader bots in the WW1 Era.
Obby Run! Obby-Run.png Bitware Games Collect 20 coins in the Metaverse event.
Power Simulator 2 PowerSim2Thumb.jpg Power Simulator 2 Complete Rektway's Questline.
Car Crushers 2 CC2.jpg Car crushers official group Unlock the Transit Bus, get the wedge plow add-on for it and knockout 3 cars with it.

Wren Brightblade's Games

Week 1

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Hospital Life Hospital Life Thumbnail.jpg ROLEPLAY Hospital! Speak to Wren to start the quest. Start a job as a Receptionist in the lobby of the hospital. Help ten patients by selecting what they need at the front desk to obtain the badge.
RoVille RoVille Thumbnail.png Crystal Blox Team Get a promotion at any job to receive a secret map. Use the secret map to find all four pieces of the key. Go to the "X" on the map and use the key to open the portal to Wren City. At Wren City, collect all 7 orbs and bring them to the castle door at the opposite side of the world from spawn to get the badge.
Outlaster OutlasterThumbnail.jpeg Peak Precision Studios Help Wren find his three missing keys that have been scattered across the world of Outlaster! Once you enter a game, search the bushes for the keys. Make sure you remain in the game until you've been voted out or until the game ends to keep the keys! Once your game is over, bring the three keys to Wren in the main lobby for your reward.
Left 4 Survival Left 4 Survival Thumbnail.png ToaTahu003 Play as a survivor on the rescue game mode and survive until an escape vehicle arrives, then board the vehicle to escape. You'll be awarded with Wren's Treasure Chest for Week 1.
Ninja Legends 2 Ninja-Legends-2-Thumb.png Scriptbloxian Studios Complete the parkour challenge on Planet Inferno to collect Wren's Chest.
Werewolf Within Werewolf-Within-Thumb.png Paranatural Find and collect gems during a round and then wait until the round ends. If two gems are collected, the Metaverse Box is awarded.
Lumber Tycoon 2 Lumber Tycoon 2.png Defaultio Find and touch a crate to obtain the badge. Crates can spawn anywhere on the map.
Ninja Rush Ninja-Rush-Thumb.png The Gang Stockholm Get to World 10 and defeat Wren Brightblade in a battle to obtain the badge.
Vesteria Vesteria2.jpg The Vesteria Team Speak to Wren's Spirit to start the quest. Then, speak to Wren inside the Mushroom Forest to obtain the badge.
Tsunami Simulator Tsunami Simulator Thumbnail.jpg kni0002 Speak to Wren to start the quest. Once a round starts, look for a green chest and collect it. Survive the round while holding the chest to obtain the badge.
Speed Race Speed Race Thumbnail.png MasterDaniel Complete a race on the Emerald Isle map to obtain the badge.
Warships! Warships Thumbnail.png WarGames Entertainment Find and destroy three enemy ships and then get killed or wait for the round to end. Afterwards, claim the "Metaverse Champions" mission in the Missions tab of the menu to obtain the badge.

Week 2

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Copyrighted Artists Copyrighted Artists Thumbnail.png Rawblocky There were 3 possible ways to obtain this box.

1 - Win the game.

2 - Win the new special "Metaverse" round.

3 - Pick the original 6 drawings shown during the "Metaverse" round without guessing a single one wrong.

Deathrun DeathrunThumbnail.jpg Team Deathrun Reach the end of any of the Roblox Deathrun maps. The badge can be obtainable as a ghost.
Giant Simulator Giant Simulator Thumbnail.png Mithril Games Complete the Metaverse Quest in game.
Goblin Island Goblin-island-thumbnail.png FrancklinDay Talk to Wren and get 10 TK (Total Kills). Go back to Wren to do an obstacle course, complete it to get the chest.
Fart Attack Fart Attack Thumbnail.jpg Hidden Powerup Complete Wren's challenges.
Seconds Till Death 29c166704b23ead67d3a1043d564cc09.jpg Cardinal Studios Win 4 rounds.
Pet Heroes 5aa88d47940602e090e42e63c0e6ad5d.jpg Polaris Studios Get at least 3 pets then talk to Wren, once you do that, you will be teleported into a new place where you need to kill monsters until you collect 1,500 gems. You will then have to buy a bridge using those gems and do a small obby to the chest which will aks you to find 3 statues around the map and activate them to claim it. When you activate all of them, go back to the chest and touch it to get the item.
Legends of Speed LegendsOfSpeed.jpg Scriptbloxian Studios Get to level 25 and complete Wren's special parkour course.
A Wolf Or Other 13187e59ad9f1713263e47f37e4cc6b6.jpg Otter Space Complete any 5 achievements.
Natural Disaster Survival NaturalDisasterSurvival.jpg Stickmasterluke Survive 3 disasters in a row.
Ragdoll Sim Ragdoll-Sim-Thumbnail.png Frobulate Use the Combat tool and combat/push 10 people.

Week 3

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Obby King Remastered Obby King Remastered Thumbnail.png 🎆 World Game Shows 🎆 Talk to Wren then find his 5 crystals around the hub. After you're done, talk to him again and go through the portal he makes. Then finish his obby and grab the chest at the end.
Faab's Difficulty Chart Obby Faab's Difficulty Chart Obby Thumbnail.png Faab Touch the Wren npc at spawn.
Journey to the Sun SunThumb.jpg nextReality Games When you spawn ingame, go towards the green chest icon in the game until you reach an obby. After that, finish it and touch the chest to get the item.
Limited Simulator 2 Limited Simulator 2.jpg Trade. Complete Chad's quest.
Broken Ragdolls Ad93c08af237cc17329ef93a5f1c281c.jpg Little Games Finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place during the special Wren event obby.
The Piggysons PiggysonsThumb.jpg iBugouzinho Go in and select chapter 1 after that, you need to be selected as the player. Then you need to find the chest somewhere on the map, grab it and finish the chapter
Welcome to Farmtown! Welcome to Farmtown.jpg mr_smellyman Finish the tutorial, open your mailbox and grab all of the dog related items then spawn the dog bed inside of your house and summon a dog using the dog order item. When the dog is awake, double click on it and press "Start following". Once it starts to follow you then simply walk around your farm until the dog digs up the chest then equip the chest gear you received and you will get the badge.
Undead Defense Tycoon Undead-Defense-Tycoon-Thumbnail.png Box Games Collect 100 eggs from egg zombies.
Monsters of Etheria MoS.jpeg Uglypoe Capture 5 versions of the copycat Eggtherians for Leonard.
Ro-Planes 3 Ro-Planes-3-Thumbnail.png Ro-Planes 3 Development Complete Wren's challenge on his secret island.
Road to Gramby's GrambyThumb.jpg Mumble Games Drive your car until you find the desert temple then go inside and get to the end of it to get the chest.
Arcade Empire ArcadeThumb.jpg HD Games. Buy a decoy box from Wren for $500 and place it in your arcade to bait 10 emerald demons to visit it. Once 10 have visited it, speak again to Wren to claim your prize.

Week 4

Name Image Creator/Group Objective
Ronald Ronald Thumbnail.jpg Fat Wallet Productions Bring Wren a burger, soda and fries in the lobby from any chapter.

(You need to escape successfully for it to count;you can grab all 3 in 1 go)

Jump Over The Walls Jump-Over-The-walls.png C4NDYCatz Complete Wren's Challenge

(at least 4 people are required to complete it).

Egg Farm Simulator EggFarmSimulator.jpg SirMing Go to the moon with the egg rocket that launches every 15 minutes and deal at least 20% damage to the alien chicken boss.
Gods of Glory GodsThumb.jpg Simple Games Incorporated Kill 15 Futuristic Henchmen.
Island Tribes IslandTribesThumb.jpg Black Spruce Studio Collect 3 wood, craft a pet net in your inventory, equip it and catch a spring wisp.
2 Player Evolution Tycoon 2-Player-Evolution-Tycoon.png Code Rainbow Talk to Wren, collect 5 fruits from around the map and bring them back for the item.
Pet Tycoon PetTycoonThumb.jpg Reunited Games Complete Wren's 6 challenges to claim the chest.
The Labyrinth LabyrinthThumb.jpg Nitenity Studios Get to level 5
Westbound Westbound.jpeg Moondrop Studios Rob Wren's armoured train car to get the crate.
Whatever Floats Your Boat WFYBThumb.jpg Quenty Survive an entire round without dying in the marked circle somewhere on the map.

Avatar Shop items



Name Image Objective
Tiny Egg of Nonexistence
Tiny Egg of Nonexistence New.png
11 players with at least 40 badges need to step on 11 pads in the event hub. They will glow a white light in the sky. Once pressed, it will show a cutscene of the secret room. Walk into the room and touch the white egg in the middle.


Name Image Objective
Sparks Kilowatt
Sparks Kilowatt.png
Earn this bundle by collecting all four of Spark's Secret Packages, and returning to the Metaverse Champions Hub.
AJ Striker
AJ Striker.png
Earn this bundle by collecting all four of AJ's Crate Drops, and returning to the Metaverse Champions Hub.
Fey Yoshida
Fey Yoshida.png
Earn this bundle by collecting all four of Fey's Terror Cases, and returning to the Metaverse Champions Hub.
Wren Brightblade
Wren Brightblade.png
Earn this bundle by collecting all four of Wren's Treasure Chests, and returning to the Metaverse Champions Hub.


Week 1

These crates could have been obtained from April 14, 2021 to April 22, 2021 and will open on May 17, 2021.

Name Image Objective
Sparks' Secret Package #1
Sparks' Secret Package 1.png
Earn a badge from one of Sparks Kilowatt's games in Week 1.
AJ's Crate Drop #1
AJ's Crate Drop 1.png
Earn a badge from one of AJ Striker's games in Week 1.
Fey's Terror Case #1
Fey's Terror Case 1.png
Earn a badge from one of Fey Yoshida's games in Week 1.
Wren's Treasure Chest #1
Wren's Treasure Chest 1.png
Earn a badge from one of Wren Brightblade's games in Week 1.

Week 2

These crates could have been obtained from April 22, 2021 to April 30, 2021 and will open on May 18, 2021.

Name Image Objective
Sparks' Secret Package #2
Sparks' Secret Package 2.png
Earn a badge from one of Sparks Kilowatt's games in Week 2.
AJ's Crate Drop #2
AJ's Crate Drop 2.png
Earn a badge from one of AJ Striker's games in Week 2.
Fey's Terror Case #2
Fey's Terror Case 2.png
Earn a badge from one of Fey Yoshida's games in Week 2.
Wren's Treasure Chest #2
Wren's Treasure Chest 2.png
Earn a badge from one of Wren Brightblade's games in Week 2.

Week 3

These crates could have been obtained from April 29, 2021 to May 7, 2021 and will open on May 19, 2021.

Name Image Objective
Sparks' Secret Package #3
Sparks' Secret Package 3.png
Earn a badge from one of Sparks Kilowatt's games in Week 3.
AJ's Crate Drop #3
AJ's Crate Drop 3.png
Earn a badge from one of AJ Striker's games in Week 3.
Fey's Terror Case #3
Fey's Terror Case 3.png
Earn a badge from one of Fey Yoshida's games in Week 3.
Wren's Treasure Chest #3
Wren's Treasure Chest 3.png
Earn a badge from one of Wren Brightblade's games in Week 3.

Week 4

These crates can be obtained from May 6, 2021 to May 14, 2021 and will open on May 20, 2021.

Name Image Objective
Sparks' Secret Package #4
Sparks' Secret Package 4.png
Earn a badge from one of Sparks Kilowatt's games in Week 4.
AJ's Crate Drop #4
AJ's Crate Drop 4.png
Earn a badge from one of AJ Striker's games in Week 4.
Fey's Terror Case #4
Fey's Terror Case 4.png
Earn a badge from one of Fey Yoshida's games in Week 4.
Wren's Treasure Chest #4
Wren's Treasure Chest 4.png
Earn a badge from one of Wren Brightblade's games in Week 4.

Launcher Boxes

These crates will be opened on May 20, 2021.

Name Image Objective
Admin's Launcher Box
Admin's Launcher Box.png
Touch the box in the Metaverse Champions Hub when launched by users in the Official Group of Roblox.
Video Star's Launcher Box
Video Star's Launcher Box.png
Touch the box in the Metaverse Champions Hub when launched by users in the Roblox Video Stars Program.
Developer's Launcher Box
Developer's Launcher Box.png
Touch the box in the Metaverse Champions Hub when launched by developers of participating games.
MVP's Launcher Box
MVP's Launcher Box.png
Touch the box in the Metaverse Champions Hub when launched by "MVPs" (users who purchased the launcher for a varying price or obtained 8 badges from a single champion during that week).


  • The event has received heavy criticism from users for a paid access game, Emergency Response: Liberty County, being included in Week 1 for AJ Striker.[1] The game could have initially been purchased for 95 Robux[2] until its price was decreased to 50 Robux.[3] As the developers refused to make the game free for the week, this has led many users to believe AJ Striker's team is at a disadvantage. Later on April 19th, Emergency Response: Liberty County was removed from the game selection pool, however the badge still counted towards the total badge count in the Hub.
  • Field Trip Z has been criticized for giving players on the Fey Yoshida team a freebie by simply joining the game, giving players on Fey Yoshida's team a substantial advantage above all other teams. The dev said that roblox forced them to be in the event and they did not chose otherwise. The claim was supported by another dev who was working on another game for the event. The developer also encouraged players on Twitter for the game to be the most obtained in the event, saying he would donate $1000 to charity. Shoot Out! and Speed Run Simulator were also criticized for the same reason, which slightly boosted AJ Striker/Fey Yoshida.
  • This Game is Pain has been criticized for being too hard for most of the players. Only 4,000 users have received the badge there, making it the hardest event badge of the event. (However, this was assumed because of an announcement and the title)
  • Many games were criticized for having extremely "grindy" quests - quests that require a significant amount of time in order to obtain the prize.
  • Originally, before the event started, people complained that this was replacing the Egg Hunt 2021. This was later compensated with the arrival of the Tiny Egg of Nonexistence quest, giving the player an egg and paying a tribute to egg hunts' past, by showcasing every egg in the Hall of Eggs.



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  • This event was first mentioned in the description for the Roblox Google Play Store app: * LIMITED TIME ONLY (April 15 – May 20): The Metaverse Champions community event is live! Rally behind your favorite champions and set out on a quest to collect dozens of exclusive items across over 180 unique experiences on Roblox. Whose champion will reign supreme? *
  • This event officially became the event featuring the most games, with 185 total planned games.
  • This is the eleventh time Roblox has offered a way for Administrators to hand out unique items.
  • This is the fourth time Roblox has offered a way for members of the Roblox Video Stars Program to hand out unique items.
  • This is the third time Roblox has offered a way for developers of participating games to hand out unique items.
  • The hub map contains multiple Easter eggs.
    • Hidden below the map in a crevice towards the left-most side, a tiny eg can be seen.[4]
      • An eg similar to that can also be seen at the bottom of the Ready Player Two event hub.
      • The Eg in the game is a tribute to Nimblz
    • On one of the pillars, the face of 1x1x1x1 can be seen.[5]
  • The outline of a Valkyrie Helm can be seen in the "Bring Home the Win" part of the Metaverse Champions event page.
    • This led some players to believe a Valkyrie Helm prize was achievable if a certain champion reigned supreme (ultimately speculated as Sparks Kilowatt), but this turned out to be false.
  • As a player gets closer to 12 badges for a single champion, their name tag in the Hub slowly turns gold.
  • Launcher Boxes will launch toward the nearest player who does not have the box based off the direction the launcher is facing.
  • Each champion's column will increase in height from the amount of points they have received from crates.
  • During Week 3, AJ Striker originally had a 12th game, Bloxtopia, but was removed a day later on April 30, 2021.
    • It is speculated the reason for this is due to the game featuring game icons and thumbnails which break Roblox Terms and Conditions, as well as featuring stolen thumbnails and IP from various creators and studios.
  • During Week 4, Wren Brightblade originally had an 11th game, Escape Room 2, but was removed a day prior on May 5, 2021.
    • This is because the creator, DevUItra, felt like the game was not ready for release and thus requested it to be removed.[6]
  • Advertisements featuring all champions were ran for the event hub.
  • For unknown reasons, the Rthro prizes are not awarded as bundles but instead part by part.


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