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The Mid-Summer Night's Sale (or Midnight Sale) was a minor sale on Roblox. It took place on the avatar shop starting on June 22, 2018, and ended on June 24, 2018. Night-related items were released in 'waves' or individually throughout each day and many of which had timers.

The avatar shop seen during the sale.


Day 1 - Sleepy Sloths

To start off the sale, four Sleepy Sloth shoulder accessories were released:

To end the day, four new items were released:

Day 2 - Emperor of the Sky Crowns

To start off Day 2, a pair of wings were released:

Four limited items were released:

One individual limited item was released:

Many new items were released:

Day 3 - Federation accessories, New items

To start off the day, a shoulder accessory was released:

A new limited item was released shortly after:

To end the sale, a few items were released: