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Miked's Paintball Tournament was a paintball tournament held at Miked's Ultimate Paintball on August 24, 2007.


Tournament Bracket

PB Bracket


  • Pwners
  • FlyBoys
  • BlockBusters
  • Team Cheddly
  • Dark Avengers
  • US Marines
  • Snipaz
  • Monstars
  • Super Mario Strikers
  • Crazy Leopards
  • RRW Paintball Studs
  • Lava Fighters
  • Vipers
  • Black Archer Wolves
  • P.T.W.
  • Royal Chaos
  • SuperBricks
  • The Destroyers
  • NintendoBrawlers
  • Icy Gods
  • Terminators
  • The Empire
  • Blue Snipers
  • Slash
  • Rouges of Roblox
  • Soul Reavers
  • T-Bone
  • 007 Heroes
  • Death Raiders
  • Super Mario Alpha M.
  • PaintBrawlers
  • TechnoTransformers

Winning Teams


Blue Snipers



Super Mario Strikers

  • MetalMario
  • Anthropoda
  • blXhd
  • Zonji
  • ape911

Rogues of Robloxia

  • burgerking
  • noobertuber
  • Gamer3D
  • jacobxxduel
  • robo646


For the full list of teams with players, click here


The tournament was originally scheduled to be held on August 11 and 12, but it was delayed until the 24th for unknown reasons. An updated bracket was also made.

Winning a Match

A paintball match consists of two 15-minute halves, with a 2-minute break in the middle. The team that gets the most points overall (so both the first and second half scores are added together) will win the match and progress to the next stage of the tournament. Points are earned the same way as always; +10 for a KO, -4 for a WO, -8 for teamkilling, +2 for standing in the white patch in the middle every 6 seconds. There will be no flags. A team can also win a match the boring way if the other team is disqualified. The other team is disqualified if no players turn up to the match, or if at any point in the match the other team has no players.


1st Place

2,500 Robux for each player, Builders Club, Paintball Gun, and a T-shirt.

2nd Place

1,000 ROBUX for each player.

3rd Place

500 ROBUX for each player.

Top 3

  • 1: Super Mario Strikers
  • 2: Rogues of Robloxia
  • 3: SuperBricks

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