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Miked's Paintball Tournament was a paintball tournament held at Miked's Ultimate Paintball on July 24, 2007, and ended on August 17, 2007.[1]


The following items were uploaded to represent the teams participating in the tournament.

Tournament Bracket

PB Bracket.png

For the full list of teams with players, click here

Match Rules

Each match consists of two 15-minute long halves, with a two-minute break in-between. The team who gets the most overall points will win the match and move up on the bracket.


The scoring system used the following metrics for points:

  • +10 points for a Knockout
  • -4 points for a Wipeout
  • -8 points for Teamkilling
  • +2 points for standing in the white patch in the middle
    • Points can only be given for this every 6 seconds.


Teams can also win by default if the opposing team is disqualified due to a lack of participants or due to rules being broken.

Winners and Prizes

Place Username Prize
1st Super Mario Strikers

2,500 Robux each, Builders Club each, Paintball Gun, and a T-shirt

2nd Rogues of Robloxia 1,000 Robux each, Paintball Gun, and a T-shirt
3rd SuperBricks 500 Robux each, and a T-shirt

The top 5 also won the Paintball Tournament Trophy


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  • The tournament was originally scheduled to be held on July 11 and 12, but it was delayed until the 24th for an unknown reason.