For the type of Roblox game, see Minigames (Places).

Minigames were the original games of ROBLOX before the inclusion of player-generated games.

In 2005, when ROBLOX was in beta 1.0, the concept of places was unheard of. Players would instead play minigames and earn ROBLOX Points until Robux began circulation in 2007.

List of original minigames

Bridge it
Bridge It!: This game might have been to build a bridge to get across to another point.
Bridge it 2
Bridge It! #2: Basically the same as it's original, except you go diagonally and it's much longer
Contain it

Contain It!: In this, balls would drop and you would have to catch them on a baseplate (probably moving)

Beat the lions
Beat the lions: In this, you might have had to run from lions. It was very popular staying on Top Games for a while
Dangerous driver
Dangerous Driver: This might have been an attempt at a driving game
Crash Driver: You might have had to crash into things
Crash driver
Block it

Block It!: In this, you might have had to block balls from getting to a certain point

Level #2 - Block It!: This has not been found, but exists, more balls were most likely added
Level #3 - Block It!: In this, more balls were added
Block it 3
Remove it
REMOVE IT: You might have had to remove obstacles for the ball to get through
Race! #2: This might have been a racing game where you had to beat the opponent
Use strategy to win
Use strategy to win: This might have been the first attempt at a strategy game
Ground env
Ground Environment: It would be like modern day terrain, and when you click "Build Your Own Games", you would edit this Game (Proof of this is seen in the wayback snapshots when you hover over "Build Your Own Games" and the Ground Environment Games, and you can see they both have the same game ID)
Fend off the bots: This might have been the first Sci-Fi game. It also received a Spawn mode later on
r5ain: This might have been the first attempt at rain
Tank: Might have been the first Military game
The idea of war
The Idea of WAR: This might have been an attempt at a war game
Spasmotron2 vs wimpotron2
Spasmotron2 vs. Wimpotron2: The 2 vehicles might have had to fight eachother
Balance #1: This is one of the few places from Summer 2005 to have a description. In it, you had to balance parts on a scale and try to keep it balanced. You got more Roblox Points for the fewer parts you used.
Steer The Spheres
: In it, you would control a ball to get into a red goal. It had a description, like Balance #1 when they were top games (Note: Steer the Spheres was mentioned in the News box on July 9, 2005. It was "our hardest contest yet" and described as "It's like mini-golf where you can change the course.")
Steer The Spheres #2: This was an easier version of Steer The Spheres, it hasn't been found but exists.
Parrot Cay
: You might have sailed to other islands to find treasure
King Arthur's Castle
: You might have had to defend the castle from attackers
  • Other ones that remain a mystery are Pioneer Home, backyard adventure, Tank Ram Car, Bridge It! #4 and more.
  • Some 2004 minigames were City #1, City #2 and don't disturb the dynamite.​​​​


With the ROBLOX Points you would get in the rankings, which were taken off by April 2006, when ROBLOX was revamped. This table displays the top users before ROBLOX revamped.

User ROBLOX Points
Woodgie 14079
Matt 13775
phillip 10270
retnea 5323
William 5292
ToddB 4602
TheNomad 4515
elvisarea51 3707
raabs 2843
Scott 2817


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Current Woodgie

Woodgie in 2016.

  • Woodgie still exists, last being online on March 6, 2009. His ID is 90. His description reads: "i made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO! HOO! i am top player "
  • elvisarea51, who got on the board at one point, had his username fused with the points he had in a glitch.
  • At the bottom of the page, it featured the slogan "Try ROBLOX today, It's free!". "It's free!" would later be added to the ROBLOX TV Ad and become a meme within the ROBLOX community.
  • Beat The Lions was really popular, staying at Top Games for almost a week.
  • The News Box on the top of the page chronicles the "contests" as they called them.
  • The minigames were called "contests" as noted in the news box.
  • The latest players to be online that were on the leaderboard are William, elvisarea51 and Matt, all of them being on as recent as September 2016.