Example of moderation history.

Moderation history was a feature initially available exclusively to only Parent accounts but later became available for any user to access after Parent accounts were removed. The moderation history could from then on be seen in a user's account settings.

This feature was removed in 2016 and is no longer visible on the settings page, though moderation staff is always able to review moderation history. It is believed they were removed because they were used as a "badge of honor" by users who received many bans and warnings, and who subsequently showed off their moderation history on the forums, although this act was against the rules when moderation history was available.

Every time an account is moderated, the time and type of moderation action (as well as warnings, reminders, bans, and appealed terminations, and the time it was lifted) are displayed alongside a message from the moderators. The message is usually a generic warning, although users may occasionally receive personalized moderation messages. Any type of moderation acted upon an account would show up in the moderation history (including violations of Terms of Service, Rules of Conduct, and/or ROBLOX Forum rules).

Gift Eligibility

Moderation history was also used by Roblox to determine eligibility for gifts in the Giftsplosion events around Christmas, usually related to moderation history. So far, the gifts that involve moderation history require users to not have been moderated during a specific time frame to receive the gift. These include the Active Gift Of Chill and the Cool Gift of Nice And Busy Users. The two rewards from the gifts were the Active and Chill Snowman and Winter Styles Scarf and Hat, respectively.

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