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Moderators are members of the Roblox staff team who moderate the website to ensure assets and other player-generated content, such as forum posts, thumbnails, decals and any other graphical content remained safe and appropriate for all Roblox players. Moderators have the ability to delete content that violates the Roblox Terms of Service. For more, see Roblox Terms and Conditions.


Old Super Mod badge.

When a report is sent in, moderators are tasked to review reports and take action on the user/asset if necessary.

If it seems that the reported account or item didn't do anything wrong, the report is then closed without an action. Most reports go by a real person to make sure they are correct, though usually very little to no action will be taken against any reported offenses, even if a report was serious and read by a real person.

Moderators are also in charge of screening the images that come onto the website; however, this is now done in a more reduced capacity. Whenever you create a classic shirt or anything else that lets you upload an image, that image is shown to a moderator to make sure it is acceptable for Roblox, after it goes through a filter to screen for obvious inappropriate content such as images of sexual content. If it breaks any rules then it is removed immediately. If it is a really bad image, the account that uploaded it will receive a punishment for uploading it.

The official position of a Roblox Moderator has since been removed, as all Roblox employees are now formally recognized as administrators. It is said that the Developer / Community Engagement Teams are the main driving force behind moderation, however this is false, as most Roblox moderation is now outsourced to a third party agency (supposedly iEnergizer as proved by some reviews[1][2]); these third-party moderators work on multiple sites with different guidelines (possibly the reason why many people consider Roblox's moderation bad). There is a team at Roblox dedicated to managing moderation policies (called the 'Trust and Safety team'), however they do not in most cases moderate themselves, bar a few serious incidents (e.g. high-profile users/situations, child safety, etc.).

Super Moderators[]

Super Moderators were the most trusted of community moderators, they could perform the functions of an image or forum moderator, without actually having either of the badges. It should be noted this type of moderator is removed.

Moderator badge

Super Moderator Badge

Image Moderators[]

Image moderator badge

Image Moderator Badge

Image moderators make sure any and all uploaded material, such as clothing, advertisements, and gear, were safe and child-friendly. Any image will be stated as "pending", which signifies it was to be approved by the Image Moderators before being made public. They could delete any user-uploaded image. This badge and position were formerly awarded to players that displayed maturity and responsibility until the retirement of player moderators. This badge has been retired.

Forum Moderators[]

Forum moderator badge

Forum Moderator badge

Forum Moderators patrolled the forums and make sure every topic is kid-friendly and safe. They managed reports for the forum and can punish those who break the rules, their punishments dependent on severity, ranging from a warning to a ban. Similar actions were taken out in regard to threads or messages, common actions being a direct message, to lock, to a deletion. This badge and its position were formerly awarded to players that displayed maturity and responsibility up til the retirement of player moderators. This badge has been retired. They were also immune to flood check and swearing.

Moderation History[]


A user's moderation history.

Moderation history was a part of the account that showed users their ban history. You could find the moderation history under "account settings." For example, if you were banned on April 5, 2015, and you were unbanned on April 7, 2015, you would be able to review the ban start, finish, and the Moderator Note. This was removed in January 2016.

Badge Update January 2017[]

With the change to the badge system, all former badges that were related to Roblox staff were replaced with the brand new administrator badge. There are plenty of Moderators on Roblox but most are currently unknown as they don't own the Administrator badge and many are kept secret so perpentrators don't try to hack them.⁠[citation needed]

Administrator Badge 2019

The new Admin badge.

List of Former Moderators[]

There are currently 10 known former moderators.

See also[]

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