local make_wrapper_function = require('Module:Utils').make_wrapper_function
local p = {}
math.randomseed( + + os.time() + math.floor(os.clock() * 1000000000))
p.items = {
	'that one of the earliest names considered for [[Roblox]] was [[Dynablox]]? Dynablox should not be considered as "old Roblox", due to the short amount of time between and currently redirects to';
	"that Roblox uses an outdated version of [[Lua]]?";
	"that from 2009 to 2013, there used to be a subforum on the Roblox forums called \"Hi, I'm new\" which allowed players to welcome themselves to the Roblox community?";
	"that in 2007, Roblox attempted making shoes, but they didn't work out and were never implemented?";
	"that in 2006, [[Roblox]] had no online multiplayer capabilities?";
	"that [[Community:Toolbox|Toolbox]] created the first model, [ Ball 4x4x4]?";
	"that Roblox [[gamecards]] and [[Roblox Toys|toys]] will come with a code that, when scratched and redeemed on the Roblox website, will award a user with a free [[accessory]] or [[bundle]] that they can wear on their [[avatar]]?";
	"that [[Community:Builderman|builderman]]'s original name was BuilderMan?";
	"that [[Community:Miked/Ultimate Paintball|Ultimate Paintball]] was the first place to reach 2 million visits?";
	"that [[MEGA place]]s were officially introduced on August 11, 2011?";
	"that there used to be an [[ambassador program]] that allowed users to get tickets daily for promoting Roblox?";
	"that the username of the first user was {{Player link|Admin}}?";
	"that [[shirts]] and [[pants]] weren't implemented until April 2008?";
	"that [[Community:Shedletsky|Shedletsky]] was one was of a few users to have changed their username before all users could spend [[Robux]] to change their username? He switched his name from ''Telamon'' to ''Shedletsky''.";
	"that [[Community:miked|miked]] was the first user to achieve one million place visits?";
	"that [[Community:1dev2|1dev2]]'s place [[Community:1dev2/Welcome to the Town of Robloxia|Welcome to the Town of ROBLOXia]] was the first place to get 10 million visits?";
	"that [[Community:Stickmasterluke|stickmasterluke]] was the first player to accumulate 10 million place visits in total?";
	"that [[Community:Stickmasterluke|stickmasterluke]] was the youngest [[Roblox administrator|administrator]] to have worked for Roblox at the time of his hiring?";
	"that [[groups]] were first introduced in July 2009?";
	"that before [[Robux]], [[Roblox points]] were the main currency, and you obtained them from minigames?";
	"that hair, body parts, hats, faces, shirts, and gear were mentioned on a March 2007 blog post?";
	"that is a domain that leads to Roblox, and was mentioned in an April Fools joke?";
	"that there was a [[Domino Rally Building Contest]] in 2007?";
	"that [[Commentary|comments]], [[Class:Sparkles|Sparkles]], and email verification were added on the same day, April 2, 2008?";
	"that the last [[head]]s were released in February 2009?";
	"that there were, as of December 15, 2012, [[:Category:13+ items|six items]] that were only available [[Age Up|to users who are 13 years or older]], all of which are ranged [[gear]]s that are realistic firearms and five of which were actual [[wikipedia:World War II|World War II]]-era weapons?";
	"that there were sound files from the popular 2007 first person shooter [[wikipedia:Team Fortress 2|Team Fortress 2]] uploaded into Roblox that are still used today? All of these sounds were uploaded in 2009 by [[Community:Clockwork|Clockwork]] before the ability for users to upload their own sound clips was removed. There are no sounds uploaded into Roblox from newer weapons.";
	"that if a game breaks the [[Roblox Terms And Conditions]], it is not deleted, but instead put [[Under Review]]?";
	"that on May 21, 2016, Roblox added the option to remove [[ban]]ned people from your friends list?";
	"that before June 9, 2016, you were not able to create meshes, except via [[exploit]]s?";
	"that a bug on August 8, 2016 made it so no one could get to the site for a short period of time?";
	"that animation packs were released on January 19, 2017, allowing users to customize how they move with [[R15]]?";
	"that DrTrayBlox is the first user to reach one million [[friend requests]]?";
	"that a Roblox-owned account named [[Community:Games|Games]] created an uncopylocked game known as [[Community:Games/ROBLOX Battle|ROBLOX Battle]]?";
	"that the game [[Badimo/Jailbreak|Jailbreak]], made by [[Community:Asimo3089|asimo3089]] and [[Community:Badcc|badcc]], achieved more concurrent players than the [[Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs|Easter Egg Hunt 2017]]?";
	"that the [ ROBLOX High School: Fan Club] by [[Community:Cindering|Cindering]] was the first group to reach one million and two million members?";
	'that after July 13, 2018, users under the age of 13 could not play experimental games?';
	"that [ The Crimson Katana Game pass] from the game [[Community:TheGamer101/Sword Fighting Tournament|Sword Fighting Tournament]] was the highest-grossing [[game pass]] [ within a week of game passes being launched]?";
	"that the first patent that Roblox claimed was on May 11, 2005?";
	"that [[Builders Club]] was released publicly on August 16, 2007?";
	"that [[Class:ForceField|ForceField]]s were introduced on December 21, 2007, as a way to prevent spawnkilling?";
	"that on April 1, 2009, Roblox gave away [[Catalog:Mysterious Purple Box|Purple Mystery Boxes]] for free to users, [ which had changed forms multiple times] and ultimately revealed the [[Catalog:Rubber Duckie|Rubber Duckie]] item?";
	"that the only [[Egg drop|Egg Hunt]] to be held twice in the same year is [[Eggstravaganza 2010]] because of server issues?";
	"that [[Roblox card]]s were first introduced in September 2010?";
	"that the first sale for [[catalog]] items was the [ Black Friday 2010 sale]?";
	"that the [[Roblox blog]] was originally known as the Roblox Developers' Journal?";
	"that the [[Trade System]] was introduced in 2012?";
	"that Roblox's original physics engine, which was coded entirely by [[Community:David.baszucki|David Baszucki]] and in use from 2005—2018, was fully replaced in early 2019?";
	"that the rating feature for games was [ first proposed in late 2006] and [ was not implemented until mid-2013]?";
	"that Poker_Man29 is the first user to achieve 10,000 [[Knockouts]]?";
	"that most of the games under the [[Community:Builderman|builderman]] account were originally community submissions from [[Builderman's Place Design Contest]]?";
	"that the [[Catalog:Blockhead Baseball Cap|Blockhead Baseball Cap]] and the [[Catalog:Tiny Top Hat|Tiny Top Hat]] were the first [[hat]]s created specifically for different [[head]] shapes?";
	"that Roblox used to have a Builders Club Loyalty Program, which would give extra daily [[Robux]] to users that had [[Builders Club]] for longer periods of time?";
	"that Roblox has support for [[wikipedia:Virtual reality|Virtual Reality]]?";
	"that most [[hat]]s created before late 2008 use the [[Class:Accoutrement|Accoutrement class]] instead of the [[Class:Accessory|Accessory class]]?";
	"that the [[Catalog:Brown Cowboy Hat|Brown Cowboy Hat]] is the oldest item in the [[Genre#Western|Western genre]]?";
	"that Roblox's first TV commercial was created and aired in 2011?";
	"that the first [[Roblox Toys|toy]] that Roblox released was [[Roblox Building Toy Block Set|a simple building block set]]?";
	"that you could not follow a [[friend]] into a game they were playing until in 2011?";
	"that gender options for creating a new account were implemented in 2011?";
	"that custom thumbnails for [[games]] were first implemented in 2012?";
	"that the first [[Roblox Studio]] template was a [[Capture the Flag]] map?";
	"that [[Roblox]] originally required the [[ROBLOX Browser]] installed on a computer to play any games on the platform, and that, by 2011, it was no longer required and was subsequently removed in 2012?";
	"that the first [[BLOXcast]] was streamed in December 2013?";
	"that the [[Public In-game chat#Chat colors|chat color]] you get when you sign up is not random, and that it is instead given based on a mathematical equation worked out by the length of your name and the different letters in your name?";
	"that the [[Bubble chat|chat messages]] that appear over avatars was introduced in November 2009?";
	"that the first sponsored [[Event (gameplay)|event]] on [[Roblox]] was [[Zeke and Luther]]?";
	"that [[Class:Beam|beams]] were added into [[Roblox Studio]] but were not enabled for use until 12 days later, on November 20, 2017?";
	"that users in the [[Roblox Video Stars]] program receive a star next to their name on the in-game [[player list]]?";
	"that [[Community:Shedletsky|Shedletsky]] is one of the only users to have a custom icon–an [[Catalog:Epic Face|Epic Face]]–next to their username on the in-game [[player list]]?";
	"that there was no [[Egg drop|Egg hunt]]s in 2007, 2009, and 2011?";
	"that during the [[Tixapalooza]] event, [[Community:ROBLOX|ROBLOX]] uploaded the [[Catalog:Tix Domino Crown|Tix Domino Crown]] for [[Free]] by mistake? Soon after, they re-uploaded the [[Catalog:Brown Tix Top Hat|Brown Tix Top Hat]] over it and separately uploaded the Tix Domino Crown for the correct price of 2 million [[Tickets]].";
	'that on April 1, 2019, an [ article] promoting the "[[Robox]]" gaming console was posted on the Roblox blog as an April Fools Day joke?';
	"that on April 1, 2014, Roblox [[2014 April Fools Day|announced]] that all players would be forced to play as a [[wikipedia:Cat|cat]] in all games? To accompany this, the [[Community:Games|Games team]] published a [ fake Egg Hunt 2014] game, which had a thumbnail that made fun of [[Deceptive advertising|games with clickbait thumbnails]].";
	"that a literal [[wikipedia:Red herring|red herring]] existed on every map in the [[Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales|2018 Egg Hunt]], with the intention of misleading players from the real clues of the [[Ready Player One]] event?";
	"that all of the games that took part in the [[Ready Player One]] event uploaded seemingly innocent [[badge]]s that did not hint at them being part of the Ready Player One event? After the event officially started, all of the badges had their incorrect information replaced with the correct information related to Ready Player One.";
	"that the [[Domino Rally Building Contest]] used place visits as a way for players to vote on entries, causing many competitors to constantly join their own entry to increase their vote? This was the first and last time that place visits were used as a voting system for an [[Event (gameplay)|event]].";
	"that the [[Catalog:Wanwood Antlers|Wanwood Antlers]] is the first [[Antlers (series)|Antlers]] and [[Wanwood (series)|Wanwood item]] to be released into the [[catalog]]?";
	"that Roblox was launched in 2006 with no user animations on purpose? Once they implemented the first walking, jumping, and climbing animations to avatars a few months later, the community at the time criticized Roblox and a few had claimed that they would quit Roblox.";
	"that Roblox has reused pre-existing [[Accessories]] as [[Roblox card]] items?";
	"that the first real-life Roblox convention was [[ROBLOX Rally 2011]]?";
	"that the [[Catalog:Riptide|Riptide]] [[gear]] is the only sponsored item to have become [[limited]]?";
	"that the longest running [[promotional code]] is for [[Catalog:The Bird Says____.|The Bird Says____.]]?";
	"that the [[Catalog:Builder's Club Bonus Item 1: Plunderer's Pendant|Plunderer's Pendant]] is the first item to have a [[Builders Club]] requirement in order to purchase?";
	"that the [ first public demonstration] of [[Roblox]]'s mobile app was shown on January 14, 2012?";
	"that old [[terrain]] was deprecated on August 25, 2016, and was fully removed on January 1, 2017?";
	"that one of [[Roblox]]'s [[test site]]s was [ accessed by an unauthorized user], which caused Roblox to introduce the option for users to enable two-step authentication shortly after?";
	"that the [ first themes on the Roblox website] was introduced on October 30, 2009?";
	"that to promote the release of [[dynamic lighting]], Roblox held an [[Event (gameplay)|event]] on the [[games page]] to promote games with dynamic lighting by putting white bars on the sides of the page?";
	"that the first [[limited]] and [[limited unique]] item to be released into the [[catalog]] is the [[Catalog:Green Bow Tie|Green Bow Tie]]?";
	'that during the first and second "The Next Level" livestreams, [[Community:Shedletsky|Shedletsky]] offered a 20,000 [[Robux]] prize (originally 10,000 Robux) for the first person to record or livestream any evidence of a weird occurance in [[Community:Gusmanak/Apocalypse Rising|Apocalypse Rising]]?';
	"that the only item to have every [[genre]] (except for the Building genre) is [[Catalog:Santa for All Seasons|Santa for All Seasons]]?";
	"that one of the first employees to work for [[Roblox]] was [[Community:Shedletsky|Shedletsky]], who was known as [[Community:Telamon|Telamon]] at the time?";
	"that Roblox has patented the [[catalog]]?";
	"that in order to obtain [[Catalog:The Last Egg of 2012|The Last Egg of 2012]] egg, players had to obtain the rest of the eggs in the [[Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2012]]?";
	"that there were exploited servers during the final days of the [[Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2012]] which would give players all of the eggs in that egg hunt?";
	"that, as of June 1, 2019, the most expensive non-[[limited]] item on the [[catalog]] is the [[Catalog:Violet Valkyrie|Violet Valkyrie]]?";
	"that when the [[Catalog:Valkyrie Helm|Valkyrie Helm]] was first released onto the [[catalog]], a portion of the community believed it was a prize from the [[Event (gameplay)|event]], [[Builderman's Place Design Contest]]?";
	"that when the ability for users to change their username was first implemented, a [ bug] prevented people from posting on the [[forums]] for 24 hours?";
	"that lifetime [[Builders Club]] will only last for just over 100 years?";
	"that the first [[head]]s were released on February 1, 2009?";
	"that in 2012 the most visited game on Roblox was [[Community:D8Dev/Base Wars: The Land|Base Wars: The Land]] by [[Community:D8Dev|D8Dev]], with 15,189,409 total place visits?";
	"that the first game to reach 20 and 30 million place visits is [[Community:D8Dev/Base Wars: The Land|Base Wars]] by [[Community:D8Dev|D8Dev]]?";
	"that the best-selling [[gear]] of 2012 was the [[Catalog:Body Swap Potion|Body Swap Potion]], with 26,321 copies sold?";
	"that the best-selling item of 2012 was [[Catalog:Ostrichsized Winter Scarf|Ostrichsized Winter Scarf]], with 22,673 copies sold?";
	"that in 2012, [[Community:Shedletsky|John Shedletsky]] began documenting a one-week [[Trade System|trading]] [ challenge and experiment] on the [[Roblox blog]], where he created the account [ SuperTrader]?";
	'that the game [[Community:ROBLOX/Welcome to ROBLOX Building|Welcome to ROBLOX Building]] was originally called "[ ROBLOX Blazing Man]"?';
	"that within five months of release, the [[Catalog:Valkyrie Helm|Valkyrie Helm]] was only purchased two times?";
	"that [[Dynamic lighting]] had been considered as far back as 2007? It was first implemented in 2013.";
	"that the [[Catalog:Sparkle Time Fedora|Sparkle Time Fedora]] originally came out of the [[Catalog:Opened Glittering Gold Gift of Fame|Glittering Gold Gift of Fame]]?";
	"that the [[Catalog:Evil Alien Genius|Evil Alien Genius]] was given to the top 500 finalists of the [[BLOXtober Costume Contest]]?";
	'that the [[Catalog:DIY Deadly Dark Dominus|DIY variant]] of the [[Catalog:Deadly Dark Dominus|Deadly Dark Dominus]] was created before the "real" version of the [[hat]]?';
	"that the [[Catalog:Golden Football Helmet of Participation|Golden Football Helmet of Participation]], the [[Catalog:Trophy of Wheeled Participation 2014|Trophy of Wheeled Participation 2014]], and the [[Catalog:Trophy of Participation 2016|Trophy or Participation 2016]] all replaced multiple items from various [[sponsored event]]s on June 25, 2019?";
	'that the [[Catalog:Opened Frozen Gift of All That Ice|Frozen Gift of All That Ice]] was given to users that wrote the word "Ice" anywhere on the [[forums]] before December 18, 2009?';
	"that the [[Catalog:Opened Gift of the Dominator|Gift of the Dominator]] opened to reveal the [[Catalog:Dominus Messor|Dominus Messor]]?";
	'that all users who owned a prime number serial of a [[limited unique]] item received the [[Catalog:Opened Gift of Prime Nexus|Gift of Prime Nexus]], which opened to reveal the item "[[Catalog:Your Head, a Marshmallow Floating in Hot Chocolate|Your Head, a Marshmallow Floating in Hot Chocolate]]"?';
	"that [[Community:Qa|qa]] was an early testing account used by [[Community:David.baszucki|David Baszucki]] and [[Community:erik.cassel|Erik Cassel]]?";
	"that on August 2, 2019, it was announced on the [[Roblox blog]] that Roblox hit [ 100 million monthly users worldwide]?";
	"that the [[Catalog:The Kleos Aphthiton|Kleos Aphthiton]] was originally given to the top competitors of the [[Roblox Grand Melee]] tournament, which took place in 2007?";
	'that the first Roblox "Lets Play" series on YouTube was published by [[Community:Dayren|Dayren]] in 2012, called Roblox Game Commentary?';
	"that [[Error]] 271 can happen when all players in a server are AFK for too long?";
	"that Roblox has a bunch of [[Roblox Toys|Roblox figurines]] and the RDC trophy displaying in the lobby of the Roblox HQ?";
	"that [[Community:Uberubert|uberubert]] was the first user to make a [[tycoon]] game on Roblox?";
	"that the [[Elite Builders of Robloxia]] created [[Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs]]?";
	"that some fake eggs created by [[Community:Telamon|Telamon]] for the 2008 [[Egg hunt]] were given away as prizes for a [[contest]] during 2010? Telamon had formerly used these eggs to fool players during the 2008 Egg hunt.";
	"that in 2005-2006, the first trailer created for Roblox was over 20 minutes long? It was then reduced to the roughly 6 minute long trailer entitled [ ROBLOX - Game Trailer]";
	"that the [[Catalog:Mohawk|Mohawk]], [[Catalog:Goth Mohawk|Goth Mohawk]], [[Catalog:Blonde Pigtails|Blonde Pigtails]], [[Catalog:Brunette Pigtails|Brunette Pigtails]] and [[Catalog:Frobow the Sad Clown|Frobow the Sad Clown]] were the first hairs to be released into the [[catalog]]?";
	"that the [[Catalog:2007 ROBLOX Visor|2007 ROBLOX Visor]] is the first and only annual [[Visor (series)|visor]] that sold for a period of two months?";
	'that on October 17, 2006, Roblox began to create a [[ban]]ning system after experiencing the [ "first problem user"]?';
	"that some items from the [[catalog]] can be [[:Category:Items removed from the catalog|removed]] by Roblox Staff?";
	"that as of October 18, 2019, the user with the most obtained [[Badges|player badges]] on Roblox is hopperkk?";
	"that there is a list of all APIs on the [[Roblox Developer Hub]], called the [[Roblox API Reference Manual]]?";
	"that the first player [[badge]] uploaded onto [[Roblox]] is [ John, Loved of Muses]? It can still be obtained as of December 23, 2019.";
	"that there was an intentionally placed impossible-to-obtain [[badge]] in [[Community:Shedletsky/Sword Fight on the Heights IV|Sword Fight on the Heights]] which was used to permanently [[ban]] any players that obtained it?";
	"that the [[Catalog]] was renamed to the [[Avatar Shop]] in late 2019?";
	"that [[Class:GuiItem|GuiItem]] was originally used for Roblox's UI in games, but was replaced by [[Class:CoreGui|CoreGuis]] over time, being fully removed on March 5, 2019?"
function p.random_item()
	return p.items[math.random(#p.items)]
function p._random_items(args)
	local num = tonumber(args[1])
	local set, items = {}, {}
	for _ = 1, num do
		set[p.random_item()] = true
	for item in next, set do
		table.insert(items, item)
	return items
p.random_items = make_wrapper_function(p._random_items)
function p._list_random_items(args)
	return '* ' .. table.concat(p._random_items(args), '\n* ')
p.list_random_items = make_wrapper_function(p._list_random_items,true)
return p
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