-- Store the real life names of users (who publicly share them!!) for usage with infobox.
-- NOTICE: For privacy reasons, names that are posted here must be publicly available on an official Roblox post or a post of the user in question. This module has been protected to sysop only to prevent vandalism and the addition of private information. Please contact an active staff member if you would like to make addition(s) to this list. If you are a NOTABLE user with your real name below and wish for it to be removed, please let an active staff member know on their message wall and we will take care of it as soon as possible (to prevent the impersonation of notorious users we have a verification system in place).
-- format: username="real name",
-- Regardless of the case of the username, please put it lowercase below, otherwise it will not work correctly!
return {
    ["2blox2quit"]="Deepak Nair",
    alberts="Albert Spencer Aretz",
    alexnewtron="Alex Binello",
    aorda="Ömer Arda",
    builderman="David Baszucki",
    cindering="Brian Wilson",
    ["david.baszucki"]="David Baszucki",
    dylanthehyper="Dylan Win",
    ["erik.cassel"]="Erik Cassel",
    jparty="Justin Sousa",
    landonrb_yt="Landon Kyle Nickerson",
    mrflimflam="Albert Spencer Aretz",
    natalie_clabo="Natalie Clabo",
    nerfmodder="Jackson Fowler",
    nick_hz="Nick Hermanutz",
    nightgaladeld="Carlos Rodriguez",
    nimblz="Austin Reuschle",
    njay="Navin Lal",
    rbadam="Adam Miller",
    seranok="Matthew Dean",
    shedletsky="John James Shedletsky, III",
    theguywithashortname="Samuel Huckaby",
    quenty="James Onnen",
    zeuxcg="Arseny Kapoulkine",
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