-- The ReflectionMetadata.xml file itself is in [[Module:ReflectionMetadata/data]].
-- This module should always be loaded with mw.loadData to reduce resource usage and prevent memory errors.
-- Execute
-- =require('Dev:Inspect').inspect(
-- in the debug console when editing this module to view what information is available and its format.
local handler = require('Module:XML tree handler')
-- When there is a single child element, by default it is inserted as a named key instead of a vector. This happens when an enum has a single item, or a class has a single member of a given kind.
-- By setting this, we ensure that even in the case there is a single child Item element, we get a vector we can iterate over.
handler.options.noreduce.Item = true
handler.options.noreduce.bool = true
handler.options.noreduce.double = true
handler.options.noreduce.string = true
return {
    data = handler.root
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