Money is a feature on Roblox that tells the player what the player purchased, earned Robux and Trade_System,

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My Transactions

This feature allows the player to see what they have purchased. This view can be switched on the top left of the purchase view. One view is the "Purchases" which shows what the player bought. Another view is Sales, which what other players bought from you, such as limited items, shirts, or pants. The last view is Commissions, which is what other players buy Gear Passes from you. The history of the transactions made can be seen in "History" at the bottom of the page.


This feature shows the player how much Robux has been earned. This can be switched from the past day, past week, past month, or past year.

Trade Currency

See here for details

Trade Items

See here for details


  • On the top right, there is also a button called "Buy Robux", which is the central location if a player wants to buy Robux.
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