Moonwalking is a sword fighting strategy in which the player would either zoom into first person, or use 'MouseLock' and then press the bottom arrow keys making themselves walk backwards. Players could use the actual arrow keys to do this, although the camera moves when pressing the left or the right arrow key. To moonwalk sideways, the player can use the WASD keys to move. This strategy is one of the most easiest moves to learn in sword fighting.

The tactic can also be used for fights involving ranged weaponry by allowing players to dodge projectiles and keep the crosshair on the opponent with the WASD keys. It also looks a lot more dignified when the player retreats or backs up, compared to the usual occurrence of walking away from the opponent and shooting behind themselves and jumping, which makes the player's target much easier to kill, as most people who do this only go straight, allowing themselves to slay the enemy with great efficiency.


Even though moonwalking is a great strategy for the player that performs it, it has been hated and ridiculed by many players, which could lead to the people who dislike the strategy to possibly call the users who perform the strategy by insulting the user(s) with derogatory words such as "cowards", "wimps","idiot", or even "noobs".


  • In sword fighting, when the player is playing in 3rd person but the opponent of the player is playing in first person, the player can have the advantage of using wider view and the chance to spot the opponent that can sneak up to the player and eventually kill by adjusting the camera angle of the player and countering the attack with the player's own fighting ability.
  • The player should be aware of their own surroundings from behind when attempting to moonwalk, as any attack coming from behind can be deadly unless the player can act fast and react to the attack by countering the attack.
  • Never Moonwalk when you are around lava.
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