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Nezha’s Devil Boy Descends Into The World (《哪吒之魔童降世》) was a Roblox event that started on July 12, 2021, to celebrate the release of Roblox China. This event is sponsored by the highest-grossing non-English animated movie Ne Zha[1], in which was released in the year 2019. The event has 2 confirmed items that are known to be obtainable, the adult version of Nezha which is available in the Nezha Obby and Kid Nezha available in Tencent Video during this event.


Name Image Creator/Group
Nezha Obby
Nezha .png


Before July 13, 2021, these badges were only in Chinese. Their original Chinese text and their translations may be viewed at Nezha’s Devil Boy Descends Into The World/Translations.

Name Image Description Requirement
World in a picture scroll Nezha Obby-World in a picture scroll.png Welcome Join the Nezha Obby for the first time.
Congratulations! Nezha Obby-Congratulations!.png You did it! Complete the obstacle course.
All for one, one for all Nezha Obby-All for one, one for all.png Trade puzzles with others Complete a trade with another player.
Nezha! Nezha Obby-Nezha!.png Restore the poster and get special avatar Collect all of the 9 puzzle pieces to complete the picture, then unlock the Young Nezha bundle.


Name Image Objective
Young Nezha
Young Nezha.png
Collect one of each of the nine puzzle pieces and complete the puzzle.
Kid Nezha
Kid Nezha v2.png
Obtainable through Tencent Video for LuoBu players.

Test items

Name Image Objective
Black Ponytail
Formerly obtained when completing the puzzle. One puzzle piece could be collected per each server you joined. This accessory was used as a test item.



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  • The game was opened in July 11th making the Black Ponytail available; once the game was relaunched on the next day, the hair became unavailable and was replaced by the Young Nezha Bundle.
  • As of July 13th, the game is automatically translated to the user's set language. Previously, it was only in Chinese.
  • This event does not have an event banner or announcement at least outside of China, presumably as it was not intended to be advertised outside of China.
  • A second Lubou event was confirmed, its name is Luobu Mystery Box Hunt and was started on August 20, 2021.