Normal face

The original face (Smile) used from 4/23/2015 to 5/7/2015.

The Normal Face is the default face for avatars and was the only face available until others were made. It is a basic smile. The first shows two eyes with a V smile. The second shows a curved, more refined smile and eyes. The third is a version of the second, but thicker mouth and eyes. The third is the newest, and is still being used.

Although some people who currently play ROBLOX prefer using faces on sale from the catalog, most people who aren't that mindful of a more realistic or expressive avatar typically prefer keeping this as their face. Almost all users who have been inactive since they joined use this face as well, since most wouldn't have known to take the free faces or be able to have bought any.

A similar version of this face called Smile was released on January 27, 2014, and is currently on sale for free. However, the 'Smile' face was previously 10 ROBUX, which caused many to be mad and "ask for refunds" due to them using 10 ROBUX to purchase it. On April 23, 2015, the Smile face replaced the normal face. This small change made lots of people, preferably the older, more nostalgic players, mad at ROBLOX. Because of this, it caused lots of controversy. On May 7, 2015, due to the hate this small change made, ROBLOX removed the smile texture and replaced it with an edited version of the original default face. This update, although somewhat different, made users happy again, due to the face resembling an almost-identical look to the original default face.

The default face as of 5/7/2015.


The default face can be found as face.png in the ROBLOX folder and can be used with scripts using the location "rbxasset://textures\face.png".

Some players replace the original face with another in order to satisfy their needs of a face they desire. Despite, in their perspective, wearing their favourite face, in others' displays the original face.


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  • Many classic ROBLOX purists despise the replacement of the newest default faces on to the original without creating some sort of other face for them to wear that would've looked like the original.
  • Through an asset viewer, players had found out that tarabyte's test face "Face" is actually a version of the original face (from before April 23, 2015) with the mouth and eyes in their own separate boxes and two X's over the eyes.