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Word Bomb is a game created by OMG Go! in which players type words containing specific letter combiniations in gradually shorter amounts of time. The game was arguably popularized by YouTuber Flamingo in early 2020.[1]


Each round, players' profile icons are lined in a circle around a ticking bomb, an arrow, and a set of letters. When the arrow points to a player's icon, they must type a word containing the given letters in order before the bomb explodes. If a player does not type a word in time, they lose one of two lives. Once in a while, the bomb turns red and ticks faster.


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  • The game is most likely inspired from a similar game called Bomb Party, created by Sparklin' Labs.
  • Although frowned upon by players, the game encourages using Google search to discover new words.
  • The game has a like-to-dislike ratio of 40K–6K, giving it an 86% rating.
  • The game has been favorited over 118K times.
  • Each game server holds nine players.


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