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The Super Mega Fun Obstacle Course, One of the most famous obstacle courses by SinisterAlex

An obstacle course (more commonly known as an obby) is common type of game on Roblox in which players must pass through different obstacles to win the game. At the end of the obby, there will be a "Winner's Room" containing several different tools. Navigation enhancers, such as paths, are the most common to see. Combat tools and/or driveable vehicles, such as planes, may also exist. 

Over time, obbies have evolved to be more extreme in their difficulties, with some having obstacles that can take over 30 minutes to complete and no spawns or checkpoints in between. They will usually require precise movements or abusing Roblox's physics to proceed within the obby. New Robloxians are usually not recommended to play difficult obbies.

Obstacle courses can be easily made by any player, with Roblox even having a game template for players to create their own obby. Obstacle course creators have been known to be spammed and/or flamed due to their (possibly constant) abuse of free models.

On some occasions, obbies may have obstacles in which players will have to answer questions correctly using the chat or a GUI textbox to proceed in the obstacle course.

Complex stages and melee stages are common in group obstacle courses.


Sometime around 2013, Builders Club members created obbies which said they awarded free Admin, Robux, or (previously) tickets. Most of these games were believed to be scams, as it is not possible to gain free Robux or Tickets from these types of places. They were commonly built with the stamper tool and featured only one spawn location. Common obstacles that appeared in Admin/Robux obbies included spike jumps and "water jumps". They were typically built to be incredibly difficult to complete. However, if a player did manage to complete an obby, they were usually asked to make a shirt and then were quickly kicked from the game, with the owner denying that they finished the course. Some of these games featured a maintenance GUI trying to steal the player's account information. As a result, BC games were removed from the front page.

At one point, many obbies on the front page contained "misleading place images". For example, users might notice obbies with names of "Escape The Ballpit Obby" or "Escape the Theme Park Obby". In reality, the title has nothing to do with the actual game.

In recent years, obbies have been used as a quick template for scam games. They will normally have "OBBY" spammed in the title and in the description of the game, to abuse the searching system for games. These games usually take two forms; in one form, they will be littered with colorful GUI's and have purchasable items (usually one-time use), with the ending teleporting to another obby or a completely separate game, such as a tycoon. In the other form, it will be seen prior to a Robux scam.

"Escape" Versions

"Escape obbies" will usually feature a story and/or theme throughout the game and its stages. For example, in "Escape School Obby" games, players will have to pass through stages located in a school, such as passing through the hallways, cafeteria, and classrooms without being "caught". In "Escape Prison Obby" games, players will have to avoid security guards and/or cameras and go through cells, vents, and helicopters to escape the prison.

Reoccurring obstacles

Obstacles that occur in the majority of the obstacle courses include:

  • Lava Jumps
    • Lava jumps are probably the most popular obstacle in an obby.


    • This obstacle is a number of lava blocks that are wide from wall to wall.
    • Touching the lava is deadly for your character, so it must be jumped over.
    • Some make you die immediately after you touch it, and some only take a portion of your health.
  • Tightropes
    • Tightropes can get really intense when walking past. Some can be as long as one stud wide, but some are less than half a stud.
    • Some tightropes will also include lava jumps.
  • Platform Jumps
  • Mazes
  • A very long path/Path walk
  • Laser Jumps
  • Pit Jumping
  • Choose a Path
  • Ball jumps
  • Pick a Door
  • Moving Lava
  • Wheels
  • Truss Climbing
  • Slide
    • Lava jumps on slides are really notorious.
  • Speedrun (which often includes platform jumps)
  • Tree Jumps (Jump on platforms in a coil formation up a tall pillar)
  • Wraparounds (jumps where you have to jump around a wall or block)
    • Wraparounds are pretty easy, however they start to get difficult when you reach 6 studs
  • Rock Climbing

Uncommon/complex obstacles

Obstacles that occur in more complex and difficult obstacle courses include:

  • Wall Hopping (Jumping on two horizontally connected blocks)
  • Ladder Flicking (Almost the same as wallhops, except it's ladders or trusses)
  • Dance Clipping (clipping through a half stud wall to 0.8 stud wall using /e dance2)
  • Kill brick wraparounds ( same thing as a wraparound, you just have to avoid touching it )
  • Lodge forward (moving forward in midair through a 2 stud wide tunnel thing)
  • Lodging Up ( moving up through a 2 to 1 stud hole above the player)
  • Corner glitch wraparounds ( Wraparounds that are too long to do legitamately that you have to do a corner glitch while jumping while going to the block you had to go to)
  • Head Hitters (Going on top of a block while you are under it)
  • Wraparound stickouts (Wraparounds that can stickout 4.4 studs)
  • Midair Corner glitch (Jumping then doing a corner glitch midair)
  • Kill brick in betweens ( Going on a platform where kill bricks are on either the length or width edges of the plat form while jumping to the same kind of platform )
  • A 12 to 13.5 stud Jump ( A precise jump that most people can't do consistently or can't even do )
  • Laugh clipping (Pretty Rng, but its when a player glitches through a 1 stud thick wall)
  • Wall glide ( The first steps in doing the laugh clip, except you dont clip through the wall but glide through the wall going farther than 100 studs)
  • Walkarounds (A wraparound except you can only walk around it while having something on your head that prevents you from jumping)
  • Wallwalk ( wallhopping without jumping)

Due to a late update in 2012, which removed the "Click to Move" feature, the "Invisible Path" obstacle has seen a decline in use as it required players to click to move across the invisible bricks. However, players can check if the block is solid with their camera, which allows them to complete the obstacle but at a slower rate. This can easily be fixed by replacing the bricks with trusses so it's harder to tell, Or add a kill script to the wrong bricks.


Paths, Superjump, Ice Shard (formerly), Ball Paths and Teleport are some of the most common tools at a Winner's Room. Older obbies mainly feature these tools, however, they can also be seen in newer obbies.


Paths are tools that create a series of bricks behind the player. They can be activated by holding the left mouse button and moving the camera and character around for navigation. They come in many different appearances, such as fire, ice, gold, or rainbow. Players can use these to "walk" towards locations without falling off of the map.

Winners often used paths to make other players either win or lose (e.g. creating a path for players to skip to a later stage or directly to the winners' area, or attempting to fling players out of the obby by trapping them inside the path). This usually cannot happen today, as paths only appear locally due to the way they were scripted alongside various Roblox updates.


Superjump is a tool that players can use to jump. By pressing the left mouse button repeatedly, they can jump (or fly) and hover towards their desired location. This tool is usually found in a broken state from Roblox updates.


A teleport is a tool that players can use to quickly teleport to different areas on the map. By pressing the left mouse button on the location they want to teleport by hovering it over their cursor, the player would teleport there. This tool is usually broken from Roblox updates.

Ball Paths

Similar to a normal Path, a Ball Path is a tool that created a path but in a ball shape. Six colors were usually common to see: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, and Rainbow. Ball paths were first introduced to Roblox on May 5th, 2009 by a user known as Pav9495.

Avatar Editing

At the end of some obbies, there will be wearable faces, hats, packages, and hairs. There may also be a "Paint Yourself" stand, which changes the color of your avatar's head and limbs. Most obbies feature a "Remove hats" button next to these. Players will lose any avatar changes if they die or leave the game.

Speed Squares

In some obbies, in the end, colored squares that said (e.g) 50% Speed, would make player's characters walk faster when stepped on.

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