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Opening of LuoBu's Endless Worlds (Simplified Chinese: 开启罗布乐思无限世界 Kāiqǐ Luóbùlèsī wúxiàn shìjiè) was an event exclusive to LuoBu to prepare for and celebrate the opening of Roblox in China. The release of Roblox in China was at July 13, 2021 at 8:00 AM UTC+8, with festivities for the Opening Ceremony planning to continue for a few weeks.

There were three main "activities" related to the Opening event; the Nezha’s Devil Boy Descends Into The World event, accessory waves, and 41 participating LuoBu experiences that decorated for the Opening Ceremony.[1]


On June 7, 2021, a call was made on the LuoBu Developer Forum for games to apply to be featured for a planned event, "Opening of LuoBu's Endless Worlds". Games were asked to decorate and feature content celebrating the LuoBu Opening Ceremony.[2]

In a later reply to the thread, santababy, one of the LuoBu Developer Forum administrators, provided various "opening theme" assets through a .rbxl place file, encouraging developers to add them to their places. Three different themes were provided; "Chinese," "Party," and "Science" themes.[3] The assets prominently featured the text "罗布乐思开幕式" (Luóbùlèsī kāimù shì, "LuoBu Opening Ceremony"), and LuoBu's slogan, "一起探索无限世界" (Yīqǐ tànsuǒwú xiàn shìjiè, "Explore Endless Worlds Together").

10 games were selected for the top featuring, but 41 games participated in total.


Three major activities were planned for the release of LuoBu.

Nezha's Devil Boy Descends Into The World

Nezha event banner.png

LuoBu collaborated with the 2019 movie Ne Zha[4] to bring a Nezha-themed obstacle course and bundles. Part of this event was also accessible to Roblox users, though only one of the two bundles could be obtained.

Free celebration accessories

Three waves of free LuoBu-themed opening celebration accessories were planned to be released between July 13, 2021, and August 3, 2021. Five accessories would be available each week. These accessories were also available to Roblox users, with their names translated into English and often including "Luobu" in the name.

Wave 1

On July 13, 2021 (UTC+8; July 12 for US PT), five free accessories were added to the avatar shop to promote LuoBu, in which four are party themed. These accessories were available until July 20, 2021 (UTC+8; July 19 for US PT); on the same day, the party theme accessories went go off-sale and the science theme accessories went go on-sale. On the LuoBu news blog, a promotional image explaining the first wave of items and how to get them was provided.[5]

"Party" Theme Accessories.
Appearance Name Description
Luobu Baseball Cap.png Luobu Baseball cap Powering imagination!
Luobu Party Balloon.png Luobu Party Balloon Use colorful balloons to create a party atmosphere! (Limited for a week.)
Luobu Party Crown.png Luobu Party Crown This crown can make you the focus of any event. You are the master of the party! (Limited for a week.)
Luobu Party Hair.png Luobu Party Hair The color of my hair is more colorful than that of rainbow! Although many people can't agree with its beauty. (Limited for a week.)
Luobu Party Shades.png Luobu Party Shades There are music waves lingering in your eyes. Anyone who sees you would want to dance with you. (Limited for a week.)

Transcript of translation of the long promotional image:

Translation note: Item names use the names as shown in English avatar shop.

Free Virtual Items - Limited-time only!
Over the next 3 weeks, a new set of accessories will be obtainable for free each week!

※How to get
Go to the store and search "LuoBu" during the event,
or sort by "Recently Updated".
Click the "Free" button,
and you've obtained the free items!

This week's items
[July 13 - July 20]

  • Luobu Party Shades
  • Luobu Party Crown
  • Luobu Party Hair
  • Luobu Party Balloon
  • Luobu Baseball Cap

Make sure to get these items before the week ends,
as afterwards they will no longer be available!

Go to your home page and then click the "Store" button

During the event, search "LuoBu" for the items, or sort by "Recently Updated" to find the free items.

Click on the "Free" button to obtain the item, and you can also decide if you'd like to equip the item immediately.

If you don't equip it immediately, you can go to "Customize" to find your accessories.
After you put them on, double-tap on your character and check out your outfit!

Wave 2

On July 20, 2021 (UTC+8; July 19 for US PT), the previous "party" themed accessories went off-sale and the new "science" theme accessories went on-sale. These will go off-sale on July 27, 2021 (UTC+8; July 26 for US PT).

"Science" Theme Accessories.
Appearance Name Description
Moon and stars.png Destination: Moon and stars “The Stars My Destination.” (Limited for a week.)
Luobu Explorer Backpack.png Luobu Explorer Backpack Although this backpack cannot take you to the space, it can at least help you reduce a lot of weight. (Limited for a week.)
Luobu Explorer Girl.png Luobu Explorer Girl Her hair shines brightly at night, like the stars among the galaxy. (Limited for a week.)
Luobu Explorer Hat.png Luobu Explorer Hat This special hat is awarded by the Luobu Explorer Association for adventurers who bravely explore the universe. (Limited for a week.)
Luobu Explorer Star Shades.png Luobu Explorer Star Shades As an explorer, you need to have enough eyesight to find clues in slits. (Limited for a week.)

Wave 3

On July 27, 2021 (UTC+8; July 26 for US PT), the previous "science" themed accessories went off-sale and the new "Chinese" themed accessories went on-sale. These will go off-sale on August 3, 2021, (UTC+8; August 2 for US PT).

"Chinese" Theme Accessories.
Appearance Name Description
Upside-down China bowl.png Upside-down China bowl When you find that there are not enough bowls in your meal, this hat comes in handy. (Limited for a week.)
Bun Hair with Flower Hairpin.png Bun Hair with Flower Hairpin Butterflies often come to me. Of course, there are also bees. (Limited for a week.)
Traditional Chinese Hat.png Traditional Chinese Hat This hat needs to be matched with clothing with similar styles. Otherwise it will look dull. (Limited for a week.)
Luobu Wealthy Glasses.png Luobu Wealthy Glasses These glasses will make you look like the most wealthy person on Luobu! (Limited for a week.)
Le Lantern.png "Le" Lantern Put on this lantern and you won't get lost at night. (Limited for a week.)

Featured places sort

Opening ceremony assets in use in experiences on LuoBu.

Games on LuoBu that added and creatively used the provided assets were put into a selection of featured sorts on the discovery page.[6]