An orb created by the user nairod7 by assembling other scripts together.

On ROBLOX, the term 'orb' has many meanings, but usually designates to an administration tool that is associated with a visual, spheric object that looks like an orb.

Orbs are often seen when visiting places like script builders. There are many user-created orb scripts that can be found in the free models, though most are just re-published copies of other orbs.

Orbs have frequently been abused in many servers, particularly in insert tool games, by many players because of its ability to manipulate various things in the server, such as values for in-game currencies and the powers that certain players would have, such as invincibility. In response to the abuse of orbs, owners of certain games includes anti-orb scripts that prevents orbs of many kinds to be placed into a server so that no user can destroy a server. An orb can also change it's form by saying a command such as yellow mesh, size 3 and atom mesh and displays a "name tag" above it, for example, nairod's orb. There are many meshes for an orb to become.

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