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This article is about a discontinued feature.

Outlines were black, pixel-shaded edges that appear on the edges of ExplorerImageIndex 1.pngParts.[1] In August 2013, it was announced on the Roblox blog that outlines would have an option to be disabled.[2] On June 12, 2019, it was announced on the Developer Forum that outlines would be deprecated, and on July 1, 2019, they were fully deprecated.[3] As of May 19, 2020, outlines have been removed.[4]

Deprecation and removal

On July 1st, 2019, outlines were officially deprecated. Developers could still use Lighting.LegacyOutlines to enable the outlines. On May 19, 2020, outlines were removed completely. One of the main reasons for the removal of outlines was that it was not worth the performance cost and time spent supporting the feature when most developers did not use outlines.


Many builders used outlines to more easily identify borders of parts since it was an alternative way of doing it conveniently. Other builders used outlines to put texture into builds without breaking into multiple dimensions.


OUTLINES ON This is a picture of ~10 parts with outlines stacked on top of each-other.

OUTLINES OFF This is a picture of ~10 parts with no outlines stacked on top of each-other. 

The color of these outlines are fixed at black, but could be disabled in two ways:

  • Setting the Outlines property of Lighting to false, which disables all outlines in a place.
  • Setting the SurfaceType on one of a part's Surfaces to SmoothNoOutline, which disables the outlines on the four edges adjacent to the specified Surface.