Classic Paintball Gun

A classic paintball gun.

The Paintball Gun is one of the original, classic weapons (Brickbattle Weapons) of ROBLOX (along with swords, bouncy balls and rocket launchers). The classic paintball gun was released on April 12th, 2007. Depending on whether the player who is holding it is on a team or not, the paintballs will be the same color as the team the player is on or it fires randomly colored paintballs in various sizes. Paintball guns are common in many CTFs, BrickBattles, and minigames. Although considered a brick battle weapon, it's worth noting that the paintball gun has not made an appearance in ROBLOX Battle. The first gear paintball guns were created by jeditkacheff in 2010.

When a paintball shot hits a target, it breaks into smaller pieces (bricks), creating a splat effect. The "splats" and spreads many different colors, and spreads debris within a small area.

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