Rambo Pants (Brown)

An example of Pants

Pants are textures placed around a user's torso and leg bricks defined by its PantsTemplate property. Any user can purchase and wear pants, but only Builders Club users can create and sell them. Like most items on Robux, they can be bought with either Robux or, formerly, tickets. The template was changed as of 2016, like the other types of clothing.

Like shirts, pants have the ability to be transparent, which makes advanced graphic programs, such as Paint.NET and Adobe Photoshop, helpful to many pants creators.

Template Gallery

Templates are tools that create the basic layout of clothing and help guide creators in designing their clothing.

Free Pants
Ripped Skater Pants

Ripped Skater Pants, an example of free pants

ROBLOX​ has pants sold for free. Click here to see all the free pants.

Free Pants made by players

For some reason, there are pants that are actually free in the catalog not created by Roblox. Instead, they are created by other users. It's unknown why players can still take them. Maybe this can be the fact that you could possibly make pants for free at some moments.

Here are all the free pants not created by Roblox which are still for sale:

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