An example of pants made by Roblox, Dark Green Jeans

Pants are textures placed around a user's torso and leg bricks defined by its PantsTemplate property. Any user can purchase and wear pants, but only users with Roblox Premium can create and sell them. Like most items on Roblox, they can be bought with Robux. The downloadable template for pants was changed as of 2016, like the other types of clothing.

Like shirts, pants have the ability to be transparent, which makes advanced graphic programs, such as and Adobe Photoshop, helpful to many pants creators.


Around April 2008, Roblox has implemented wearable textures for players to cloth their avatars with--pants and shirts.

On April 23, 2008, John Shedletsky uploaded the official announcement for shirts & pants to his YouTube channel, titled: Shirts... And Pants. Pants Pants Pants Pants, with its music composed by Stealth Pilot.[1]

On April 24, 2008, John Shedletsky posted a blog post publicizing plenty of features on Roblox, most notably full-body shirts and pants in the past two weeks.[2]

Template gallery

Templates are tools that create the basic layout of clothing and help guide creators in designing their clothing.


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  • For unknown reasons, there are still several pants that are currently free in the catalog created by users instead of Roblox. Plenty of other free pants were gone off-sale and/or content deleted, but some of them remain for free to buy to this day. Here are all the free pants not created by Roblox which are still for sale:
  • Previously-free pants that are offsale, but can still be worn:



Shirts... And Pants. Pants Pants Pants Pants.

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