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This article is about a discontinued feature.

A parent account was a type of account that was intended for parents and could be used to manage and supervise normal user (child) accounts. It was introduced in November 2008 and was later discontinued in May 2012. Parent accounts had the ability to enforce privacy settings and view various details about the child account, such as their friends list, currency, recent purchases, moderation reports, and more.

Control Panel[]

Parents panel

A screenshot of the parent control panel

The parent control panel was the page displayed after logging into a parent account.

Manage Child Accounts[]

The "Manage Child Accounts" section displayed a list of all child accounts currently attached to the parent account, along with an image of their avatar and last seen date. There were also buttons to manage the child account or detach it from the parent account.

Add a New Child Account[]

The "Add a New Child Account" section allowed parents to attach additional child accounts to their account by entering the child's username and password. Upon attaching a child account, parents would immediately have to select the privacy restrictions, if any, that they would like enforced on the child account.

Manage Your Account[]

The "Manage Your Account" section allowed parents to change the email address or password associated with their parent account.

Parent Links[]

The "Parent Links" section provided links to various resources regarding child safety online and the Terms of Service and other legal disclaimers.