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The Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters event was in event in 2013 to sponsor the film with the same name.



Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot - "Story"

The teaser trailer about the sponsored event.


Name Image Creator/Group
SFOTH: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Edition
Percy Jackson Thumbnail.png


Name Game Image Objective
Golden Fleece SFOTH: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Edition
Golden Fleece Gear.png
Get 10 KOs while holding the Golden Fleece.
Riptide SFOTH: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Edition
Riptide Gear.png
Collect all four weapons in-game.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Cap
Percy Jackson Hat.png
1 ticket
Half-Blood Cap
Half-Blood Hat.png
1 ticket


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  • Speculation has arose over the years regarding the Riptide, with claims that the item went limited as soon as it came out, making it also purchasable as an alternative method of obtaining it for users who weren't interested in completing the event game's objective during the time of the event's duration, although this remains unconfirmed.
  • Roblox disabled the like/dislike bar and ratio on the game until the event ended, due to overwhelming negativity.[1]
  • The event game is a re-upload of Shedletsky's "Sword Fights on the Heights IV", but with water, four new weapons, and Percy Jackson related models.
  • The Riptide is the first sponsored item on Roblox to later become a limited.
    • 8 years later, the Gucci Garden event had some of their items go limited.
  • Roblox planned to include a Mackerel badge in addition to the other badges in the game. However, this badge was cut from the final version of the event.[2][3]
  • This game temporarily reopened from December 2, 2013, to December 10, 2013, to commemorate Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters releasing on Blu-Ray.[4]