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Pinewood Builders, formerly known as Pinewood Labs, is a British-based building community with ventures in aerospace, mining, weaponry, physics research, and much more.

It is currently one of Roblox's largest building groups, boasting around 220,000 members.

Founded in 2008 by Diddleshot (and later as a group in 2009), Pinewood is one of Roblox's oldest existing groups in general. The group is recognized as a franchise wherein its members tend to make games with the Pinewood logo and brand on it, drawing inspiration from Pinewood's official games. Pinewood also had a booth at BLOXcon Chicago in 2013 and served as the origins of many famous Roblox developers, such as alexnewtron, Zephyred, madattak, and Rukiryo.


  • The historical timeline section of this page, this section will have inaccuracies and some irrelevant information compared to the grand scale of the group as it has been contributed to by everybody. 


May - November

  • Diddleshot and a group of friends founded Pinewood as Pinewood Labs.
  • The earliest known games that were built were the Dog Food Factory in September and the ROBLOX Powerplant in October. The power plant was considered to be one of the first power stations ever built on ROBLOX, while the Dog Food Factory was replaced by the classic game Train Demolition.

November - December

  • As a remake of the closed Dog Food Factory, the Bread Factory was open to the public; a large bread-making production line whose sole purpose is feeding a giant noob named Bob. It became known as one of the last existing "feed the noob" places to exist on the Roblox website, as the others have died out.
  • Later in December, Pinewood's first headquarters, named Pinewood Labs (2008), a medium-sized building in a similar setting and style to the ROBLOX Powerplant, was opened.
  • This very first Pinewood Headquarters building was made into a 'ruined' state for Diddleshot's CRUSH A BUILDING! game.
  • List of known games at the time: The Fun Train! [UPDATED], Pinewood BuildersINC Work & Home shop (DIY), ROBLOX Powerplant, Pinewood BuildersINC LABS (CLOSED FOR X-MAS), Pinewood BuildersINC Warehouse., Pinewood BuildersINC HQ.



  • Pinewood Labs was renamed Pinewood Builders, and it was founded as a group with the latter name using the then-newly introduced Groups feature.


  • The Pinewood Research Facility (2009) was built. It was a three to four-story, a white building located in a large, relatively hidden compound. A tunnel was reportedly located past a checkpoint which at this time, was a mystery to where it led to.
  • A second headquarters was built. It was a much larger compound and was relatively hidden. Not much information is available regarding it at the moment.


  • List of known games at the time: Train Smashers... Extreme! (FREE VIP!), ROBLOX Powerplant™ (Favorite!), Underground (More added, still not finished), Newcomer Tutorial, The Old Pinewood Labs, Pinewood Builders Inc™ Meeting Centre, Drive Into A Giant Washing Machine! Badges!, Pinewood Builders Inc™ Research Center, Pinewood Builders Inc HQ™ UPDATE.

Unknown date

  • Several facilities were introduced throughout 2009, such as the ROBLOX Laundromat, Pinewood Computer Core, Pinewood Space Station, (2009), the Mega Miners game, and the launch center of Pinewood's Space Shuttle Advantage.


  • Vice President RedDwarfIV introduces Pinewood Metro, an automated train system, which is used at the Pinewood Space Station.
  • RedDwarfIV adds several updates to Space Shuttle Advantage.


  • The Pinewood Builders Security Team was established to protect facilities, although its role was merely roleplay at this time.



  • The Jet Engine Test place was built, where it would test the effects of aerodynamics, and whether it was safe to place Robloxians within 10 feet of a jet turbine. Many injuries have been reported in the conduction of this test.


  • The new Pinewood Headquarters was opened, featuring a 12-story office building located on an artificial island in the vicinity of Hong Kong.


  • Through an actual private meeting with Diddleshot at Pinewood HQ, MRDAFG and Legodude88 founded the Pinewood Intelligence Agency, a top-secret agency responsible for managing Pinewood's internal affairs. Created on August 10th, 2012



  • Diddleshot released a major update to the Computer Core, allowing the reactor core to initiate a meltdown. This would give the Security Team a major role in protecting the core from blowing up.
    • Throughout 2013 from this point, Pinewood, its facilities, and its divisions began to enter a modernization phase.




  • Pinewood News Network is founded by Chuba7 and SuperBen32, later becoming the official media outlet of Pinewood Builders.


  • An overhaul of the screens and the addition of several aesthetics have been added to the PBCC upon the suggestion and contribution of RobloxGuy6403.
  • The Pinewood Research Facility reopened after a full renovation of its exterior and interior design. It was now located in the Sahara Desert, with the majority of the facility located underground, and is now directly connected to the Pinewood Computer Core via elevator shafts.
  • However, updates would remain stagnant not only for the PBRF but for most of the Pinewood facilities, as Diddleshot himself said he lacked time to do so.


  • Construction on the Pinewood Oil Platform begins by a team of then-unofficial Pinewood developers from JKR Productions, led by Building Advisory Council member KelvinBlues1. It became an official game through the support of Director SigmaTech and JKR Productions CEO RobloxGuy6403.
  • The PIA opens up the PIA HQ for a Christmas party for the first time. Video 1 Video 2
  • Parties for both Christmas and New Year were held at PBCC. Christmas party: Video 1 Video 2 New years party: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 



  • Director SigmaTech announces the Pinewood Oil Platform to the public using his newly created Pinewood website, made through Wix. The website relied on ads to pay for its domain.


  • Upon observing several roleplay firefighters performing training and patrols at the Pinewood Computer Core, an unofficial group named Pinewood EMERGENCY was merged into Diddleshot's newly created Pinewood Emergency Team.
  • P.E.T. would remain mostly disorganized due to a lack of attention given to it, resulting in its own supervisors and members creating unofficial subgroups that would leave P.E.T. in leadership squabbles.
  • DeathPossession was appointed Head of Security and Head of Intelligence.


  • The original deadline for the Pinewood Oil Platform missed its first deadline of March 31, 2015.


  • Several PBST mid-ranks established a Skype chat group, including more members over time. Trainers and other Pinewood executives would join the said group in the next few months to come.


  • Development on the Pinewood Oil Platform resumed following a reassurance in group stability.


  • Diddleshot announced that updates to the Pinewood Research Facility would be restarted after around a year of inactivity. Several updates to the ROBLOX Laundromat and Mega Miners also followed.
  • Diddleshot joined the Skype group, initiating him to create his own, official Pinewood Skype group.


  • DeathPossession and Momolivia were appointed to the Vice President position.
  • A launch trailer for the Pinewood Oil Platform was announced.
  • As part of her duties, VP Momolivia imposes managerial policies to keep the directors active within Pinewood, such as activity checks. This results in constant fighting between Director SigmaTech and Momo herself.
  • The Pinewood Oil Platform opened on December 23, 2015.



  • ==== The Pinewood Oil Platform is closed down. ====


  • The PIA constructed a new headquarters and began work on new training facility concepts for PBST.


  • In response to the exploit threat, a beta version of a FilteringEnabled-compatible PBCC began development. Other facilities followed thereafter.



  • The PBST Security Commissioner election took place.


  • A stable build of PBCC FE was released.


  • Trains and Keypads at the PBCC are fixed.


  • Pinewood's human resources department was created.
  • Pinewood Space Ship was announced to the public.
  • PBST 'strike team' activities are introduced, resulting in the creation of various regiments.


  • Group ranks are reformed with new and revised ranks.
  • This includes Basic and Advanced Scientists, Basic and Advanced Builders, Development Team, and Moderation Team.


  • Construction of the Pinewood Echo Mars Base begun, a spacecraft launch facility on Mars, with development being lead by Momolivia. It is currently in Alpha.
  • A reform was initiated in PBST with new rules, guides, and weapons.
  • All-new weapons were added to PBCC as well as other facilities that used them such as the topside Pinewood Research Facility and Pinewood Builders Headquarters floor 4 security and basement.



  • Secret Service Director Logocracy is appointed to the PIA by Momolivia.
  • Csdi & SpyAgent388 started to help Momolivia with the development of PBST.


  • Citing the termination of former Promoter Kellerite, KaiDartTakeTwo leaves the PIA.
  • The facility PBST Points Database is released to the public, main purpose of the place being to replace the formerly consistently used 'point spreadsheets'.


  • The concept of the PBST mega training was introduced, where many trainees would gather up at the PBSTPD and split off into multiple training groups at various facilities.


  • The Intern rank is re-added to the PIA.
  • Momolivia is given the rank "M" in the PIA, along with the Vice Chairwoman rank in the main group and PBST. The Pinewood rank in the PB Veteran's Club is renamed to Administration.
  • Pinewood Builders Media is created replacing the two previous media groups Pinewood News Network and Pinewood Broadcasting Corporation.


  • A PBST Mega-Training gets a record number of 125 players within a single server.
  • spyagent388 is fired from his post as the Head of Security. The reasons given for his termination were his constant advertising of Fortnite streams, offers of PBST points for viewing and advertising his stream as well as sending money (including one instance of canceling all training and demanding PBST members watch his stream for them to be uncancelled), and general toxic behavior. No Trainees are believed to have acquired points from this opportunity. As of December 2019 he is in Pinewood Builders as a Member.
  • The first few pieces of training are hosted at the PBST Activity Center during its testing stages with lots of positive feedback.
  • Vah_Medoh is promoted to Trainer.


  • The PBSTAC (PBST Activity Center) is opened to the public after a substantial amount of it was completed. It serves as a training place, patrol place, and even an automated self-training place.


  • Self-training is introduced in PBST in beta development, allowing security members to attain points at any time of the day.
  • The "Tier A" was removed from PBST by the decision of the Trainers and Diddleshot as it was considered no longer useful.
  • The PBST Honors Program is introduced, where each month, the Trainers and Logocracy will choose 3 exemplary members to receive points and other lasting benefits.


  • In PBST, the "Head of Security" rank was renamed to "Head of Security + Intelligence"
  • In the PIA, the "Head of Intelligence" rank was renamed to "Head of Intelligence + Security".
  • As Diddleshot becomes seemingly more active, many noticeable changes and bug fixes start taking shape all over Pinewood's games.
  • A new rank, "Observer", is added to the PIA.


  • PBCC is updated to support the PGS Physics, along with a host of other changes.
  • PBCC experiences massive peak inactivity, with 175 players reached.
  • Diddleshot submits PBCC for Egg Hunt 2019
  • The "M" rank is removed from the PIA.
  • New updates at PBCC include Csdi's weapons and the first PET related tool in the form of the Medical Team's new Medkit.


  • TheGreatOmni becomes a member of XYLEM.
  • A revamped version of Pinewood International Space Station starts undergoing construction.
  • Diddleshot changes all the Builder and Scientist ranks into 2 ranks: Builder Club and Scientist Club.
  • Test Subject and Senior Researcher ranks are added to the PB group.
  • A bunch of ranks is added to XYLEM, including XYLEM Veteran, XYLEM General Manager, and many more, signaling XYLEM's revival.
  • PET ranks are reformed to include ranks like "Fire Team", "Hazmat Team", and so on.
  • PB ranks are once again changed, to include ranks like "Senior Builder" and "XYLEM Group".
  • "Xylem Group" rank was made in the main group for those who are in Xylem technologies.
  • PBMRF is opened back up after an AE is put into the game.
  • Pinewood Monster Research and Containment is revived and the ranks are reconfigured.


  • The Pinewood Builders Security Team hits 30,000 Members
  • PRIDe Infinity is announced.
  • Pinewood Builders Multipurpose Research Facility officially re-releases to the public!
    • The release time was completely reliant on a stream by a fellow PBM member known to be heavily involved in the Sci-Fi community. This stream archive can be found at this youtube link, featuring the grand re-opening. >
  • A new division called Pinewood Builders Quality Assurance is created by Uncondoned to test new and existing features at Pinewood facilities.


  • The first PBST 'Mega training' is hosted at the PBST Points Database, getting a record number of 138 players into a single server.
  • Pinewood Builders reaches 90,000 members.
  • Pinewood Space Station renovations are resumed after Wild's departure.
  • A new event called the “Freezedown” is added to PBCC.
  • A new promotion trailer was released sometime this month featuring Pinewood facilities and announcing new games. 
  • A small PBST facility releases called the ‘PBST Hub’, which will be the new Mega-Training gathering facility.
  • PBCC hits new records of people playing it at once having 250 players playing at the same time.
  • TenX29 is promoted to Trainer.



  • Construction started on the PET HQ in PBCC.
  • The "alt" rank was removed from the PBV along with the alts that came with it. 
  • The Head of Intelligence rank and administration rank were combined in the PBV, renamed to "Developers and Friends"
  • The development of an anti-exploit for PRIDe Kronos begins. 
  • PBCC hits 100,000 favorites.
  • The first random event is added to PBCC, giving PET Hazmat Team a more useful role within PBCC.
  • More random events are added, making a total of 4 random events.
  • A points system is added to PBCC, you get more points in-game by going through random events. These points can be spent on items in the shop.
  • Ranks in the Pinewood group are changed.


  • A Third code badge is added to PBCC, as of Saturday 16th November, 2019, only 12 people hold this badge, all being in PIA.
  • PBCC gets featured on Roblox (on PC, mobile and tablet), hitting 500 players, and overtaking all Innovation Inc. games by around 100-200 players.
    • Coincidentally, PBCC got featured on Roblox on the same day as PBRF's birthday.
    • PBCC hits over 800 average players online throughout the course of the following Saturday.
  • Some extensions are made to the PBST Hub due to Mega-Training being hosted there in the future.
  • PBST Mega-Training hits 200 players on a single server for the first time as a result of Mega-Training being hosted at the PBST Hub instead.
  • Pinewood Builders hits 100,000 members for the first time.
  • A rank named Facilitator is added to the PBST group.
  • A rank named Alpha Level Agent is added to the PIA group.
  • PBCC gets a shoutout on the Roblox Twitter page..


  • Release of PB Kronos v2 with significant UI changes and command additions.
  • Adamek1999PL is promoted to Trainer.
  • The PB subgroup Pinewood Builders Media releases a video titled "PBM NEWS: The Trainee Issue" on the old PB channel.


  • On April Fools’ day, Diddleshot posts a group shout claiming the third code has been cracked: “The third code has been cracked at PBCC! Thanks to Pinewood intelligence seekers and fans! The third code is: ###########” It appears that either Roblox filter blocked the code or it's intentionally tagged. The shout was deleted soon after.
  • The point requirements for ranks were changed, Tier 3 now needs 500 points and SD's need 800 points.
  • PBST reaches 40,000 members.
  • The rank of Special Defense has been renamed to Tier 4 Special Defense.
  • On April 14th, Fhaidi is pronounced the new Director of PBM. (Fhaidi, now FhaidiTheCommando) was Nicknamed "The Trainee Ambassador" for his behavior when he was a trainee.)
  • Doodynana1 is promoted to Trainer.
  • The Mayhem Syndicate is formed by Uncondoned and Diddleshot, which will be Pinewood's official raid group.


  • TheSparkedFlame is promoted to Trainer.
  • The PBDSF generalization is complete, allowing databases for various PB divisions.
  • The Tier 1 and Tier 2 points requirements have been changed in PBST, Tier 1’s now need 100 points, and Tier 2's need 250 points.
  • Sometime during May, PBST surpassed Innovation Security Team in terms of Members.


  • JanisNied is promoted to Trainer.
  • Corpocracy returns to PBST as a Trainer.
  • Pinewood Computer Core gets featured on Developer Events A promotional video named "Pinewood Builders 2019" is uploaded to the official PB youtube channel.
  • The PET HQ area at PBCC gets significant updates in regards to controls & transportation.
  • C3N0 is invited to join XYLEM technologies and accepts.


  • ToxicatedSwift is promoted to Trainer in PBST.
  • On July 25th, the third code at PBCC was cracked. A group shout was released by Diddleshot that said: “Someone has discovered the third code!! We have now since changed the code.”
  • On July 28th, 2019, after PBM Director fhaidi resigned, C3N0 was elected as the next PBM Director.
  • RogueVader1996 is promoted to Trainer in PBST.


  • Mega Miners receives many updates adding new vehicles and train track sections. The bagger 288 excavator has been made drivable and an explosive cargo train similar to the nuke trains at the PBCC has been added.


  • September PBST reaches 50,000 members. As a result, a party is thrown at the PBST Hub.
  • On September 3rd, 2019, PBM publishes their first video on the new pinewood directed by Jovan6886 on the official PB youtube channel for members of PBST titled: PBM Presents: The Do's and Don'ts of PBST. As of January 26th 2020, the video sits at 4,451 views.


  • A new magma emergency event is added to the PBCC which causes deadly lava to rise up to the train station causing anyone caught in it to die, much like the toxic waste event which can be found in the same game.
  • A new train coolant and fuel tank update was added to the PBCC. The old cargo trains were updated to refill coolant tanks and to also re-fill the generators with fuel during the power outage emergency event.
  • On October 18th, 2019, Corpocracy retires from Pinewood Builders.
  • AnuCat becomes a trainer.
  • Irreflexive (formerly known as Uncondoned) is re-promoted to the position of Facilitator after his resignation around April.


  • Delta-7 is added as an regiment again.


  • TMS camp and loadout givers are added to PBCC.
  • CombatSwift becomes a trainer.
  • Second "Super Training" is hosted by Csdi.
  • Aburntpoptart is given XYLEM.



  • Coasterteam becomes a member of XYLEM.
  • Delta-7 merges with an unofficial regiment which removes its official regiment status.
  • A picture was released showing a Pinewood Shuttle Pilot in the Action Series 7 miniature figure set. (You can see one at 1:35 of this  video)
  • Diddleshot announced that the PBRF will be getting some upgrades. So far, this has included: new music, the PET car and a new checkpoint on the topside.
  • PBCC gets featured on the front page and hits 1.1k concurrent players.
  • PBM releases their second video on the channel titled "Fatal Mistakes: 50 Ways to Die in Mega Miners" once again being directed and edited by Jovan6886. 


  • First TMS Mega Raid hosted
  • PBST1C is no longer an official PBST regiment


Official games can be found on Diddleshot's profile, or on the Pinewood Builders group itself. There are also certain games which Diddleshot has officially approved, such as the PBST Points Database and Activity Center.

Bold - Official game, currently open
Italics - Official game, under development
Bold Italics - Closed game / former game

Pinewood Space Shuttle Advantage  (PBSSA)

  • A roleplay-centric game in a huge facility where users manage a supercomputer powered by a nuclear reactor, preventing it from melting down or freezing.
  • It is considered to be Pinewood's main game.
  • It is also Pinewood's most popular game, with 16M+ visits.

Pinewood Computer Core (PBCC)

  • A roleplay-centric game in a huge facility where users manage a supercomputer powered by a nuclear reactor, preventing it from melting down or freezing.
  • It is considered to be Pinewood's main game.
  • It is also Pinewood's second most popular game, with 15M+ visits.

Pinewood Research Facility (PBRF)

  • An extension to the PBCC, where its main focus is research.
  • Diddleshot's plans to construct this facility was mentioned during his interview in which he was featured on the ROBLOX Blog.

Pinewood Headquarters (PBHQ)

  • A 12-story office tower on an artificial island near Tokyo.
  • The location of this building has rotated very frequently, from Tokyo to Hong Kong, and vice versa.
  • Plans were announced by Irreflexive (Uncondoned) to revamp the HQ.

Pinewood Builders Data Storage Facility (PBDSF)

  • Formerly known as the PBST Points Database, this facility stores points and other information for subgroups of Pinewood Builders. It was scripted by Uncondoned and built by Csdi.
  • From February 2018 to February 2019, this was used as the starting place for PBST mega training. 
  • It was currently being revamped.

PBST Training Facility (PBSTTF)

  • An indoor training facility with a sun dome, connected to a train that goes to the PBRF.
  • Formerly known as "Project CRATER".

PBST Activity Center (PBSTAC)

  • An outdoor PBST orientated facility solely developed by Csdi, replacing older training facilities with outdated technology such as the PBSTTF.
  • It also acts as a gateway for the new self-training system (still in beta), where PBST members can get training points on their own at any time of the day.
  • Players can also teleport to the different facilities such as the data center by using an underground train.


  • A small hangar hub located in PBST's group games serving as a teleportation place to different Pinewood games and the new place to host mega training.

Pinewood Builders Multipurpose Research Facility (PBMRF)

  • Originally a Quantum Science game, TheWildDeveloper moved it to Pinewood and has continued development there.
  • Whilst the November 21st deadline approached, many Xylem devs were rushing to get at least the DMR Startup completed. On the day of, Roblox Studio refused to load, publish, and it even had its own fair share of errors, known as "Bad Allocation", along with a few others. The release of the game (and the YouTube Stream to follow) was delayed at least twice by roughly 30 minutes each time.
  • The re-release of the game on November 21st was a rough situation, as the game was filled to the brim with players on release. The first DMR (Dark Matter Reactor) Startup was planned to be done by Diddleshot. But due to many other players deciding to go in and start up the Reactor, Diddleshot and other Xylem Members had to go do it on a private server.
  • Members of PB have dubbed the game as a "sequel" to the Pinewood Computer Core, calling it "PBCC 2".
  • The game was closed only to soon be reopened on the 23rd of November, due to the game's anti-exploit having issues loading in.
  • The project has since been abandoned due to TheWildDeveloper’s departure from Pinewood.

Mega Miners (MM)

  • A mining facility which uses huge excavating machinery to mine resources to be used at the computer core.

ROBLOX Laundromat

  • A roleplaying game where users can chuck unsuspecting patrons into a washing machine. Or just wash clothes.
  • The place was converted into a more social hangout-esque game, which generated controversy from older players in Pinewood and other communities.

Train Demolition

  • A classic game where users destroy a train running towards the end of the line.

The Dog Food Factory

  • A predecessor to the Bread Factory game.
  • Buried in the placeholder of Train Demolition.

Pinewood HQ (PBHQ, 2009)

  • The former headquarters of Pinewood Builders.
  • Currently the game still exists, as a Building Demolition game.

The Bread Factory

  • A classic game where users can make their own bread, only to be eaten by "Bob".

Pinewood Research Facility (PBRF, 2009)

  • A surface-based research facility surrounded by hills that were closed for years until the reopening of the Pinewood Research Facility in 2014.
  • It has been revamped to a destruction simulator.

Underground (1, 2, 3)

  • A series of adventure games based in an abandoned facility in the Arctic Circle where the user must navigate his way to escape the facility surrounded by the lore of military involvement.
  • The games had a design that strongly resembled the original Pinewood Computer Core as they were made during the same time period.

Jet Engine Test

  • A facility where users can get sucked up by powerful G-forces.
  • Was featured on the ROBLOX Blog.

Pinewood International Space Station (PBSS/PISS)

  • Notoriously named "PISS", it was a space station orbiting Earth that served as a checkpoint and research station for any Pinewood space cruisers that intend to go into the great beyond.
  • An attempt to renovate it was conducted by theonlyinvincible and GraviticPulse, but the efforts were abandoned later on.
    • It is currently being renovated by LENEMAR, TheGreatOmni and other XYLEM members.

Pinewood Lock

  • A water gate built on the junction of a river and a lake that was constructed sometime in 2011-2013 as a personal server under the Pinewood group.
  • Little details are known about this game.

Pinewood Oil Platform  (PBOP)

  • A 12-level industrial facility based in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that housed oil and gas production infrastructure and recreational living areas, alongside other rooms that serve as an offshore research facility for Pinewood. It also had an oil blowout event that would occur if too much pressure was present in the oil tanks.
  • It was developed by JKR Productions throughout 2015, and released after much delay on December 23, 2015.
  • Following the departure of the developers from Pinewood, it was rebranded to a different group, only for the original developer to make the game public domain two years later.

Pinewood Marine

  • A naval outpost with several gunboats and canals that used to be affiliated with Innovation Inc.
  • Was closed due to the moderation of unknown reason, as well as a lack of updates from the owner.

Pinewood Mars Echo Base

  • A launch facility based on Mars which was under construction. It was canceled.

Pinewood Monster Research & Containment Facility (PBMRCF)

  • Announced in the 2019 promotion video.
  • It was originally planned in late 2015 by Momolivia and BrickDynamics with a SCPF-like theme and would have served as an expansion of the PBRF, only for it to be abandoned after BrickDynamics resigned from Pinewood.

Pinewood Mantle Drilling Facility

  • Announced in the 2019 promotion video.
  • Very little details are known about this game.


Ranks are attainable by contacting a Promoter, through an application place. (However, this place is broken due to the removal of private modules.)

Member 2019

  • Represents the community of Pinewood Builders.
  • Automatically given upon joining the group.
  • Unable to post on the group wall to prevent spam.

Member (Before 2019)

  • Members who joined before 2019.


  • People who have basic scripting skills in Roblox Studio.
  • First rank is able to post on the group wall.


  • People who have basic knowledge in the use of building tools in Roblox Studio.

Dedicated Scientist

  • People who are knowledgeable in advanced scripting for Roblox Studio.

Dedicated Builder

  • People who are knowledgeable about advanced building tools in Roblox Studio.

Epic Scientist

  • People who are excellent scripters and can script pretty much anything thrown at them.

Epic Builder

  • People who are excellent builders and can build advanced structures and props.


  • People who can make art, similar to PBM's Graphic Design Team.


  • Reserved for people who are currently active in XYLEM Technologies.

Special Guests

  • Reserved for special guests!

High Developers

  • The first rank within the administration.
  • Responsible for promoting people to ranks based on their building/scripting abilities.

Honorable Hall of Fame

  • A rank dedicated to veteran and retired Pinewood executives.


  • The owner and leader of Pinewood Builders. Position held by Diddleshot since 2008.


Approximate member counts last updated January 5, 2020

PB Veteran's Club

  • ~14 members
  • Manages game development and group management.
  • Group holding former and current Pinewood Builders executives.

Pinewood Intelligence Agency

  • ~11 members
  • Deal with exploiters and spawn-killers at the PBCC. Act as moderators for PB facilities.
  • Reserved for only trusted members of PB and PBST.

Pinewood Builders Security Team

  • ~65,000 members
  • A security force that patrols and protects interests at Pinewood facilities.

Pinewood Builders Aerospace

  • ~6,900 members
  • A division dedicated to developing and improving aerospace-related games, such as The Space Shuttle Advantage.

XYLEM Technologies

  • ~19 members
  • A development division dedicated to developing advanced technologies.

Pinewood Emergency Team

  • ~21,000 members
  • An emergency response team that responds to hazards such as fire, hazardous materials, and medical emergencies.
  • For quite some time everybody except Diddleshot was ranked "Member" (as of April 10th, "Rescue Hero"). On April 19, Uncondoned eventually became Director.
  • This group does not currently have a Director, due to Irreflexive (formerly known as Uncondoned) retiring and then coming back.
  • This group now has a system for giving people ranks.
  • This group currently has 3 Subsidary groups.

Pinewood Builders Quality Assurance

  • ~7,00 members
  • A division dedicated to ensuring that new scripts and game mechanics for Pinewood Builders are working properly, as well as finding bugs in existing mechanics.

The Mayhem Syndicate

  • ~4,800 members
  • A group dedicated to the destruction of Pinewood facilities and the decimation of their security team. The Mayhem Syndicate operates at PBCC and attempts to stop security in their efforts to save the core.
  • It's the offical raid group of Pinewood.

Pinewood Builders Media

  • ~4,498 members
  • A division dedicated to the upkeep of Pinewood's media outlets, such as twitter and informative / entertainment-based videos created by them. Members also create posters that have been used in PB facilities such as the PBSTAC.

Pinewood Monster Research and Containment

  • ~1,270 members
  • A division dedicated to researching on biohazards and unknown organisms.
  • Originally for the canceled PBRF expansion involving SCPF-like activities.
  • Remained inactive until Terrariabat was put in the new Director rank in October 2018.
    • However, Terrariabat's resignation caused the group to revert to being inactive.

ROBLOX Laundromat

  • ~400 members
  • A fan club for the ROBLOX Laundromat.

Mega Miners

  • ~2,200 members
  • A fan club for Mega Miners.


Photos of Pinewood Facilities and events.

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