Pinewood Builders Security Team (PBST) is a security division of Pinewood Builders.

Pinewood Security is responsible for protecting Pinewood's facilities at all times, such as preventing reactor core meltdowns at the core, or defending the weak from (sometimes abusive) OP weapons users. 

Loadout Sets


  • A low-damage baton (sometimes referred by members as a nightstick, a spanking rod, or a pool noodle)

Tier 1+

  • A high-damage baton
  • A riot shotgun (referred as the sitgun as it makes the player sit, though it is replaced by a pistol in PBCC Which was made by Csdi)
  • A riot shield
  • A taser

Tier 2+

  • Tier 1 loadout
  • A MP7S sub-machine gun (replaced by the rifle in PBCC)
  • A silenced USPT pistol (auto-click proof, includes flashlight attachment, replaced by the pistol)

Tier 3+

  • Tier 2 loadout
  • Submachine Gun (Automatic And High Damage)



  • The rank received upon joining the group.

Tier 1

  • Tier 1 is obtained by getting 100 points.
  • The Tier 1 loadout consists of a taser, a riot shotgun (removed from PBCC), a high damage police baton, and a riot shield.
  • Tier 1 at the minimum is usually called to defend visitors from OP weapon abusers at the PBCC since their high damage baton is capable of killing someone in just 2 hits.

Tier 2

  • After getting 250 points, you become a Tier 2 guard.
  • The Tier 2 loadout consists of the Tier 1 loadout, a MP7S/rifle, and a silenced USPT pistol.
  • Tiers 2 are more capable of defending PBCC from OP weapons users since they have ranged lethal guns.

Tier 3

  • After getting 500 points, you become a Tier 3 guard.
  • The Tier 3 loadout consists of the Tier 2 loadout.
  • Tiers 3 are more likely to assist in training than the ranks listed above.

Tier 4 Special Defense

  • You must have obtained 800 points. 
  • To obtain this tier you must be voted in by the majority of the Trainers, or elected by the Head of Security.
  • Can host trainings with a Trainer's permission and/or supervision.
  • There are currently 16 Tier 4 Special Defense members in PBST.


  • Administrators in PB games.
  • Can host trainings.
  • There are currently 5 trainers in PBST: TenX29, Vah_Medoh, Adamek1999PL, TheSparkedFlame and doodynana1.
  • This is probably the highest rank you can reach in PBST, unless you are lucky enough to become Pinewood's Head of Security.

Pinewood Facilitator

  • Not much is known about this rank yet,but it's believed that they will edit Pinewood's facilities.
  • There are 2 Facilitators so far: LENEMAR and Uncondoned.

Head of Security

  • Is picked by the owner of the group, which is Diddleshot.
  • The current Head of Security is Csdi.


  • Unobtainable.
  • The Owner of Pinewood Builders and most of it’s divisions, who is currently Diddleshot.

Pinewood Builders Security Team: 1st Company

  • Led by Logocracy.
  • Largest PBST subgroup.
  • Collasped after Logocracy's departure from Pinewood in 2019.

Security Handbook

Created: 03-17-2019 (Unsayableorc, Csdi, Uncondoned)


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  • PBST uniforms are based on the security guard uniforms at Black Mesa, from the Half-Life series.
  • Some people join PBST just for weapons and are likely not to attend training and just abuse their trainee baton. These people are mostly known as "abusers" or "rogue security".
  • On Saturday and Sunday, a mega training will be held which last 10 minutes longer than normal a training and double points if you attend.
  • There's a type of training in PBST called “Disciplinary Training” which if you fail to follow rules, you will be removed from training.
  • PBST ranks were updated sometime in April right when spyagent388 became Head of Security.
  • In May 2018 spyagent388 was fired and kicked from Pinewood and replaced by Logocracy, due to his bribes of points for watching his Fortnite streams.
  • The Tier 1+ riot shotgun has been removed from PBCC and replaced by the pistol but is still available in older facilities such as PBRF, PBSTTF, and PBHQ.
  • After Logocracy resigned in March 2019 Csdi became the new head of security.
  • Csdi created the group called “The sheriffs” which would raid the PBSTAC. PBST members were to defend the PBSTAC core from a meltdown caused by the sheriffs. As of January 2019 the sheriffs could no longer raid the PBSTAC or any of the other PB games,it's replaced by The Mayhem Syndicate.