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A place is a component of a Game universe, which connects multiple places together. The term "place" is commonly confused with "game".

Making a place

Creating a Place

Every game automatically creates a Start Place. A Start Place's thumbnail, name, and description is used on the website page for a game.

If developers choose to expand their game by adding more places, they can do so through Studio, as described in In order to create a place, go to the "Create" page on the Roblox website as shown in the picture on the Game universe page.

Places tab in Create

When clicking on the Create page, you can see all of your places by clicking "Places" on the left side of the page. This allows you to quickly open any place in any game in Studio.

Before September 27, 2017 the amount of active places, one could have were limited based on their Builder's Club. The amount goes as follows.

  • Free users - 1 active place
  • Former BC (players whose BC membership has expired) - 5 active places
  • BC - 10 active places
  • TBC - 25 active places
  • OBC - 100 active places

Configuring the Place

It might be possible to run 600 player games with no additional cost.

David Baszucki, RDC 2019

To configure a place, simply select the gear icon on the right side of your place's entry, then select "Configure Place" from the drop-down box. Configuring a place allows you to:

  • Change the place's name/description
  • Change the place's icon
  • Change the place's thumbnail image/video. Video thumbnails cost 500 Robux.
  • Choose whether or not game access is sold for Robux
  • Change the amount of players allowed on one server. The maximum amount of players is 100. (Users in the Roblox Beta program can set max players to 200.)
  • Change place access privileges
  • Change the place's copy-lock protection (Disabling this allows people to copy your place and edit it for their own needs.)
  • Choose what gear can be added to your game and displayed on your game page (Only Gear from the official Roblox Catalog is allowed for this feature; you will net a small percentage of the money players pay to buy gear from your game page.)
  • Change the game's genre (as seen by the public)
  • Reset the place to a starting template
  • Revert the place to a previous version

Templates page

Game Playability

Historically, places were created in Experimental Mode, signifying that FilteringEnabled was disabled.

However, in 2018, Experimental Mode was disabled. All places are now created with Experimental Mode off and all existing places have transitioned to normal mode. During this transition, <13 users were unable to join Experimental Mode games for a short time.


The user can choose to start building on one of 16 starting templates, many which lay framework for a potential game: * Indicates that the template includes instructions and hints for designing the game

  • "Baseplate", consisting of a large gray plastic block to serve as the ground; this is the most commonly used template
  • "Flat Terrain", consisting of a large empty stretch of flat Terrain.
  • "Village" *, consisting of a small medieval village surrounded by rivers and a lake
  • "Castle" *, consisting of a large castle surrounded by hills and mountains
  • "Suburban", consisting of a small suburban town, complete with streets, 3 houses (2 are empty), a gas station, and a school
  • "Racing", consisting of 4 drivable cars and a landscape-decorated race course
  • "Pirate Island" *, consisting of an ocean, 4 tropical islands, and a pirate ship
  • "Western", consisting of a small Old Western town and a long railroad track located in a desert and woodland
  • "City", consisting of streets and 4 urban buildings
  • "Obby", consisting of a very simple obby
  • "Starting Place" *, consisting of a cabin and a yard incomplete for sake of building surrounded by hills and mountains; this is the default place every game created has
  • "Line Runner", consisting of several platforms with obstacles, plays as a linear 2.5D endless runner
  • "Infinite Runner", consisting of several platforms with obstacles, plays as a 3D Temple-Run-style endless runner
  • "Capture the Flag", consisting of two competing camps (one red, one blue) separated by a river, plays as a round-based "Capture the Flag" PvP game
  • "Team/FFA Arena", consisting of a military camp next to a cargo yard and a forest, plays as a round-based PvP game
  • "Combat", consisting of an empty flat desert with 2 weapons givers and a healing kit giver
  • "Create and Destroy", consisting of an ocean with a lobby island, gameplay island, and an island with pieces meant to design your gameplay island, plays as a competitive round-based game, themed after the Godzilla franchise and meant for Roblox Creator Challenge (2019)
  • "Galactic Speedway", consisting of an extraterrestrial landscape with dissembled pieces to build an aircraft from and floating rings to fly the aircraft through, themed after Star Wars and meant for Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge
  • "Story Game" (no longer available), consisting of a library with a pedestal holding a book, meant for Roblox Winter Creator Challenge
  • "Volcanic Island" (no longer available), consisting of Isla Nublar in-midst of a volcanic explosion, themed after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and meant for Roblox Creator Challenge (2018)

All templates, excluding the Creator Challenge places, can be viewed on this profile.

Old Templates

  • These were the old Templates:
    • "Happy Home in Robloxia", consisting of a stamper-made house along with terrain, which received strong criticism.
    • "Starting Brick Battle", consisting of 2 opposing walled towers, two different teams and a base plate. Players get all of the standard Roblox fighting tools.
    • "Baseplate", consisting of a large stretch of Terrain.
    • Personal Server Starting Place.


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  • Balance, created by Matt Dusek, is the one of the only places on Roblox to go past 200 max players, with a max of 255. Only Roblox employees can set the maximum players past 200. Another example is New Gear Test.
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