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A badge in Arsenal that players can obtain by winning a game.

A player badge can be obtained by a player fulfilling a certain requirement in a Roblox game. Badges serve a similar purpose to achievements in games outside of Roblox. As a result, it is not uncommon for players to intentionally seek out as many badges as possible, with many users creating "Badge Walks" where all the player has to do is walk down a line of badge givers usually and badges will be awarded. There are even entire groups dedicated to hunting for these badges.

Player badges are badges created by other users and are awarded to players in games. The game's creator usually makes them obtainable by progressing or finding secrets. Unlike Roblox badges, players can remove them from their inventory (official Roblox badges are shown in a separate section on one's profile rather than their inventory).


A template used for creating image of a badge. The shaded part will be trimmed and have anti-aliasing in the final image.


The player badges' difficulties are influenced by how many players got it yesterday; for example, if 100,000 players get a badge, its difficulty will likely be Freebie, while if only 2 players get a badge, its difficulty will likely be impossible. Sometimes, this does not even remotely reflect the difficulty of getting the badge—in some extreme cases, literal freebie badges awarded upon entering the game are listed as impossible.

Name of difficulty Percentage
Freebie from 100% to 90%
Cake Walk from 89.9% to 80%
Easy from 79.9% to 50%
Moderate from 49.9% to 30%
Challenging from 29.9% to 20%
Hard from 19.9% to 10%
Extreme from 9.9% to 5%
Insane from 4.9% to 1%
Impossible from 0.9% to 0%


Player badges are criticized due to its cost (100 Robux) for creating one, and that badges for group games require payment of group funds instead of having the option to use the funds of their creator.[1]

Creating a badge

Users can create their own badge by uploading their image, typing in the name and description and purchasing their badge with Robux. Images for badges are circular, so the outside of the circle will be trimmed in the final image. Where the badges are created can be found by opening up Roblox Studio, loading a place, opening the Game Explorer, right-clicking on Badges, and then selecting Create Badge. Alternatively, this can be found on the website by clicking on Create and then Badges. Name and description are required to create the badge.


This code will award a player of specified id a badge of specified id. The player must be present in-game for it to work.


Additionally, this code uses the UserHasBadge function that checks the user if they have a badge of specified id:


Player badges can be manually awarded through most trusted "admin command" models, such as Kohl's Admin Infinite (in that case, the command would be :badge (player) (badge ID)).


  • The awarded badge must be of the current game.
  • Badges can only be awarded once.

Roblox Badges

Most Roblox badges can be obtained by progressing (e.g. formerly earning Builders Club, having a Roblox account for at least 1 or more years, etc.) or by playing games.

Icon Badge Name Retired Description
Administrator Badge 2019 Administrator Badge No Given to administrators.
Veteran Badge Veteran Badge No Given to anyone who exceeds one year of account age.
Friendship Badge Friendship Badge No Given to anyone who exceeds twenty friends.
Inviter Badge Inviter Badge 2014 Given to anyone who exceeds inviting 3+ players, awarded in the inviter program which ran from 2009-13.
Ambassador Ambassador Badge 2012 Given to anyone who exceeds 6+ tix in the ambassador program, removed from all profiles in October 2014.
Forummod Forum Moderator Badge Yes Given to forum moderators.
Image Mod Transparent Image Moderator Badge Yes Given to image moderators.
Super Moderator Super Moderator Badge Yes Given to super moderators. (and used as a symbol of a banhammer)
BC Badge Builder's Club Badge Yes Was Given to anyone who had BC, before Builder's Club was replaced by Premium in late 2019.
TBC Badge TBC Badge Yes Was Given to anyone who had TBC, before Builder's Club was replaced by premium in late 2019.
OBC Badge OBC Badge Yes Was Given to anyone had  OBC, before Builder's Club was replaced by Premium in late 2019.
Welcome to the club derp Welcome to the Club Badge 2019 Given to anyone who had BC at one point in time before Premium.
Badge7 Homestead Badge No Given to anyone who exceeds 100 place visits.
Bricksmith Badge Bricksmith Badge No Given to anyone who exceeds 1,000 place visits.
Official Model Maker Official Model Maker Badge No Given to anyone who exceeds great model making skills with Roblox's endorsement.
Combat1 Combat Initiation Badge 2015 Given to anyone who exceeds 10 wins in games with classic combat scripts.
Combat2 Warrior Badge 2015 Given to anyone who exceeds 100 wins in games with classic combat scripts.
Bloxxer Bloxxer Badge 2015 Given to anyone who exceeds 250 wins in games with classic combat scripts.


2006 – Roblox badges are introduced.

2009 – Roblox badges are easier to get, and player badges are introduced.

2010 – Player badges get a new design.

2012 – The BC, TBC and OBC Roblox badges are added.

2017 – Player badges can now be awarded by any place in the universe, and player Badges no longer require Builders Club to create.

2018 – Player badge comments are disabled due to scams and bots. Badge givers are no longer awarded to one's inventory to the corresponding badge.


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  • There was once a Roblox badge that was unreleased. It appeared to be a circle with a blue background, similar to Friendship Badge, Ambassador Badge, and Inviter Badge. With "5" on it above and 4 coins stacked down with 1 standing with "R" on it.
    • The R might be a reference to Robux, making it appear "5 Robux".
  • A user named themasterblaster577 (was hopperkk for multiple years) currently holds the most player badges on Roblox, with over 80,000 obtained player badges.
  • Along with the 100 Robux needed to create a player badge, Builders Club was one of the requirements too, but that has been removed in recent years.

The unused "Navigation" badge

  • An early cut Roblox badge is the "Navigation" badge. It predates the iconic Roblox badges by two days.[2] It is unknown as to what the requirements were to obtain it.
  • For event games, player badges are known to have the ability to be awarded along with a real avatar shop item if a specific script is used.


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