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Player Points

The icon of player points

Player points were a scoring system on Roblox, generally intended to display players' skill. Player points were first implemented to Roblox as a beta feature on April 15, 2014[1] and were released out of beta when they were reset in September 2014.[2] They are often represented as red coins with white stars at the center of their sides. Players can earn them while playing certain games that utilized ExplorerImageIndex 0PointsService, usually either by completing tasks or making progress. Due to the sequential removal of their mentions in the website—the last being the leaderboards in 2018—they are currently deprecated, albeit still functioning.

Initially as a limited supply, players were able to accumulate player points in games and rank up into the website's leaderboards, in which it displayed the ranking of players with the most player points accumulated on Roblox alongside clans.

An overhaul of the system is being worked on by Roblox, according to a staff member.[3]


PP Global leaderboards

The players section of the global leaderboards

Limited supply

Player points were originally a limited supply in games.[4] For a game to be resupplied with player points, either developer products, game passes or paid access must be sold.[5] The amount of resupply depends on the amount of Robux being spent.

Before player points were no longer a limited supply, a stat was displayed on users' profile that showed the total amount of points they have accumulated.

Player points were intended to be a reward for players that were making progress and completing tasks on games. On the contrary, some users have abused this system such as by creating places that would give players specified amounts of player points in exchange for Robux. Roblox have decided to temporarily keep these places,[4] but afterwards, this often resulted in moderation.

Regardless, the system was both heavily criticized and abused that in September 2014, it resulted in Roblox's decision of removing the global leaderboards, supplying every game with infinite points and resetting users' points, while releasing the feature out of beta.[2]

Towards discontinuance

In November 2017, the "All Time" and, later on, the "Today" leaderboard sections were removed,[6] causing some confusion among users. In 2018, all mentions of player points on the website that remained were being removed.,[7] essentially deprecating player points. However, players may still see themselves earning player points in certain games as the feature was not fully removed internally such as Work at a Pizza Place, and The Normal Elevator.

Notable games

This list is incomplete.
The following list consists of notable games that are either currently using or have used the feature at some point in the past:


Player points can be awarded to (or deducted from) a player via a server-sided script that uses ExplorerImageIndex 0PointsService functions. Their player points can also be checked using the GetPointBalance function. The functions work similar to badges, except that a player does not have to be in-game for these functions to work.

In order for a game to award player points to a player, a server-sided script must call the PointsService's function AwardPoints with the ID of the player being awarded and a specific amount. Negative amounts will deduct their player points. Multiple players can be awarded simultaneously using either the spawn function or coroutines.

Code example

This code will award a player of a given ID a specific amount of player points.


In some cases such as where a code runs an entire round of a game, awarding points yields the code, causing the duration of the round to be longer than intended. Therefore, putting the function inside either a spawn function or a coroutine can be helpful:

local points = game:GetService("PointsService")
function AwardPlayer(player,amount)
		local userId = player.UserId
		points:AwardPoints(userId, amount)

As an addition to the previous code, upon calling this function will award everyone in the server 10 points.

function AwardAllPlayers()
	local players = game.Players:GetPlayers()
	for i=1,#players do
		AwardPlayer(players[i], 10)

Clan points


Clan points are earned if one member of a clan has earned player points. Clans cannot lose points by losing a member, so they can earn an indefinite amount of points without having trouble of retaining their members.[4]

Dedicated group


A group called Clan Points was devoted to become the top of the leaderboards by getting much clan points as fast as possible, while initially became popular due to it being created by a notable game developer. Due to the removal of clan points, it no longer serves its main purpose. However, it is still currently owned by 1waffle1.



Leaderboard found in the game details page.

A leaderboard was displayed in each game that ranked players and clans based on amount of points they have earned on that game. The global leaderboard on the website also ranked players and clans by how much points they have accumulated throughout games.[5] However, this leaderboard existed until it was removed along with the limited supply on player points. The leaderboard on the game details page remained, which was later removed in 2018.

Users could change their view of both leaderboards by selecting a period of time. The only available options since player points were in beta were "Past Week" as a default, the others being "Today", "Past Month" and "All Time".


Player points were known by the community for being useless because it lacked features besides it being a way for players to show their skill. It was also criticized for being abused commonly as a limited supply, due to some games that sold player points for Robux.


Star Player Points

Star Player Headphones is a limited hat that features a pair of headphones and, as its description suggests, a design representing player points. It is the only hat that featured a design of player points.


There was two events hosted, both of which involved player points.

Summer Games 2014

Main article: Summer Games 2014

This event lasted from July 2, 2014 to July 24, 2014. It consisted of five summer-themed games, and the event involved players to compete by earning player points in those games.

ROBLOX Clan Battle 2014

Main article: Clan Battle

This event lasted from August 19, 2014 to August 31, 2014. Similar to the previous event, this event involves individual players and clans to compete each other by earning much player points as possible.



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  • A devforum post was made, which requested that developers should be able to disable the current notifications of being earned player points and replace them with custom ones. This was not done before the player points were deprecated.


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