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Player Points

Player points, first implemented on April 15, 2014,[1] were a non-usable currency on Roblox, generally intended to display skill. Players could earn them while playing certain games that supported Player points using scripts, usually by winning a round or completing an achievement.

Originally, player points were displayed on user's profile, and there was a leaderboard page that ranked players and clans by the amount of player or clan points. Some people abused the player point system by creating places that would give users large amounts of free player points.


In November 2017, the "All Time" and, later on, the "Today" leaderboard sections were removed,[2] causing some confusion among users. On June 14, 2018, all mention of player points on the website that remained were removed.,[3] essentially deprecating player points. However, players may still see themselves earning player points in certain games as the feature was not fully removed internally such as Work at a Pizza Place, and The Normal Elevator.

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