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Powers was the first 2019 event. It started on January 17, 2019, and ended on January 31, 2019. It took place in Zombie Rush, Swordburst 2 and Pirate Simulator with one prize per game.


Name Image Creator/Group
Zombie Rush
Zombie Rush.jpg
Beacon Studio
Swordburst 2
Swordburst 2.jpeg
Swordburst 2
Pirate Simulator
Pirate Simulator Powers.jpg
Explosive Entertainment Studio Beta


Name Game Image Objective
Power Eyes Zombie Rush
Bring fifteen batteries to the generator.
Power Pauldrons Swordburst 2
Defeat ten waves of monsters in the Event portal.
Power Gloves Pirate Simulator
Craft the new sword and defeat Dread Beard.


Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush is pretty difficult because when there's a huge army of zombies chasing you, it gets intense and hard to get a single battery when a zombie spawns right next to you. Also, if you rejoin the game to try to continue doing the event, your progress doesn't save and the batteries are glitched (that means it can not be collected).

Swordburst 2

The respawn area is right above the menu portal, it is very easy to leave the mission and forces you to restart all over. It isn't difficult because of the monsters with infinite respawn, but with low levels, the monsters at wave 1 still can kill you easily. Overall this was said to be the easiest.

Pirate Simulator

Pirate Simulator was said to be ridiculously hard and time-consuming. You need to be rank 3 and 5 to get the other gems and a good sword to kill the pirates. Also, you always have to go between 300 and 2999 studs to even attempt a gem and if you die you respawn at the deck of your island. Also, the enemies can sometimes crowd around you and kill you instantly.


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  • In Pirate Simulator, the emerald (originally rank 2, currently rank 3) and the sapphire's (originally rank 3, currently rank 5) ranks were changed for unknown reasons.
    • It is speculated to have been changed to increase the difficulty for players.
  • Due to Swordburst 2 not having mobile support, mobile players are unable to obtain the prize for that game without the help of a computer user.
    • Also around Wave 5 and up, the damage of weapons will glitch out, causing the weapon to do no damage, which ruins solo runs.
  • This is the second time that Swordburst 2 was featured in an event with the last one being Roblox Heroes (2018).
  • Both Zombie Rush and Pirate Simulator are featured for the first time in an event game.
  • People thought this event was originally a Toys event, which made people disappointed that it wasn't.