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The Prank a Popstar! contest was a Roblox video contest which started on March 31, 2011, and ended on April 8, 2011. The goal of the contest was to make a video that spoofs or pranks a music pop star. It was first announced in this Blog post and the winners were announced here.

Entrance Procedure

In order to enter users must make a video in a Roblox game where you spoof or prank a music pop star. The video must include Evil Duck or Rubber Duckie somewhere in the video. Then, the video must be uploaded to YouTube and tagged with words “EpicScience” and “ROBLOX” and also the name of the pop star you are pranking.


The following are the list of the Judges for the Prank a Pop Star! contest.

  • Brighteyes
  • ReeseMcBlox
  • Builderman
  • Shedletsky

Winners and Rewards

Only 4 videos could be picked by the Judges, the prize were 1,000 Robux and a Telamon's Mystery Box.