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Example of Premium Payout chart found in a game's Developer Stats page

Premium Payouts is a feature which allow developers to be paid in Robux based on how much time Premium subscribers spend in your game. This feature was introduced on February 19, 2020, on the Developer Forum.[1]

The update was very well received, making it easier for developer to gain money through DevEx.[2]

Calculating Payout

The amount that is paid out to developers is based on a "Premium Playtime Score" metric. It gives immediate feedback on the impact of new in-game changes in relation to the amount of time Premium subscribers spend in your game. Payouts have a 28-day delay to best calculate engagement for the entire month of a Premium subscription.

Roblox encourages games to restrict certain features to Premium users and use the Premium Purchase Modal to increase premium payouts on any given game.[3]

Payout Farming

Payout farming is a method of gaining Robux through Premium Payouts. This uses two accounts; one with Premium, and one that owns a game. The way that this is done is the account with Premium goes afk in the game. The account that owns the game will start to gain Robux from the premium accounts time in the game.

You can give your main the Robux via group funds if the game is owned by a group or by buying a shirt from the Premium account. (Buying something to transfer the Robux is less efficient due to the 30% Marketplace fee.)


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  • Paid-access games are not eligible to receive Premium Payouts.
  • The amount of Robux received from Premium Payouts was tripled on April 1, 2020, to support developers during the COVID-19 pandemic. [4]
  • The amount of Robux received from Premium Payout was increased by 67% on September 2, 2020 [5]
  • The amount of Robux received from Premium Payouts was increased again by over 75%, resulting in roughly x9 Premium Payouts since its initial release. [6]