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The 2018 Roblox Presidents' Day Sale is an annual sale which lasted from February 16, 2018, to February 19, 2018. Like other sales, new catalog items and limiteds, offsale catalog items & catalog items turned limited in this sale.

Items sold in the Presidents' Day 2018 sale

Name of items sold Image of item Sale Price
Korblox Deathspeaker
Korblox Deathspeaker.png
10,000 Robux
Pirate Captain's Hat
Pirate Captain's Hat.png
500 Robux
Blue Top Hat with White Band
Blue Banded Tophat.png
5,000 Robux
Fallen Pocket Pal
Fallen Pocket Pal.png
50 Robux (LimitedU)
Captain Rampage
125 Robux
Donut Hat
Donut Hat.png
25 Robux
Viridian Hoverboard
Viridian Hoverboard.png
150 Robux
Ninja Animation Package
Ninja Animation Package.png
400 Robux
Levitation Animation Pack
Levitation Animation Package.png
600 Robux
Circuit Breaker
Circuit Breaker.png
400 Robux
Snow Shredder
Snow Shredder.png
50 Robux
Blue 8-Bit Antlers
Blue 8-Bit Antlers.png
2,000 Robux
Silverthorn Antlers
Improved Silverthorn Antlers.png
250 Robux
Bombastic Antlers
Bombastic Antlers.png
7,500 Robux
Bluesteel Antlers
Bluesteel antlers.png
20,000 Robux
Violet Valkyrie
Violet Valkyrie.png

50,000 Robux

Agonizingly White Bucket of Ultimate Doom
50,000 Robux


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  • This is the first sale to occur in 2018.
  • The Fallen Pocket Pal is based on the Blue Pocket Pal.