Price Floor

5 Robux, the current minimum price for a shirt or pants in the catalog.

The price floor is a minimum price set for selling items on Roblox, which was introduced on September 24, 2013.


Along with the outlines update, the price floor update was heavily criticized by the community upon its release. Prior to this update, the minimum price of T-shirts, Shirts and Pants was 1 Robux and 1 ticket. This update raised the minimum price to 25 Robux and 300 tickets, although this was later lowered to 10 Robux and 100 tickets nine days later following backlash. Three main reasons were cited in the blog posts announcing the update:

  1. Raise the quality of items in the catalog.
  2. Reward makers and sellers of clothing.
  3. To incentivize non-paying users to buy Robux.

Many users were cited as leaving the site, canceling their Builders Club membership, or protested the implementation of this change in the following weeks. Many groups and T-shirts were created in protest, although no further change occurred.

On April 13, 2016, due to the removal of tickets, the price floor was lowered to 2 Robux for T-shirts and 5 Robux for shirts and pants.

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