Profiles are given to all accounts on Roblox.  Profiles show a wide range of information about one certain player, including Place Visits, Forum Posts, Friends, etc.  KOs and WOs were removed on July 8, 2015, and can't be counted anymore. Profiles can be accessed by clicking "Home" and then "Profile" in the Home options, or by searching a player in "People."
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New layout as of February 15, 2018

Profile Information


Statuses are displayed at the top of a profile. If the user does not have a current status put in or is in safe-chat mode, they will not have a status bar displayed. If you are best friends with the player, their statuses will show up in your feed.


A username is simply the account name of the profile you are viewing. Usernames are located directly below the status and above the character picture. They can be changed for 1,000 Robux.

Character Picture


The Character Picture displays the current avatar of the player. If you see a "?" in this spot, that means that the player is either changing their character currently or Roblox needs to re-draw the character for an accurate picture.

Primary Group

The Primary Group of the player is displayed below the Character Picture. If the player has a primary group selected, the name and logo of the group will be displayed here. If not, then it will be taken off of their profile.



A blurb is special to each account and can be edited by the user in "Account." Anything can be put here (as long as it passes through the filter), including general information, skill-sets, or just funny/inspiring quotes.

Friend/Message Options

These boxes will be displayed below the blurb. They will allow any users to send a friend request and, if the account allows it, send messages/chat requests/party invites. If friends with the account, any user can access "Friend Options" which will allow them to unfriend the player or make them their best friend.

Active Places/Showcase

This box is dedicated to showing all the currently active places of the account. It will display 10 places per page, and each place will have the title, picture, play option, and description included. If you are the owner of that profile/creator of the game(s),

About Tab

This tab displays the player's blurb, the hats, gear items, or packages the player's avatar is wearing, the player's friends, a 6-item inventory of hats the user has, the groups the player is in, the player's favorite games, the badges the player has earned, and the player's statistics, which includes the date the player joined, the number of place visits combined with the amount of visits each active place has, and how many times the player has posted on the forum. When using Roblox+, it will also show how many sales the player's clothings and models have.

Creations Tab

This tab shows the player's active places and the models and shirts the player created.

Roblox Badges


This box displays all of the Roblox Badges that the player has earned, such as Homestead and Warrior.


Bandicam 2016-06-16 12-03-06-347

The Friends box shows all of the player's friends in order of when they were accepted. Six friends will be displayed on the profile, but by clicking See All, you can view the entire friends list of the account, as well as their character pictures, their Builders Club status, and whether or not they are online.

Player Badges


This is located directly under the Roblox Badges information and displays all of the user-created badges that the player has earned.


User Stats

Statistics quickly show the numerical information that Roblox has kept about the account. They include:

Former statistics:

  • Knockouts
  • Highest ever voting accuracy (removed on an unknown date in 2014)
  • Forum Posts (removed on an unknown date in 2017)
  • Profile Views (removed on 07/08/2013)
  • Wipeouts (displayed to account owner only, removed)
  • Tickets and Robux (displayed to account owner only, removed on 11/01/2014)


Favorites are selected by the account owner but can be viewed by everyone. They include:


This shows the sets that the account owns. By clicking View Subscribed, you can see what sets the account is subscribed to, as well. *As of December 29, 2016, Sets are not shown in the player's profile and hidden.


This shows all of the groups that the account is currently a member of.


This shows all of the items that the user currently owns, in order of how recently purchased they are. Sometimes, Limited and LimitedU hats the player currently owns will be shown on his/her user page.

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