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The Roblox Wikia is a comprehensive database focusing on the massively multiplayer online and game creation platform Roblox. The wikia is a collaborative community website that anyone can edit, dedicated to collecting all information related to the platform. Here, you can learn how to develop games and make money (real and virtual), and everything about Roblox's culture, community and more!
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Our community also exists on Roblox and other websites. Editors discuss on the Discord server (verification with Roblox account is required to access channels) and you can join the ROBLOX Wikia group on Roblox. We also have a twitter account, follow us @RBLXWikia.

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Did you know…
  • that the Roblox blog was originally known as the Roblox Developers' Journal?
  • that the Riptide gear is the only sponsored item to have become limited?
  • that the Blockhead Baseball Cap and the Tiny Top Hat were the first hats created specifically for different head shapes?
  • that on May 21, 2016, Roblox added the option to remove banned people from your friends list?
  • that to promote the release of dynamic lighting, Roblox held an event on the games page to promote games with dynamic lighting by putting white bars on the sides of the page?

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