Roblox Developers Conference 2019 Recaps
RDC 2019 was an invite-only event in which developers went to a conference in San Francisco, California, or a viewing party in London, UK. Below is the livestreams for both days. Additional broken-down videos can be found on Roblox's YouTube channel.
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Did you know…
  • that the game Jailbreak, made by asimo3089 and badcc, achieved more concurrent players than the Easter Egg Hunt 2017?
  • that Poker_Man29 is the first user to achieve 10,000 Knockouts?
  • that on April 1, 2019, an article promoting the "Robox" gaming console was posted on the Roblox blog as an April Fools Day joke?
  • that when the ability for users to change their username was first implemented, a bug prevented people from posting on the forums for 24 hours?
  • that you could not follow a friend into a game they were playing until in 2011?
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  • Thundermaker300

    Hey wiki editors! It's certainly been a long time since I've posted one of these.

    Here is our schedule for August gaming events. Take a look at these and get prepared for upcoming events. Events are announced on our discord server, so make sure to…

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  • Thundermaker300


    You might have noticed that the place, player, and group infoboxes now display an "Accurate as of ..." date. This was rolled out yesterday and is controlled using the newly added Updated template. This date will change to the date the page was …

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  • Thundermaker300

    The previous blog post stated that yearly events (egg hunt, hallow's eve, etc) are not being replaced. However, this appears to have changed.

    Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do regarding the change as we are not employees and the only employee…

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