Userboxes are ways to show that you like something.


To add userboxes to your page, just type in {{User USERBOXNAMEHERE}}. To see the code for these, look below the userboxes.

Userbox templates

Roblox Wikia staff

RobloxWikiaFavicon This user is an administrator on the Roblox Wikia!

User admin

RobloxWikiaFavicon This user is a bureaucrat on the Roblox Wikia!

User bureaucrat

RobloxWikiaFavicon This user is a rollbacker on the Roblox Wikia!

User rollback

RobloxWikiaFavicon This user is a content moderator on the Roblox Wikia!

User content moderator

RobloxWikiaFavicon This user is a discussions moderator on the Roblox Wikia!

User discussions moderator

Ajedi32 This user is a fan of Ajedi32.

User Ajedi32fan

Mark Otaris This user is a fan of Mark Otaris

User MarkOtarisfan

WikiaIcon Acebatonfan This user is a fan of Acebatonfan.

User Acebatonfan

ThundermakerTM This user is a fan of Thundermaker300!

User Thundermaker

WikiaIcon Karasuneth This user is a fan of Karasuneth!

User KarasunethFan

The JoTS This user is a fan of The JoTS.

User TheJoTSfan

WikiaIcon 0Michael105 This user is a fan of 0Michael105.

User 0Michael105

BundleofYoy Icon This user is a fan of BundleofYoy.

User BundleofYoy

Noobfanity Noob V2 This user is a fan of Noobfanity.

User Noobfanity Fan

WikiaIcon Joritochip This user is a fan of Joritochip.

User Joritochip

WikiaIcon Bluerock This user is a fan of the Roblox Wikia manager, Bluerock.

User Bluerock

Notable Robloxians

See User fanof

Wiki edits

0 Newbie This user has made 0 edits. What the?

User e0

1 Good job! This user has made their 1st edit, and should get more involved in the community.

User e1

100 This user has made 100 edits.

User e100

500 This user has made 500 edits.

User e500

1,000 This user has made 1,000 edits.

User e1000

2,000 This user has made 2,000 edits.

User e2000

5,000 This user has made 5,000 edits. Wow!

User e5000

10,000 This user has made 10000 edits, and needs a life.

User e10000

1,000,000 This user has made 1,000,000 edits, and is most definitely either lying, or non-human.

User e1000000

{{{Your Goal}}} This user has set a goal to make {{{Your Goal}}} edits.

User eGoal


Roblox O This user LOVES Roblox.

User LikesRoblox

Incoming derpy This user is a Brony.

User Ponyfan

Angryfaic This user wants to outlaw vandalism.

User OutlawVandalism

Epic-face-1hi0cq4-300x300 This user is EPIC!

User Epic

Kirbysqsq 881 This user loves Kirby!

User Kirby

Nintendo This user loves Nintendo!

User LikesNintendo

SadEpicFace This user has quit the wiki. Aww...

User QuitWiki

Diabetes Circle This user supports diabetes awareness.

User DiabetesAwareness

COFFEELove This user LOVES coffee. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!! ☕☕☕

User Coffee Lover

Arctic Fox Head This user is a furry.

User Furryfan

Infobox This user's birthday is on a Holiday.

User holiday

Erik Cassel This user will remember Erik Cassel after February 11, 2013.

User ErikCassel

Bad Dog This user likes werewolves. AWOOOOOOO!

User Wolf Lover

Unikitty (For Userbox) This user is a fan of Unikitty.

User Unikitty

Penguin Friend This user is a fan of penguins!

User Penguin Fan

Dbdfe09fbab1e5d9966af52985b2b291 This user likes Paintball!.

User Paintball!

ClockThonk This user observes Daylight Savings Time.

User daylight

Love is Love - LGBT This user supports the LGBT community!

User LGBT Supporter

Wheatley This user is a fan of Wheatley.

User Wheatley Fan

Royale High Cropped Thumbnail (Icon) This user likes to play Royale High!

User Royale High Lover

Rubik's This user can solve twisty puzzles like a Rubik's Cube.

User rubiksolver

Pokeball Icon This user is a fan of Pokémon.

User Pokemon Fan

ChickenWings This user is a fan of Chicken Wings.

User ChickenWingsFan

No promocodes lol This user supports the removal of active promocodes. lol

User we removed promocodes

Jason Voordees Mask for Friday the 13th This user is a fan of Friday the 13th.

User Friday the 13th

Cute guardian This user is a fan of Petscop.

User Petscop

Eeveelutions This user is a fan of the Eeveelutions!

User Eeveelutions

Mimikyu This user wants to be friends with a lonely Mimikyu.

User Mimikyu's Friend

Melanie Martinez This user is a fan of Melanie Martinez.

User Melanie Martinez Fan

Honor Student for Userbox This user is an honor student.

User Honors

Lizzy Winkle's Profile Picture This user will remember Lizzy_Winkle after November 29, 2019.

User FlyHighLizzy

Discord Logo for Userbox This user likes to use Discord.

User LikesDiscord

Zero Two This user is a fan of Zero Two.

User 002 Fan

Personal specialized

These userboxes have specific tied parameters to them. Please read their documentation when using by clicking the "Documentation" link below the template name.

Clock It is 9:49 PM in this user's timezone. (Coordinated Universal) CDL-Refresher

User timezone

ROBLOX Studio This user is a developer.

User developer

User lgbtq

User fanof

No Visor for Userbox This user joined Roblox in ????.

User join

Roblox Wikia Memes

See User:Thundermaker300/Roblox Wikia Memes for context on some of these.
Mark Sandiego This user is wondering where in the world Mark is.

User Where Mark

Gurt This user supports our Gurt Overlord.

User Gurt

Eltonnnnnnnnnnnnnn This user likes Elton!
Aww, he's so cute.

User Elton

ThundermakerTM This user recognizes Thundy as their senpai.

User Thundy-senpai

FOOF This user knows that oof backwards + f = foof.

User foof

Jacob THIS uSeR hAS A crusH on


User yesjacob

NoobfanityNoob This user is a noob just like Noobfanity.

User Noobfanity

Aleluya aleluya

User aleluya

Letter H This user likes to say the letter "H". It is the eighth letter in the English alphabet.

User H

Sylveon This user has a crush on Sylveon.

User Cute Sylveon

Goddess plate's Profile Picture This user worships the one and only Plate!

User Plate

BloxyCola This user drinks Bloxy Cola in their life.

User Bloxy Cola

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